Just whacked up the saturation on these pictures I took and they became a lot more interesting I think. The quality is terrible though, they've gone all grainy because my camera is old and lumpy (and flippin fantastic), really, it's survived everything I put it through. Endless amounts of concerts, russetid, snow, rain, Ibiza, a dozen times to Rome and back - not to mention sustaining the smell of alco-pop on my sweaty brows when I try to take a good drunken picture.

Brush up your language, boy

I just downloaded a custom brush plugin for Paint.NET and over 200 brushes which is quite SNAZZY if I might say so myself. I know I really should be drawing in photoshop, but the primitive tools in Paint.NET makes it so much more challenging! I don't want everything to "look nice" because of well-written, expensive software, I want my technique and "skill" to be what makes the images come together, not a garbazillion* blend effects. Right? Do it the hard way! I think maybe struggling with the basics will give me a better chance at accomplishing more complex imagery when the time is right. Yesyes!

The weather's been reeally nice lately, except of course from yesterday when it was raining like cheese and crackers. In other news our newest family member Ulla is slowly getting the rhythm of this joint by calming the frutz** down, which is about time. She's got so much energy and she's always bouncing about like a deer havin' had her cocktail spiked. We bathed her and she looked just like a closely shaved sheep, like Shaun. I can't wait for summer and revising for exams is so boring I don't think I am able to emphasize the boreditty*** or dangerously dull potential it has. Really.

I like playing around with language, even though I will be accused for destroying it in the end. But that doesn't really matter really, as long as I don't have to take a swim in the ocean yet. Brrr! Which reminds me that we all have to squeeze ourselves into bikini's any time now, which is really half (past) eight****, if you know what I mean. Yeah you do. Now look what I did today!

Before: (Just the basic outline and text)

After: (the background I cheated using blurs and tiles - but no cheat brushes!)

* This is not a real measurable amount.
** Frutz is a Norwegian ice-cream made of fruits, but it sounds like a skin-condition (Sorry, I can't make it, I got frutz all over me eyelids), so I use it as a cuss-word.
*** This isn't a word.
**** This means that something is in poor shape, or looks a little down, 08:30 is appointed time for shabbididitty*****
***** NO.


Here's some random pictures from the past year I hope I haven't already shown you. At least that was the point. I know this doesn't really make much sense, but this lecture is actually quite self-explanatory and I am so hilariously hungry I could eat a house. Nothing big like the moomin house, but maybe something smaller - like Buckingham Palace, or maybe something like a camera surveillance van disguised as a soup-delivery pod, or maybe an ice-cream camper.
This here must be the view downwards from my room when there was still snow outside!

Yeah, and this is our little nazi - Ulla. It means "Woolly", but in a feminine way.

This is Liv-Elin snowboarding. Her technique is magnificent.

This is in Møre somewhere, out driving when visiting Molde during Easter.

Ehm. Yeah. Same, really!

From around the river. So green!

Super-green. Almost magical!

This is the leftovers of the chicken when I threw a lamp-party after Christmas.

Feel eenlightened yet?
No, I know... Me either.

And I am still hungry!


I've had the wine-flu all day actually. It's weird how it doesn't go away for a long time, that even though you're feeling a whole lot better, it still kind of distantly feels like someone'd tried to chew you and then filled you up with cramp-juice. I've been eating digestive biscuits with sour cream and limped around like a pregnant puma.

Turns out, starting May 17th with (according to Helge) at least six glasses of champagne before breakfast and then drowning in sangria and cuba libre at Elin's for dinner, was not such a good idea after all. Carlos'd hired caterers for the most extraordinary breakfast buffet with steamed mussels, roastbeef, smoked salmon, roasted chicken, big loaves of freshly baked bread, a tower of strawberries, champagne, chocolate treats and even the traditional kransekake. There was even more, but I can't recall everything. Needless to say, it was delicious too.

Elin'd made a bathtub (almost literally) of sangria, loads of salad, her ever so delighful potato salad, loads of dip, crisps and cake! Ulrik was boss of the baaar-beee-queue - and I wont even list all the delicacies, because frankly my keyboard isn't *that* waterproof.

