in my miind

I think smells and flavours are pretty important. Especially the smell of something getting crispily roasted, all juicy and savoury on the inside - over an open fire. The smell of barbeque must be the most tantalizing thing. Like how suntan lotion brings back notions of the sun, beach and the waves in motion. How the asphalt smells after the rain, or the taste of undercooked macaroni.

Actually I don't think I have anything real to write about in this post, I just feel so guilty for not updating so I'm doing something about it.

I really enjoy the feeling of cold, sweet, melting creamy icecream against my lips, and raspberry seeds between my teeth. Actually that is a terrible commotion, it is just that it feels so summery. Like having scratches and cuts all the way up to my knees, stinging and searing with sunscreen and sand and saltwater and sweat. There is just something very real about it.


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