The Things I Don't Like 2.0

On November 4th 2006 I blogged about the things I don't like. Now I reread it for some reason, and I must say I now entirely disagree with many of the statements! Now there were 28 different things on my last list, so I will now create an entirely new list and see what things I still dislike, because I now found that some of what I used to hate has now earned my respect. Green tea! I used to dislike green tea! That's just downright outrrrrageous.

And I have serious trouble understanding why I wouldn't eat pickles. You say the word 'pickle' and I now hear the word 'gold', as contrary to 'poop'. Really. I actually used to think that pickles was the champion of being beastly and repellent. *GASP* Well, anyway, here goes my new, revised list. Just click the link above and you can see the old one!

1. To be sad
2. Cakes made with almonds
3. Marzipan
4. Tinned mushrooms (bleugh!)
5. Ruccola (or rocket salad, if you like)
6. Vinegar-based coleslaw
7. Tights
8. Programming
9. Fresh coriander (tastes like garden snails)
10. Chess
11. Phone-surveys
12. Swedes, especially the ones "here to party, oh I touched your boob"
13. Lady Gaga
14. Pencils that break when you sharpen them
15. Cross-country skiing (Aaah! No!
16. Cakes of make-up on people's faces
17. Tampon advertisements (Grr!)
18. Gin & Tonic
19. People walking slowly
20. Revolving doors revolving slowly
21. Smelly people, either smelling of pee or of really heavy perfumes
22. Furniture of pine-tree
23. Social-network statuses of the kind: 10 days left. (Until WHAT?!)
24. Books that wont read themselves
25. Handsome vampires that don't really exist
26. Ungratefulness
27. Uncommenting blog-readers
28. Ehm. I'm sure there's something.

So, smartypants. What about you?


Jannik said...

Whats wrong with Ruccola and Marzipan???

You're weird! :D

Anonymous said...

Jannik... "Ruccola" and "Marzipan" is an anagram for "Crucial Ram Zap On"

You don't want to eat something like that...

Tempus said...

9. Fresh coriander (tastes like garden snails)

I get the marzipan, I actually wholeheartly agree with it! BUT THIS??!?!

Audun said...

I would eat crucial ram. Definitely.


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