There you go. Today it RAINED, which was miserable, almost as miserable as my fragile state. And I can't wait to come home and relapse into a comfortable position and die a little bit more inside. YESS.
Another random photo I took the other day.

I don't like you!

I think Norway kind of overloaded as we won the Eurovision songcontest on the very night before our national day. Everyone were running around in the streets screaming, singing "Fairytale". On my way (running) late for work today, I heard it thump out of a taxi window. And on May 17th everyone we're just so excited that they almost talked to strangers. Which is extremely rare up here, we pretty much stick to our own.

The only exception is on May 17th, because nothing is such a grand display of unity and of loving thy neighbour as the disgusting behaviour of Norwegians on May 17th. It's almost unappetizing. But being a reflected young woman, being influenced by other cultures and lifestyles through the wonders of globalization I manage to realize that perhaps the warm and hearty approach we have to strangers on this exceptional day - should be how we always behave towards each other. We could obviously skip a couple of the overly gooey gestures, but keep the concept at least, of being pleasant to things we're unfamiliar with.

We can't exactly hide the fact that our "civilized" population ia absolutely packed with prejudices. Particularly racism. I don't think it shines through very clearly a lot of the time because the topic is so extremely taboo, and everyone are being so meticulous about disguising it as being racist is considered medieval and primitive - which is true, obviously.

It's just that some types of racism is difficult to cloak, Norwegians hate strangers, we really do. I wont say we are abnormally paranoid or hostile, it's just that we're so evasive. We avoid confrontations, just like we're avoiding the problem at hand. We wont trust anyone with anything, but if we do as an exception, we wont hesitate to say "I told you so" if it goes wrong. We get along with our neighbours just because we have to. And we're also positively the first to break out a prejudicive remark or crack a joke on the topic. It comes extremely natural to us, perhaps a little bit too much.

I'm not saying we're all like that, an extraordinary lot of us are enjoying the variety of people, food, music, work, art or whatnot that is brought to us from other cultures and adopted by our own. I wonder how often a Norwegian haves taco, or stir fry, or chicken tikka masala or even just kebab without actually considering how lucky we are to be able to enjoy this delighful variety of foods - and why. Well hello you, I tell you something - your grandpa sure as hell didn't dig the chicken tikka out of the ground at his classical Norwegian farm. This topic is actually quite hard to write about, because it's so moronically unlogical.

But anyway, a japanese couple came into the shop and bought a lot of cutlery from me, they were so joyous that they gave me a piece of chocolate before they left! Thank you!
Took this by the river. Norway is pretty in the spring. No?

Happy work tiemz

It's been a delightfully busy day today. Not too long queues, people have been reasonably pleasant and the weather is quite nice (I think). Shop across the hall is actually not playing disgusting RnB, hiphop-pop, but chill-out jazz. It's nice as a variation, at least. Tomorrow is May 17th. And as everyone here would already know, it's the 137th day of the year - AND the national day of Norway.

So, naturally - we'll all be "walking in trains" meaning; having parades and waving our flag and being really nationalistic. In addition we'll eat a lot of ice cream, sausages, cake and potentially strawberries. Needless to say, it's a good day to be Norwegian.

I giggled at the ingredient list of my Innocent Blueberry, Pomme Granate & Acai smoothie, too, it went like this:

76 Grapes
2 1/2 Bananas
1 1/2 Pomme granates
2 Oranges
160 Blueberries
100 Acai berries
A little lemon juice
No trumpets

No trumpets? We'll I'd flippin hope not! Happy May 17th you bubbly little jaccuzzi fizzer.

The Most Frequent Thought

What's the thought I think most often? I know, it's a weird question, don't know why I thought of it it in the first place. But it just happened. And then I figured I should probably blog about it because the title of this blog is actually "Thoughts of a Viking" so it's a great topic in that context.

I do think a lot of random stuff (contrary to what many may think, my brain does actually function sometimes) - but I think I'm able to narrow the majority of randomness down to just a few often reocurring ones.
  • It's never as often "I am hungry" as it is "I want something to eat". Which didn't come as a surprise at all, but that I think explains a lot.
  • And I often think "You're so beautiful." I do. Meaning you, as in YOU - obviously.
  • Less often I think "Now what?" I can be terribly bad at thinking of things to do.
  • While as my most frequent thought is actually "I have gained weight". Which is kind of sad, but most likely true.
  • I think about music a lot, but it's very rare that I actually think "Oh this song REALLY makes me want to dance!" As my body usually just skips the reasoning  right away and I spasm right into dance.
So, that was a quite uneventful dive into my head. Ehm. I don't think we're any wiser, really. I'll go bother someone else now. In other news - it's impossible to be unhappy in a poncho! I tried it!

