Floorboard Dining

Yeah, I wish I could explain this. But I just found it, and as far as I recall it was an idea I had for a videogame about apple jam.

I think we are getting just a slight bit obsessed with this bacteria thing. There's anti-bacterial soaps and wet-wipes and if we get the chance we'd carry antibacterial in aerosol cans and just give us a body splash whenever. And when the bacon-flu "struck as worst" we couldn't possibly have gotten more phobic. Every snort, every hiccup, every leaf falling - it was the sound of  a lung-splitting, pus-spraying showering sneeze evenly coating your presence in a wiggling film of deadly flu.

I can't say I didn't take precautions either. But I work in a shop and had a lot of contact with random people - and also their infected money - but didn't catch it. At least I don't think I did. and I haven't got a clue why, it really didn't make much sense. Hey, I even ate from the floor!

Some people think it is disgusting to pick up food you've dropped and eating it anyway. And sure, I wouldn't do it in most public places. Tee hee. But you must understand that it has merely become a part of my lifestyle because I have no choice. A human with my coordination, and with my love for food - what am I supposed to do?

Can you even imagine how skinny I would've been if I didn't eat whatever I dropped?! Maybe I wouldn't even exist!

Whhuueeeooaaa?! Oh, and I don't eat muesli off the floor usually.

And Cleo, you better move in with me, because I am eating much more off the floor now that you can't beat me to it.

Err. And what about you,? Do you eat things from the floor?

Ha- π birthday!

Today is the birthday of π!

Why this is the birthday of π? Well I tell you why, biddlewiggle! The three first digits in π is 3,14 - which matches the date of today, March 14th, the third month and the fourteenth day -- 3.14. Ha-π birthday!

Bla bla bla

In Norwegian we can say "to talk with" and "to talk to", which is nice because these are two completely different things I think. Dialogue and monologue. And I love to talk with people. And talking, I like a lot in general. And sometimes, to such an extent that I talk to them, because I've got so much to say while they don't. And I hate it when it happens, it is just that most of the time I don't even notice it! And it's been like that for as long as I can remember, probably since I learned to speak. I talk all the time I do, even in my sleep. If someone can talk a hole in your head, it is probably me.

But all this talking doesn't make me happy unless I have someone to talk with, - and talking to myself doesn't really cut it. Nothing makes my heart swell like a good conversation, swell like a rum soaked raisin, until plump and sweet. It's true. So if I get the chance, I'd rather hear you talk than doing something else.

I know a lot of people who need to be warmed up before they can start talking. Some of the shy ones just wont shut up if you just get them started. While some are like me, the most outgoing that talks to strangers and pretty much everyone, but becomes a clam* once truly comfortable with someone.

But it doesn't surprise me that a lot of people get scared when I go quiet. I probably would, too. It would be like a frenzying cat suddenly going limp. Those who know me well know that I like to be quiet and enjoy silence, look at the weather through the glass and maybe count the leaves. So I guess this post doesn't make much sense in a way. My voice has two gears-- park, or drive - doing 120 in the wrong direction with a smile.

* Clams are nice, they only open their mouth to eat.

Do you talk to strangers? Did something funny ever happen when you did?


My breakfast usually consist of banana and raisins with "bird food" - seeds, weird little grains and the like, very cheap, it is. And if I'm feeling luxurious, maybe some "Special K". I wouldn't say "K" is all that "special" if you know what I mean, so far I haven't seen it do a single thing out of the ordinary. The only slightly supernatural thing it does is crackling quietly in the milk before dissolving into mash. Like fireworks inside wet loaf. And what is so "special" about that? Even Cornflakes knows how to do it. Speaking of special! I know something that truly is special, passion fruit.

The best ice cream I've ever had was in Cambodia (of all places), it was a passion fruit sorbet. It must've been home made, it was so refreshing and every spoonful was different in its own way. It came with a mango sorbet I think, or maybe it was lemon - the passion fruit stole the show completely. I got a special little dimple in my heart especially for passion fruit. It is so tangy and fresh, and so sweet - there are really no fruit quite like it I think. It is exquisite.

