Summer Music

Hello. You're the apple of my eye. Did you know?

Today I love:

Fatboy Slim - Song for Shelter, because it's in Green Wing and everything Fatboy Slim does is great.
Coldplay - Lost! Because it has an excellent beat and it makes me feel all fuzzy like a freshly squeezed squirrel in a tumbledrier.
Real Ones - Lonesome Town, You have no other choice but to be happy when you hear it.
Bent - Ordinary Day, it's summer in a song. Like they wrote summer down on a piece of paper and fed it through instuments and made a song from it. Anyway Bent is always magnificent, if you don't like this song I'm voting you off the island. Nothing personal, actually it is personal.

I took that picture from our verandah some years back. In the summer, so I thought it would fit the title!

Today I had a customer at work that spoke some kind of far off Norwegian dialect, and that's tricky enough to understand - the problem, or the real problem with it - was that he spoke straight in to his own mustache. Ever heard that? No! - You know why?

He must've thought I was dumber than I look. I didn't understand what he said, so I talked about something else. :) Must've been a really random conversationiutyl

With love, .løiuø.97fyvg-.


Replica said...

It's no particular summer song, but lately I'm loving "Read my Mind" by the Killers. Awesome tune. <3

Perchance, was that a trønder? Trønders tend to have far-off dialects and huge moustaches. Even the women. It scares me.

Tora said...

Shh! Careful! My mother is a trønder :p

I'm already giving her a hard time for it.

Read My Mind is brill. I listened to it over and over!

Audun said...

I recently met a trønder that wasn't full of himself. No really! :)

I like Viva La Vida from the new Coldplay album, because it's so sad-weird. A nice summer song is The Offspring - One Fine Day.

Audun said...

Oh, Violet Hill is still my favortit song from that album, I've just heard it so many times.

Replica said...

Really? Haha. I weep for you. ;p

You still got me curious though - what dialect was it?

Anonymous said...

Ka e det dokker snakke om? Trøndera e vel itj vanskelig av sæ!
De e derimot østlændingan som e ailldeles håpløs, dæm eie jo itj språkøre i det hele tatt!!
Tante Bister

Axel said...

My favourite summer song is probably Opus X with Loving You Girl. It really makes me think...

Audun said...

Trodde du bare hørte på Village People jeg hahahaahahahaåjegersåmorsom

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