Blog Action Day '08

I've been thinking a lot about blog action day, especially since it's about poverty this year. And I suppose we all get to taste the meaning of that word these days, because we are more or less surrounded with poverty in different apparitions. The western world has also received a blow economically and people we know - or even ourselves get to experience how much it means to be pinchy on our wallets. Obviously, there is more to poverty than not affording to go to the hairdresser, it means having to go through desperate measures to survive every day. Money is so incredibly important, as important as we have made it to be.

And it isn't any wonder that money is as important as it is today, everyone can see that. It is much like food, really - if some of us weren't so greedy, it'd be plenty to go around. But I'm afraid humans don't work like that, and even though everyone wants to contribute - not many follow through.

I don't want to lecture about people being bad and horrible and that we are leaving thousands of our fellow specimen to starve to death every day. Because we know that, something which maybe even makes it worse, I suppose - but my point being that instead of telling us things we are already painfully aware off, I just wanted to encourage you to help.

Today being today - Blog Action Day, I want to spread the word of Change.org in association with Blog Action Day - and you can donate whatever petty amount of money - because it will make a difference to someone out there.

To you and me a small sum of money will mean more or less a pair of socks or a computergame or maybe even lunch. If you are willing to let go of your flippin lunch for the sake of some frightened, malnutritioned skeleton somewhere in the world - that is a beautiful action. I take my hat off for you. If you'd like to learn more about poverty, Foss' written about it in his blog. And so has Elin.


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