Todays Tracks:
Kingdom of Rust (Prins Thomas Diskomiks) by Doves
I Have a Dream in My Heart by Evan Voytas


Here's a refreshingly "pop"-influenced playlist for you. It is maybe a little unorthodox of me, I'm aware of that. But on the other hand, I don't like the idea of narrowing down to "genres" as it's not exactly very open-minded. Something I feel we really should be about music. Have in mind that some sexy electronica and a bit of superdark 80's tribute, depression rock fell in there, so don't take anything for granted to be pop-music. Here goes sweetie-pie, hang on to your knickers!

The Fear by Lily Allen Now I was surprised by the conviviality of this upbeat tune, but I like it.
Walking on a Dream by Empire of The Sun This video suddenly popped up on VH1, and I felt happy! Very sheek.
No Excuses by Air France I believe this daaahling to become an all-time summer classic, love it.
Somewhere a Clock is Ticking by Snow Patrol And here's an old blast from the past!
Jump in The Pool by Friendly Fires Going to see these at Roskilde, and yes I DO want to jump in the pool.
From The Stars by White Lies This ma new favourite dark and depressing track, got so much energy though.
Sushi by Kyle Andrews And this one, this one is just CRAZY-. AHA whwiow ohh.. Iih. 

MreeeoooowwhH! Thank you and good night.

Here's another picture I took in Molde, Norway.


There are bloggers all over the place, like seriously - I can't even take my rottweiller for walkies without bumping into at least five. The thing is just that even though there's such a remarkable amount of people "contributing" to the magnificent blog-o-verse (like me, for example) - there usually is a GREAT distance between the good blags.

So I wanted to grant you a window into a few good fashion-blogs that I now frequent. I'm not exactly very caught up with fashion, but these three are excellent writers, and sincerely deserve attention and admiration for their work. Really!

First up is the next-to-Godly, Doe Deere, from Doe Deere Blogazine she's even launched her own make-up line called Lime Crime, and she has the most GORGEOUS hair, I mean beautiful - and the sexiest cheekbones. She also has a bit of cheek and a large amount of style. Excellent read. Her husband takes beautiful photos as well, not to mention the genius of her excellent, and colourful sense of style.

Second is Nice & Shiny, a Canadian DIY fashion-guru - she's got that bit of truthfully quirky originality about her that makes her extra lovable. She also displays a vast diversity of quirks and poses that are further enhanced by her affectionate writing. Also - she likes The Mighty Boosh. Friend of my friend, love ya!

Third and last is Tavi, 13 year old and extremely beautiful - not to mention grown up, that's currently running Style Rookie with a great and energetic (don't forget random) way of writing. What can I say? I'm just so impressed with her work! Respect. Also, not many others could pull of the headline "get down from there coffee you do not belong on that dog you are a beverage". Brilliant.

Today's tracks: 
You Lose by Cause Co-Motion!
Electricity ft. Fred Falke by Kris Menace

It been Googled, so it be truth

1. Type in "[your first name] needs" in the Google search:
Tora needs a safe environment in which to learn how to trust and be around humans again.
2. Type in "[your first name] looks like" in Google search
Have you realized how much Tora looks like a hamster? o_O
3. Type in "[your first name] hates" in Google search:
Tora hates humans and Tenquo seems to be the only person in the whole world who is the one and big exclusion
4. Type in "[your first name] goes" in Google search:
Tora Goes to the City
5. Type in "[your first name] loves" in Google search:
6. Type in "[your first name] eats" in Google search:
Tora eats Sushi with a lot of Wasabi
7. Type in "[your first name] has" in Google search
Tora has held a variety of political positions, most recently as a Senator from 2001
8. Type in "[your first name] works" in Google search:
Tora works from command line but not launcher 
9. Type in"[your first name] lives" in Google search:
Tora lives in a poor household with her drudging mother and a brutal step-father who subjects her to repeated ...

