Must haves!

Tink was over tonight, we made pizza and watched "Cashback", we also had some lemon jelly that I bought on sale. Very lovely. Superlovely!

Frost has arrived, and there are iceroses on all the parked cars on the street. I suppose you call them ice patterns or something, but we Norwegians call them "isroser". That is what it looks like, so I think it is a much better word for it.

Aaaand ---Hi, I'm here to give you this months' must haves, baby!

Movietickets for Disney Pixar's "UP" - I truly adored this film, even though Helge said he would never take me to see a Disney film again. I guess he has the right as I was crying my heart out after about three minutes. Still loved it though!

Kings of Convenience newest album "Declaration of Dependence". Definitely. Even though you will say; heard this before, this sounds just like all their other songs. True! But wrong! It does, but doesn't! This is something new, there is something very different about their sound that I have not yet been able to put my finger on. But it's still there. And you need to have it.

First season of British series "Skins". I am extremely hooked on this right now - while you're at it you should probably get the following two seasons as well. It's brilliant!

Mittens, kitten! It's cold right now. Keeping your hands warm makes every day brighter. Guaranteed.

Other than that - have some orange juice and snog your toes into a pair of warm slippers before you go to school or work. Never fails. Don't forget to brush your teeth!


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