You have got to be kidding!

Through my new favourite website www.rcrdlbl.com - I have discovered some new music that might potentially blow your mind. Like, really. So yes -- it's another music post, sorry - just bare with me!

Seb Leon is actually releasing an album that's called "Cranes of Glitter". Do I need to say more? - I'll say it anyway! --- I flippin love cranes! And glitter! We were definitely made for each other from the start! How delightful. At least I love the track called Backwards, and I'm happily working my way through the rest. I strictly encourage you to give it a listen. It's careless, soul'y and kind of energizing in a mysterious way that I can't really seem to figure out!

This song is for my electronic siblings. See The Light (Calvin Harris Vocal Remix) by The Hours. It's weird! It's Cassius meeting Benjamin Diamond meeting something different - Bent, perhaps? A bit trance-ish, but with heavy, delicious house elements. if this doesn't make you want to dance - seriously, what will?! Love it! The ultimate accessory for any vorspiel (explanation).

Then one of my own discoveries - which is Delphic. Album expected April 14th -- flowery, repetitive electronica with smooth, beautiful male vocals. Absolutely awesome! Their track Counterpart goes great for anyone feeling happy - or anyone feeling sad, likely to accellerate (or exacerbate) either of these emotions. Probably the reason why I love electronica so much - it's capable of anything in its own, bittersweet way. And unlike a lot of the music I listen to, this grew on me instantly, like happy-cancer.

It's cloudy here. Cleo is recovering a little too quickly I think, it is as if she hasn't had any surgery at all! Excellent news though. She's getting along so great. My dancing shoes are tickling by the way, I don't think it was a good idea to serial-repeat all this great house and trance music all day. Might have to go see Dimitri From Paris on the night to May 1st. to dance off the worst of it. Especially seeing there might be no trip to Ibiza this year :( Oh well! I guess that's a problem I can work off quite easily though, really!


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