Yesterday I tripped over my own shoes on my way home from work. Made me feel like I'm eight years old again. Also, I mysteriously manage to hit the CAPS LOCK all the time, which means I have to rewrite everything shortly after.

Right now I'm eating a rather depressing lunch. It's nice at work though, because we're three here today, and we bought chocolate and cordial and biscuits and put it on a table so the customers could have some. We did it strictly for their sake.

iN OTHER NEWS. There! See what I'm talking about? Ridiculous. But yeah, other news! Tomorrow is my 19th birthday! Whoptidu! Pretty far out. I better be getting a snail, or a lumpfish. I really want a baby lumpfish. I haven't said that I want one for my birthday to anyone though, so I expect to be disappointed - then pleasantly surprised at what else I'd get. If I get anything at all, which doesn't really matter as long as I get dessert!


Audun said...

Life is short, eat your dessert first.
Ha en fin bursdag!

replica said...

If I knew your address I'd send you a lumpfish. <3

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