There are bloggers all over the place, like seriously - I can't even take my rottweiller for walkies without bumping into at least five. The thing is just that even though there's such a remarkable amount of people "contributing" to the magnificent blog-o-verse (like me, for example) - there usually is a GREAT distance between the good blags.

So I wanted to grant you a window into a few good fashion-blogs that I now frequent. I'm not exactly very caught up with fashion, but these three are excellent writers, and sincerely deserve attention and admiration for their work. Really!

First up is the next-to-Godly, Doe Deere, from Doe Deere Blogazine she's even launched her own make-up line called Lime Crime, and she has the most GORGEOUS hair, I mean beautiful - and the sexiest cheekbones. She also has a bit of cheek and a large amount of style. Excellent read. Her husband takes beautiful photos as well, not to mention the genius of her excellent, and colourful sense of style.

Second is Nice & Shiny, a Canadian DIY fashion-guru - she's got that bit of truthfully quirky originality about her that makes her extra lovable. She also displays a vast diversity of quirks and poses that are further enhanced by her affectionate writing. Also - she likes The Mighty Boosh. Friend of my friend, love ya!

Third and last is Tavi, 13 year old and extremely beautiful - not to mention grown up, that's currently running Style Rookie with a great and energetic (don't forget random) way of writing. What can I say? I'm just so impressed with her work! Respect. Also, not many others could pull of the headline "get down from there coffee you do not belong on that dog you are a beverage". Brilliant.

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