What makes you sad just by thinking about it?

I took this picture in Lisbon last week.

Forgive me for not updating. It's not that I have so many things to do, it is just that I'm spending my time elaborately avoiding to do them. I wanted to make a post about sadness because Scandinavia can be a very depressing place at this time of year. Sure it is Christmas, but it is also extremely dark and cold. It's dark when you get up and dark when you come home. People are saddened by many things, loneliness, darkness, films, books, music - could be whatever. I just wanted to know what makes you sad.

These things I have listed below make me above averagely sad just by thinking about them, you'll probably have me in tears by the end of this post.

Bits in films that make me cry excessively: 

That part in Fur, when Diane tries to breathe in the air that late Lionel blew into the inflatable mattress.
The ending of Bin Jip when Sun-Wha and Tae-Suk are weightless when standing together on the scale.
When all the Who's in Horton Hears a Who try to make enough noise to save themselves.
In Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, when Master Li Mu Bai and Yu Shu Lien, dying admit they have always loved each other.
The flashbacks in Dead Mans Shoes. (Definitely one of the best films I've ever seen, I'm not going to link to it, because it's best to not know anything about it and just see it!)
When All Cats Are Grey by The Cure starts to play in Marie Antoinette
When Kunlun starts to run wearing the cape of Snow Wolf in The Promise.
When Donnie and Gretchen are separated in Donnie Darko
When Jin sings to Xiao Mei while holding her in his arms in the snow in House of Flying Daggers.
When the messenger is waving the flag of failure in Hero.

Songs that makes me cry:
(Even just by hearing a snippet!)

Your Eyes Open by Keane.
Silent Sigh by Badly Drawn Boy.
O Mio Bambino Caro (Puccini) sung by Renee Fleming.
Green Eyes by Coldplay.
Any song Thomas Dybdahl has ever made, especially Henry.
Freedom of the Wa by Klaus Badelt.
The Man Who Flew Away by Husky Rescue.
Curves by Röyksopp.
Pulling Our Weight by The Radio Department.
The Drugs Don't Work by The Verve.

Books that make me cry:

Because of Winn-Dixie by Kate DiKamillo and Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes, every flippin single time I read them. There are tons of other books that makes me cry, but these two books can make my bottom lip quiver just by thinking about them. 

Not to forget these three films that leaves me a little smudgy pulp with swollen eyes for several weeks at a time: ,
JunoBambi and Dumbo

I am extremely easily affected by these kind of things, and I believe that to be the reason why I'm almost always happy! All the above genuinely makes me sad and I can end up crying myself to sleep, but by the time I get over it (either by heavy Sean The Sheep or Knudsen & Ludvigsen therapy) I feel so light it's as if I could fly away any moment. Crying about one thing is a great way to get rid of other emotional luggage that is already in the system I suppose!

I'm off, you cheese!

Hello beautiful people. I am in Portugal by the time you read this, visiting my sister with my brother and most of my lovely grandparents. It'll be a blast and I'll be back Wednesday! TOODLEDOO!

Busy busy

In the middle of our group-exam this week. It is actually really stressing. Thank God I'll be done by Friday! Until then - I guess I wont blog much, sorry - if it upsets you. Boing!


Delicious cream

Cream is one of the chemical elements, positioned on the periodic table next to potassium, underneath sauce. And that is a FACT.

Margarine is the enemy, never forget that!

And it doesn't look like this outside at all. When is it going to snow again?

Mi mi mi miii

More music. The Black Ghosts. Anyway You Choose To Give It.

Go listen

Does It Offend You, Yeah?

Today I made the delightful discovery of Does It Offend You, Yeah? It's like a fresh breath into my musicworld at the time! It's like Klaxons meeting a Daft Punk/Justice fusion mixed with Melody Club or something, yeah - with a whiff of Gorillaz I think it is? Sounds offensive? Sounds great! My favourites so far are Epic Last Song and Being Bad Feels Really Good. But I mean Attack of The 60ft Lesbian Octupus is obviously awesome, and what is so weird is that the title really goes excellent with the song!

In other news I'm desperately trying to write my NaNovel even though it's pointless because I don't really have the time to. But right now I'm fussing about it and it takes my mind of other things I'd rather not think about, so it's like therapy. The story is becoming quite interesting actually, or I think it is at least. 

The cast consists of a homocidal chick named Captain Lya Holotata, her chef Flatch, a kidnapped ex-slave/ex-soldier named Pent, a mystical messanger in shades named Vauce that smokes all the time, a man that shifts from being duck to being man, named Duckman. And then there is a mysterious spaceshipwreck and a lot of food and a piece of italian cake that needs to be delivered before the Happy Glow Festival. There is also a robot in the branch of public transport willing to cross universes to give back the proper amount of change.

It's stupid but it all makes sense, because it's NaNoWriMo and everybody's doing it and nobody really cares what anyone else is writing about because they all just want to talk about their own novel - like I'm doing now. And that makes sense too, because it takes my mind off things, but then it kind of stays there - in the novel, still. 16 094 words and counting. You may follow me here if you have nothing better to do. (Forgive the long post, it's NaNo-Syndrome).

Circulation of the blood

I have been told that I totally fail at putting clothes on. A person I consider a friend, or - something along the lines of friend even made a remark on it. It's not that I'm any better at taking them off (ha. ha.) it just seems I had to have been asleep when everyone else learnt how to put their clothes on in an intelligent way. I'm however convinced that I'm better at it than the average person with a retardation, but then they are probably a lot better at a lot of things I also suck at.

I don't know why I'm blogging about this. But I'm trying to write a NaNovel originally, and so I did a handstand to get some blood to my headbrain (seeing otherwise I'm just sitting on my behind, and it doesn't exactly encourage any circulation). And then I went back to the computer, and now I'm writing this. Ehm yeah, you can make whatever you want of that. Maybe I got a concussion.

On the other hand, too much blood might have given me a concussion.

(got it?)

Remember remember, the fifth of November!

Wooot! That's today. Guy Fawkes Night, Bonfire Night, Cracker Night or Fireworks Night.

I don't have any plans along the lines of that at all.
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