My breakfast usually consist of banana and raisins with "bird food" - seeds, weird little grains and the like, very cheap, it is. And if I'm feeling luxurious, maybe some "Special K". I wouldn't say "K" is all that "special" if you know what I mean, so far I haven't seen it do a single thing out of the ordinary. The only slightly supernatural thing it does is crackling quietly in the milk before dissolving into mash. Like fireworks inside wet loaf. And what is so "special" about that? Even Cornflakes knows how to do it. Speaking of special! I know something that truly is special, passion fruit.

The best ice cream I've ever had was in Cambodia (of all places), it was a passion fruit sorbet. It must've been home made, it was so refreshing and every spoonful was different in its own way. It came with a mango sorbet I think, or maybe it was lemon - the passion fruit stole the show completely. I got a special little dimple in my heart especially for passion fruit. It is so tangy and fresh, and so sweet - there are really no fruit quite like it I think. It is exquisite.

"Fruit Mosley and Yorkert" - the Cambodian twist to fruit muesli and yoghurt.

Even though I also love banana. And it's sad - the reputation of banana, it is the most exotic thing. But here it is so ordinary, when underestimated, the flavour can be quite bland, I guess - and you can purchase a banana pretty much anywhere in the world these days. And this makes it so recognisable and common that it is quite disrespected here in Norway. And this is so unfair to this fruit!

A thick-skinned sausage that belongs to a herb family but grows in a palm tree! And it grows in a cluster of other bananas and they go from green to yellow as they ripen, hey! That's cool, right? Banana has a wonderful flavour that can be tamed or made to dominate and has a real meaty texture that makes it incredibly versatile. But I think my favourite must be banana pancakes, or milkshake, or muffin -- wait, banana bread! No, banana ice cream. Or banana in cereal, or on a slice of bread. Or maybe banana deep fried! Yum. Hey, banana yoghurt! No, wait, what about banana and lime cake? Oh, I don't know. Please don't make me answer!

What did you have for breakfast today? And what is your favourite fruit?


Hans Jørgen said...

Æsj, banan

Tora said...


Banana is manna from heaven :(

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