I'm off, you cheese!

Hello beautiful people. I am in Portugal by the time you read this, visiting my sister with my brother and most of my lovely grandparents. It'll be a blast and I'll be back Wednesday! TOODLEDOO!


Tink said...

Wheeeere y00 goo?

Audun said...

I keep visiting the blog just to look at that picture.

Can you do the picture of the fish-girl again? The glossy picture of a girl holding a fish in her hands and going "ooooo".

Tora said...

fish-girl? I've done a fish-girl picture?

Tink said...

I keep going back to this picture:



And, update pls!

Tora said...

I love that picture, Tink. It's flippin A!

Audun said...

Well, it's been in your blog. I don't think you've *made*-done it. Just linked-done it.

It's a bit glossy and there's a girl holding a fish. I think she's got a bone in her hair.

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