Raisins in buns

I recently heard that a man died a slow, lonesome death and didn't come to heaven. And do you know why? Because he preferred his buns to be without raisins. That's like I've always said. Buns without raisins is like music without sound.

If that's the way you like it, there's no point in eating buns.

Life has no value without raisins. Life is like an empty shell - a gnawed out carcass with no spirit, no charm. No pleasure! There is no hope without raisins!

How can you do this to your own life?!


Tink said...

raisins in the bun
rainsins in the bunbun!
raisins up!
raisins down!
in the eye in the ear
raisins they go everywhere!

Tora said...


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