"Fruit Mosley and Yorkert" - the Cambodian twist to fruit muesli and yoghurt.

Even though I also love banana. And it's sad - the reputation of banana, it is the most exotic thing. But here it is so ordinary, when underestimated, the flavour can be quite bland, I guess - and you can purchase a banana pretty much anywhere in the world these days. And this makes it so recognisable and common that it is quite disrespected here in Norway. And this is so unfair to this fruit!

A thick-skinned sausage that belongs to a herb family but grows in a palm tree! And it grows in a cluster of other bananas and they go from green to yellow as they ripen, hey! That's cool, right? Banana has a wonderful flavour that can be tamed or made to dominate and has a real meaty texture that makes it incredibly versatile. But I think my favourite must be banana pancakes, or milkshake, or muffin -- wait, banana bread! No, banana ice cream. Or banana in cereal, or on a slice of bread. Or maybe banana deep fried! Yum. Hey, banana yoghurt! No, wait, what about banana and lime cake? Oh, I don't know. Please don't make me answer!

What did you have for breakfast today? And what is your favourite fruit?

My holiday to Singapore

This is the short version, mind. But if you want the long one you just have to ask. I just figured two weeks mashed into one post would be a little exhausting for you to read.

Singapore was really really hot! I had a great time, and I hope my grandmother and my sister, Sigrid did, too! We ate a little (too much) excellent food and saw a lot of museums, went shopping, saw the botanical gardens, ate some more, did some tours and visited Sigrid's office. Mmh! And we had lots of prata, nom nom!  It was really warm in the peak hours of the day, and we walked and walked - through shops and museums. It was lovely. I don't think I know a place with so many shopping malls as Singapore. And because we were there during the last part of their Chinese new year celebration there were crazy decorations all over the place. Oh oh! And we had a manicure and pedicure done! That made me feel very feminine. I am not known for being that.

We also spent a weekend in Cambodia (Siem Reap), which was incredible. I am so in love with the place, the people were so friendly and happy all the time! A clear contrast to Singapore (they are mostly happy there, that's not what I meant) but skyscrapers and a sleek metro is replaced by shacks on sticks, and tuktuks.

We saw a lot of rice fields and lotuses in Cambodia, I mean, how many times do you see that in Europe? And the rainforest foliage of Singapore is incredibly exotic. So much green mashed in with all that modern architecture. The food in Siem Reap too, was excellent - so fresh and so much delicious fruit! The ruins of Angkor wat were absolutely unbelievable. We also saw a vast amount of other ruins, like Bayon, Banteay Srei and Ta Prohm. The latter being my favourite I think. And we have been very fortunate to go these amazing places. Despite the fact that we were sweating our own brains out - it was still a very humbling experience. This is the sun setting over the floating village in Cambodia.

If you want to hear more, I'd be happy to tell you! Those are my feet :( You should see them without the bandages!

Last but not least, as I had journeyed far and slept little, turned the corner and discovered that my block was on fire!

And this is one of those very unsettling feelings I think I'll have a hard time getting rid of. It is truly unbelievable  to return from holiday and be met with such a sight. I can't even leave you guys for two weeks without you causing a rumpus! Four fire engines, three people taken away in an ambulance, one man rescued out of the window, and across the street, Helge is trying to call me, in shoes with no socks. And what can I do? I laugh.

I mean, worst thing that can happen is that my house burns down and that I lose all my stuff, which would be a true pain in the ass - but what can I do about it? As long as all living things are safe, the rest is just... stuff! And sentimentally valued and irreplaceable stuff at that, I know. But I was standing across the street with two suitcases, freezing - watching the flames lick their way up outside the building.

We've been incredibly lucky, after being evacuated by the police we waited for a few hours as the flames ceased and the firefighters cleared the area. I was given a jumper by a kind neighbour who also took hand of my luggage for me - I gave her a bottle of wine as thanks! And then a firefighter told us we should go check out our apartments and return if they were destroyed. We just went straight up and found our place completely unscathed. That is where I am sitting now. So, yay! And this is what I see when I walk out my door. Close!
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