Dr. Dentist

I was at the dentist today! As usual it was a rather short pleasure, actually it took me longer to get there. It took more or less ten minutes from I walked through the door and the dentist said "kthxbai come again". Or, he did not say THAT exactly, but close. Also, his hair to glasses ratio fascinates me. His eyes look about fifty times their original size through the lenses - which makes it so confusing to talk to him because you can't actually see where his eyes are at all, it is more just big, black pits.

His hair is much like uncle Scrooges, just standing out to the sides like he is about to fly away any moment. His assistant is nice, but she wants to talk all the time - and so she's good for the healthcare sector I suppose, as she makes you feel comfortable. It is just that you can't really talk at all with various instruments forced into your mouth at all times. They're both nice, really. And I have always liked going to the dentist, probably because nothing bad has ever happened to me while there.

What about you?


Anonymous said...

I went to the dentist this wednesday, and the dentist and her assistent made me laugh while my mouth was heavily druged and filled with spit and water. I made a terrific spit-water-laughing- fountain...
Tante Bister

Tink said...

I also went to the dentist today. why does this keep happening?

Tora said...

haha. Aunt Bister, that is actually a little disgusting.

Tink.. I don't know! Weird!

Anonymous said...

I know :)
Tante Bister

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