Music Update: Alert! Aqua!

Aqua are having a comeback!

Or an attempted one, at least, with their release of the pop-single "Back To The 80's".

A very tactical choice of concept I think, considering "The 80's" is all very "now" and "The 80's is the new Friday" so forth. But sadly, Calvin Harris knew this back in 2007 already when releasing the much more justified 80's tribute: "Acceptable In The 80's" (it's true, and you know it).

Aqua's is a rather monotone tune that will rock the socks of every gay karaoke bar within range and hopefully the rest of us mortals will shrug it off as a joke.

This is .. danceable, not half as quirky as their previous classics like "Barbie Girl", "Dr. Jones", "Happy Boys and Girls" or "Lollipop (Candyman)" (songs we ALL love, seriously). It seems they are subtly attempting to be something more this time, more than just random and "laugh-at, not with". I mean, I like Aqua, really. But this is making them look like Wig-Wam. Sure - their track is an 80's tribute, and their wacky "style" has always been their trademark, but all the glow effects and the lack of REAL enthusiasm instrumentally (because the group itself is exploding with joy) is what holds this baby down.

It is not fair to judge pop music this way, and I know that. But the track is (unintentionally?) dropping hints of a "take-off", but the track really never gets going. It might qualify for Eurovision, but Tora the tiiiiiger is not impressed. I give them kudos for the attempt and hope that the Aqua who's sold over 30 million CD's worldwide will show us what they're made of when the entire album is released!


Audun said...

Well it's not Barbie Girl but I thought it was quite catchy, and I'm suspectible to catchy music.

My impression is that Aqua thought this:

-I need money.
-So do I.
-What about a comeback tour?
-What would we sing?
-The old songs.
-Nobody listens to that anymore.
-We could make a song about how we liked it when people listened to our songs.
-Skæ vi bolle no?

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