On a need to know basis

Arctic Monkeys are releasing their new album "Humbug" on August 17th. Listen to their single; "Crying Lightning". I mean, I guess you already know, but what if you didn't! - Right? Their sound hasn't changed, but Alex Turner's hair has, he looks like Jack White now.

Sergeant's new single "Counting Down The Days" is the ultimate example of a brit-rock pop genre-jewel. Suitably whiney, lively, depressive yet optimistic. Sounds like a classic to me!

Casiokids' awesome tune "Finn Bikkjen" (Spotify link - couldn't find it online elsewhere!) has the greatest Norwegian lyrics I've heard in a long time! It made me laugh and smile, really all it takes. Like it! ("For den som finner bikkjen/får den aller feteste premien").

The Boombox Hearts containing former lovely members of Oliver North Boy Choir have published some new soft melancholich lo-fi with a tint of 60's pop (Ivan, I really do think you pulled it off!) It's like White Birch with a proper producer!

Have you really heard Dove's newest album "Kingdom of Rust" through? Have you?! No?! Well I tell you straight away it's pretty mint, boy! You better do something about it.

And EEK I really AM going to see Prodigy live this autumn AND it will be absolutely crazy. Seriously.

And EEEHEEK! Röyksopp was so flippin amazing at Roskilde, that I now kind of regret not having tickets for their gig at the Oya festival in Oslo in a few weeks, but on the other hand I'm actually working so it wouldn't have worked out anyway :( But if you ever get the chance; seriously - you better go see them, and you better like them, you lucky bastard.

Last, but not least; The quirky sweetness of The Maccabees. Had me at hello! Especially "Toothpaste Kisses" (Spotify link.) from their album "Wall of Arms". Meeooo00oow!

From Portugal.


Foss said...

Seeing the prodigy live is an immense experience. I probably would have been killed if I hadn't manage to escape from the crush by getting over the front barrier. But the bruising was certainly worth it because they're one of the best live bands ever invented. They are like special musicninjas that throw soundshuriken into your ears and they scramble your brains to mush. Woot!

Tora said...

!!! Ain't that so?! Totally excited, bruises are worth it, I totally agree. But that did sound a little scary actually.

Ivan said...

Thanks very much!
And thanks for the White Birch reference. I'd never heard about them before, but it's pretty cool (and it's one helluva Purple Rain cover on their Myspace)!
And hehe, "Finn bikjen", if you find it somewhere else, do post it (we haven't got Spotify in Denmark).

// Ivan.

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