The Darkness

It's out of the dark - literally and actually in every sense - as the sun is now engulfing our lives with remarkable persistence. Spring is actually quite nice, I think - not the best time of the year as it is quite undecisive, spring. It really is. One day it snows, one day it's sunny. Cold in the morning, warm in the afternoon. But not quite warm enough. But either way, as we shed the winter fur and allow ourselves to be warm by other means once more - it is time to do springtime things like we did it as kids. You know.

Be baffled by chirping birds, a peeing dog, a passing taxi, a nice looking pebble. Eat grapes until you get a rash on your belly, skin your knee while failing at climbing a tree. Pick some dandelions and have sticky, bitter-tasting fingers all day. Stumble in your own velcro-kicks and play with spilt oil in a puddle, using a stick - pretending to be the weather man. Sing a song you don't really know, but that made sense when you were mixing the mud with the sand in the broken bucket. Hit some kid over the head with a small book about piglets and yes and no.

Kick a ball but fall on your behind. Have sand in your pockets, and wave at the school children. Put a snail in your mouth and run to your sister saying "WRRBbllgraaahahhGrgghbbl!" Try spitting farther than the boys. Drink from a cup using both hands while actually being too excited to have time to drink. Run like you have a condition with your pelvis and the coordination of a mangled action-man.

This is how we used to live, as children. Remember?

I dare you.

It'll be the best springtime ever. 

(picture of the sky - for you particularly slow ones. I took the other day).

A tree and some music

I took a picture when walking around the river with my dog, Cleo. I really like how the sunlight tainted it. I got little to nothing to blog about today. So have some music, thank you.

Early May Playlist:
Engines - Snow Patrol
Black and White Town - Doves
Maybe I Can Change - Keane
Racing Green - High Contrast

Must Hear Springtime Classic Playlist:
Millionaire - Kelis ft. Andre 3000
Standing Next to Me - Last Shadow Puppets
North West Three - Fatboy Slim
I'm Not Alone - Calvin Harris (give it a little time to warm up! Approx. 44 seconds).

Oh, and the poodle is settling in just fine, I think. Cleo is not exactly mothering it because the newcomer's a little pest and is stealing the spotlight.


Our little bundle of hair has arrived, we picked her up yesterday. In fact she's quite a bully, and I think we're definitely going to have a handful with her. No doubt. But she appears to be getting housewarm fairly quick. She probably wishes there was more playfulness left in Cleo (which is already quite cheeky for being 10 years old), but there are limits for what even the most tolerant Rottweiller can take. Which is fair enough.

Sigrid and Axel are coming home for a bit to adore this little lump until they get sick of it and go back to Bergen.

We're still at loss with the name, but we have to settle on something soon!


Laboretory imad scientisic for forigne languages


The White Hand of Toraman

I fell asleep on my hand, it appears - so it's left a mark on my belly. It looks really weird, actually. And it's happened before too, but then it was on my leg. I have no idea why I still halfway to Legoland awoke and took this picture. But I found just the whole concept of dragging myself out of bed to document this absurdness so bizarre that I decided to share the bizarreness with you.

Edit: Because of  a complaint from my sister, the above image has been cropped.

The Bacon-Flu

It has been decided that I love the chosen one most. No, really. I gathered that people are becoming quite paranoid about this whole swine-flu thing. So before you defenestrate all your house-pigs and shriek your heart out while running for the hills - take a breather and read the information below. It is simply some very basic precautions and procedures for the endurance of the Swine Flu pandemic, and it goes like this:

1. To prevent any more panic, the Swine flu is from now on known as The Bacon-Flu, because it sounds much nicer and not so scary.

2.  If contaminated with the Bacon-Flu - make sure to draw a pig's nose on your face mask to warn others when out in public.

3. To improve your immune system, add a spoon of cod liver oil to your cornflakes every day.

4. Keep a wickedly gorgeous hairdo, like that of Noel Fielding, to fend off the virus.

5. Listen intently to Untrust Us by Crystal Castles to stimulate your underground electric look and keep in shape.

6. Bacon can be eaten as normal, the subtype H1N1 (Bacon - Flu) does supposedly not transmit through food.

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