The Most Frequent Thought

What's the thought I think most often? I know, it's a weird question, don't know why I thought of it it in the first place. But it just happened. And then I figured I should probably blog about it because the title of this blog is actually "Thoughts of a Viking" so it's a great topic in that context.

I do think a lot of random stuff (contrary to what many may think, my brain does actually function sometimes) - but I think I'm able to narrow the majority of randomness down to just a few often reocurring ones.
  • It's never as often "I am hungry" as it is "I want something to eat". Which didn't come as a surprise at all, but that I think explains a lot.
  • And I often think "You're so beautiful." I do. Meaning you, as in YOU - obviously.
  • Less often I think "Now what?" I can be terribly bad at thinking of things to do.
  • While as my most frequent thought is actually "I have gained weight". Which is kind of sad, but most likely true.
  • I think about music a lot, but it's very rare that I actually think "Oh this song REALLY makes me want to dance!" As my body usually just skips the reasoning  right away and I spasm right into dance.
So, that was a quite uneventful dive into my head. Ehm. I don't think we're any wiser, really. I'll go bother someone else now. In other news - it's impossible to be unhappy in a poncho! I tried it!

Todays Tracks:
Kingdom of Rust (Prins Thomas Diskomiks) by Doves
I Have a Dream in My Heart by Evan Voytas


Anonymous said...

"oh... its raining again". Thats my most frequent thought. Living in Trondheim its natural.
Have a nice week end, and for us norwegians; God 17. mai.
Tante Bister

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