Bye bye baby!

I'm leaving for the Roskilde festival in Denmark tomorrow morning. Yes parents, I'm going to be careful and take care of myself and drink responsibly, and then we'll party our brains out. Wheee

I'm totally excited, I've never been there before, but hopefully it will be a wicked blast and everything will be kachoom! Oh yes. And we'll be all sorts of funky people sharing a tent, so very it's going to be pure sweetness. We'll see Den Sorte Skole and Friendly Fires and Ginger Ninja and Røyksopp and Oasis and White Lies and Coldplay and The 20Belows and Håkan Hellstrøm and the Whitest Boy Alive!! Ooooh. I know, it's amazing.


Where would you go, where would you go with a lasso?

This is a duck from a very beautiful Portuguese garden in Lisbon.


Smylexx said...

What time will A-ha get there abd what time can i leave at that isn't so early that i appear old and past-it and a party-pooper yet isn't so late that i am unable to move the next day without the aid of a team of trained monkeys poking me with sticks?

Ulrik said...

This is totally off-topic, but speaking of A-ha, i met and went to the pub with Morten Harket earlier this week :) His son (whom I'm ironicly (that isn't really ironic is it?) selling a speakersystem to), is in my camp up here. morten came to visit. Great guys!

Tora said...

A-ha didn't arrive in the first place as far as I know.

At least, I didn't see them.

Tora said...

Whoever ticked this off as "sad", anyway?

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