Two white doors and a dead orchid

Today the weather is absolutely stunning!

And when my brother and I finally stumbled our way down from our rooms - belsebub had wrecked complete havoc in the livingroom. I should've taken a picture, but really that wasn't relevant in my brain at the time.

She had ripped one of the orchids down from the windowsill, and it lay splayed on the carpet, leaves torn off - bark and cracked pottery everywhere. On top of this lay her pink pig toy, tied up in the remains of my wesc bongo headset. She had also managed somehow, to spray one of the armchairs in more bark and orchid limbs. Her path of destruction followed us into the kitchen, where she had tipped over Cleo's food container. It appeared to be so much left that Cleo couldn't possibly have discovered it. I was mostly horrified by my headphones in pieces. Luckily they still work, I just need to substitute some chewed out bits and then glue it all together. *Snort*

In other news, here is some music for you. It'll be something mood-less, it could either be a happy song, or a sad song - depending on your mood. Quite nice. Today I chose them being happy songs!

And completely out of context; Melt by Way Out West. (Spotify)

I've been searching around the web for more Gordon Ramsay recipes, as I am always pleased when cooking them. Like his Yorkshire Puddings! Delicious. Anyone have any recipes they'd like to share? Yum!

These are two doors. In Oslo somewhere.


Tink said...

ah phew.. Now i see. I thought the heading was two white doors and a dead child.

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