Our house!

In the middle of the street!
Our apartment!

It's fantastic!

It's just such a weird feeling to suddenly have your own place just filled with your stuff (well, almost just your own stuff). And there is so much to do and you have to order electricity and things that you rarely consider when living a sheltered life in an attic across town. Don't you think?

I will post pictures if it turns out nice. So far it is only us, a bunch of carboard boxes, our deliciously huge bed, the wardrobe and the kitchen. We don't even have any chairs. However if we can't afford a sofa yet, I'll probably post pictures of someone else's place, just so you wont think we're having it rough.

Even though it couldn't be further from the truth. Maybe we'll go hungry some days, and maybe we'll be a little cold - but it doesn't matter, at least I'm having the flippin time of my life - even though this hasn't sunk in properly yet! Can't wait for the days to come, we've only been here a few days, but it'll be wonderful. Whiiii!


Hello you little toffee-biscuit-WHICH REMINDS ME

hold on, licorice-beard!

My Pecan-caramel biscuit from United Bakeries that laid wrapped in a napkin in my purse!
YUM. These biscuits are so delicious they deserve a post of their own. This particular one I got from Skjalg at work today. Thank you, Skjalg!

I'm sitting here doing the last illustrations for our hand-in on sunday night. It turned out quite good, well done Jonas! We did almost all of it over the course of four superfocused hours. It almost hurt to be that good. And I've been at work today, it was a LOT to do, so time zoomed by like Ulla. Right! Then we made fishtacoes. I still don't think it's awesome, I think I'd stick to preparing fish in different ways.

But anyway, food aside (for a moment) this post was supposed to be about the licious music I love at present. It's quite cheesy I'd say, most of it. But you know, what'cha gonna do? Listen?
Ehm. Yeah!
Aaand, well, that's it - here goes!

Candy by Ash (I'm serious! It's sticky, I'm sorry)



I am so excited, for whatever reason - I need to think of something to cook for dinner, and I really want to do something fun tonight! My room is an awful mess, worse than it's been in a looong time. My things are everywhere, and yet I wake up and I look out the window and take a picture instead of tidying up. It is just that there's so much to do. So much. And as usual I am fraying at the edges because I can't get myself to do any of it - seeing it's impossible to find a place to start.

I like to put icecubes in my juice, it's very refreshing.

Yesterday I hung out with Helge, we watched comedy central clips and listened to drum n' bass. It feels weird that I have to go home when I've been at his place, even though it is pretty much a cupboard, I already feel at home when I'm with him! So it's unnatural that I have to leave. But I'm moving out soon, which'll be really weird to say the least, I can't wait. Even though nobody thinks that I should. It's difficult when I don't get any support either, everyone thinks I'm making a mistake and that I'll hit a wall and regret it all my life. Thank you.

We're creating these characters for a game-concept at school and I spent the whole of last week just wringing my brains out for an idea. As usual I got it when I'd gone to bed, and it was as if it had been obvious all along to me, then. But it was a long walk to the nearest pen and paper so I had to lie and think about it for hours and then sleep restlessly until I could work it out in the morning. OH! Yes, and we were in Sweden at our new summerhouse this weekend. Torstein and mum and my stepdad have been there the past few weekends, but this was my first time there. Such a cozy, quiet place, we ate lots of good food and Torstein and I played cards. The dogs absolutely steam down there, they're everywhere and snoring in the grass at the same time. It is such a joy to see them that happy. The worst thing about going home was that they like it so much there. I took pictures, I'll post them. Promise!

Apart from that, it's a sunny day! Let's do some laundry and see what other mischief to get up to!


What will you do to make peace on 21st. of September?


District 9

YAY! I saw District 9 last night. I would recommend you seeing it, sir - because it's definitely worth seeing, if only for the remarkable special effects. I'm impressed.

I did have very high expectations to this film, especially because of the trailer coming off as so original, and the theme being so sensitive. But in the end I was a little disappointed with its lack of intelligence. It was exctiting and I must admit I was quite riveted with it. But the story was very thin considering the controversy of the setting. I hoped this film was going to leave me more shaken than just the warm sensation of being entertained. But it didn't get me thinking at all, it's impressive and fantastic, but it contained such a vast amount of unreleased potential. By the credits it was almost upsetting to see such a good idea "go to waste" with clichées.

