Feature post: Torstein: Fruitcake

'ola! To make an insanely long story short; I'm Tora's little brother. Torstein. Now, like most people do, you will most likely go "OMG wtf u r named Torstein?" and I will go "Well, if you think about it, it is the coolest name ever!" I mean, it is a VERY rare name. Not in Snoreway though, I'm only waiting for all of the old people named Torstein to die :P
I'm 13, soon 14 years old, average graded, and extremely in love with my hair. Wait.. did I write that out loud?

But the theme for my post is Brits! Yes, the pint drinking, noisy, bald brits! these lovely people are my favourite kind of personalities. and that's not even considering the language and slang! I bet there are like 1002 words for queer in English! And there is of course the other kind of brits. the kind and cheeky species, that is all fun to talk to and hang out with. good examples of these are Foss, and Josh. I only know them through Tora, but still, they are after my opinion "perfect" brits.
British is also the best language for making twisted and fun insults!

My favourite insult is to skinheads (quoting from Black Books) ;
"When you guys do your usual threesome thingy in the weekends, and the moonlight bounces off you heads 'n arses, doesn't that get a bit confusing?"

Well.. I hope that sums up the lot about brits. I will most likely write more posts in the future, so till then: HOLD ON 'YER TROUSERS! "cough"



Tora said...


Foss said...

I rate this post as 100% awesome!

Tora, please let Torstein hijack your blog more often. I laughed my arse off. Literally. Now I have to sew it back on and everything.

Audun said...

Nice one!

Ulrik said...

Torstein. Fantastisk!

Foss: that post just made you 10% more hot to the ladies.

Sigrid Margrethe SchrĂždter Teig said...

'Ola - thats Portuguese...Bleurgh!

Otherwise...keep on writing, darlin'

Torstinator said...

Tank y0 for the wonderfull comments my fellow europeans! I were thinking about posting another one, but I have abselutely NO idea how...

so I have to wait for Tora to come home from work. Witch she NEVER DOES! "twitch"


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