Also raising questions of prejudice, it was troubling to see the way Nigerians and other black people were depicted in the film. I'm not saying I particularly noticed who had the different roles depending on their race, I don't tend to consider that an issue - as such only creates more racism. But the film itself goes against its own morale, there were plenty of white bad guys, but ALL the black guys, except one, insignificant one - were criminals, outlaws and believed in witchcraft. That's just plain narrow-minded. Can't fit everyone into one film, I understand, but there should be nuances, shades of gray. C'mon!

However, District 9 is definitely a sci-fi classic, absolutely loaded with amazing props and enjoyable with an inconsistent way of storytelling. It starts off as a documentary, kind of Cloverfield style at times, with a few interviews in-between, then this merges with any other random action film. And celebrates with some extra ... goo. It's quite brutal, and I don't know if the age limit of 15 really is sufficient, but that's me - I enjoy action films, but they definitely get way too graphic for me. It really isn't necessary. It was great, but - there should've been more to it than just the (may I say brilliant) splatter-explosions and the icky, hollywood "alien and human connect on a higher level".

The ending delighted me as well as bothered me, a lot. Loads was left unsaid, and I am unable to tell you if they did that purposedly or not, because to me that wasn't a necessary "method" of granting this film depth. Despite the heart-thumping action-scenes and marvellous amounts of "what's going to happen next?" it was all a little messy. There's a lot of characters in this film that are introduced but don't really play any significant part. In the end they leave a lot of loose threads hanging, and though this can be done, as I said, on purpose - it only leaves you dissatisfied. After thousands of - excited, if I must add - "what's going to happen next?"-es they finish with a last big one. They could actually make a sequel only to tie up all the loose ends!

As much as this annoys me. I am sure others are able to fully enjoy this without annoyance, because in the end I am only talking about MY unfulfilled expectations that never really got promised to me by anyone, but that I made up in my head. This is unfair, but, maybe I should just accept that not everyone are interested in seeing an above average intelligent film with this theme. I mean, the sci-fi fans can all enjoy more clever films, I am sure, no offence, but perhaps this genre just needs a whiff of afterthought before it is reduced to snores. Please?



Even where I work, which is a dingy little crockerie shop in a mall on the westside of Oslo we have standard procedures for bomb-threats. If someone would be likely to call us and tell us they're gonna blow the shop up, we have these procedures to follow. Among them are a set of questions we are to ask the potential "bomber", and they go like this:
  • Where is the bomb?
  • When will it explode?
  • What kinds of explosives are being used?
  • How much explosives?
  • Why are you doing this?
  • Can you tell us who you are?
So if you are planning to ring in, just make sure you have prepared good answers to these questions because I will be taking notes of everything that is said, sooo. Well it would just be less awkward for all of us.

The prettiest girl in Oslo

Now I wouldn't usually be that judgmental on what other people choose to listen to. Sure I might throw a few naughty words in there for good measure, but in truth I don't really care that much as long as I don't have to listen to it too.

And there is one song by Big Bang that I actually volunteered to listen to myself a few times, and I've seen them live once, too. And it's been one of those songs that haunt you a little, as everyone seem to like it, or simply not have an opinion on it. So it's played everywhere. But still there's always been something about this song that has really bothered me.

I didn't realize until today, when at work and listening to that blasted song for the flippin millionth time, that it creeps me out. It makes me think of all those icky sleaze-bags that are about twice the age of "the prettiest girl in Oslo", but would still try nonchalantly-desperately to get under her blouse with lines like "can I talk to the prettiest girl in Oslo, oh is that you?" Yeah? C'mon. Nasty old man. It grosses me out. This song is ruined for me now.

I know some poor girls still shiver at the edge of the creative-frankness in pick-up lines like "You are the most beautiful girl here tonight". But in truth, you should know, that this is probably the most common pick-up line that even the likes of me have heard too many times. I think it has to do with the drunken-haze of thinking "the truth will impress her". Or something. I think it does, the first three times. The rest? Not so much.

It's the funny ones that always get to me. Like "Look! We're wearing matching socks!" or something really odd, like "I haven't had my daily dose of Urge today, would you please show me the nearest Seven-Eleven/Deli de Luca?" Yeah? You can relate to that. What the fuck are you going to answer to such overwhelming compliments over the loud music? Oh, and it makes you seem like you're way too interested. You have to be attentive, and show moderate interest, but girls always want what they can't have. Got to remember that.


How trendy does this sound to you exactly: A fat-free icelandic yoghurt-cheese, full of protein with no added sugar, fully recycleable packaging and fabulous for smoothies.

I think it is missing soy- and maybe a fairtrade or ecological stamp on it, to be honest. But then, it is viking traditional cuisine, meant to make you healthy and strong - not gay. It is nice to stick to the basics, really.

But I tried this deliciously funky Icelandic treat today, with added fruits of the forest and vanilla. I think I would've preferred it half as sweet, because one portion later, I actually felt a little queasy. Probably because this particuar type was made with both aspartame and acesulfame K, which are artifical sweeteners. I insist that I can tell when it's not just normal sugar, but I don't think I really can. except if it gets too sweet, if you know what I mean. Supernaturally sweet.

Anyway, Skyr was extremely rich and creamy, like a divine concotion of cream cheese and really mild greek yoghurt. A texture to die for, melt-in-your-mouth - soft like clouds, an absolute surprise from the "low-fat" packaging. I mean, I just bought it for the name, and the purple colour, of course. But I really enjoyed it, a very (if not a little sweet) satisfying lunch, probably stunning with cereal, some fresh fruit, raisins, you name it! Yum! I would love to have some traditional Icelandic skyr, seeing this is a Norwegian brand.

Try some!

Two white doors and a dead orchid

Today the weather is absolutely stunning!

And when my brother and I finally stumbled our way down from our rooms - belsebub had wrecked complete havoc in the livingroom. I should've taken a picture, but really that wasn't relevant in my brain at the time.

She had ripped one of the orchids down from the windowsill, and it lay splayed on the carpet, leaves torn off - bark and cracked pottery everywhere. On top of this lay her pink pig toy, tied up in the remains of my wesc bongo headset. She had also managed somehow, to spray one of the armchairs in more bark and orchid limbs. Her path of destruction followed us into the kitchen, where she had tipped over Cleo's food container. It appeared to be so much left that Cleo couldn't possibly have discovered it. I was mostly horrified by my headphones in pieces. Luckily they still work, I just need to substitute some chewed out bits and then glue it all together. *Snort*

In other news, here is some music for you. It'll be something mood-less, it could either be a happy song, or a sad song - depending on your mood. Quite nice. Today I chose them being happy songs!

And completely out of context; Melt by Way Out West. (Spotify)

I've been searching around the web for more Gordon Ramsay recipes, as I am always pleased when cooking them. Like his Yorkshire Puddings! Delicious. Anyone have any recipes they'd like to share? Yum!

These are two doors. In Oslo somewhere.


Oslo by night.
Cleo and Ulla.
Helge sleeping.
Me by night. On the bus, or tram


School is quite awesome at the moment, almost can't be called school though - it's such a variety of different fun things. Like writing and analyzing stories, concepts and developing strange new ideas - and everything is allowed! How brilliant is that?

Leveldesign is also fun, and the project will turn out great, seriously! I am sure of it. At least now that we know a little more about the procedure of creating a game. Geeh. That really helps, you know!

It is pouring down outside, and it's quite cold. Thought I would lead you on to a beautiful classic. It will never stop to amaze me, this song. And not only that, but it's true, too! Don't you think?

I Love My Man by Bent

You all have a beautiful day!

This is a Portuguese hydrant. I thought it looked punk.
And I am listening to a Portuguese rock album right now, Polexia. It's weird, cos it's in Portuguese, but it's quite good.
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