Stop For a Minute

This is in Åndalsnes, in North-Western Norway - where we had to change to a bus to get to Molde this easter. Norwegian scenery can be so dramatic.

Well, first - maybe you want to listen to it so you know what I'm talking about. But if you can't be bothered, it's a song.

Stop For a Minute by Keane (Feat. K'naan)

HMM. So. I am still puzzled as what they were thinking when they combined the angelic choir-boy voice of equally angelic Tom Chaplin with the rusty rurals of K'naan. Because as the contrast is interesting - it is not particularly flattering for K'naan. Tom just sounds like a relief when it's his verse, because you don't have to hear the gnawing sound of K'naans voice. And I don't really know, but if I could have a guess I would say they've written their own lyrics. Because Tom sings that same cryptic and poetic romantic gibberish which is the tradition of Keane. While K'naan's syllables don't match up and he sings of literal observances like "And baby you are just beautiful -- from crown to your cuticles". Note the clever rhyme: Beautiful and cuticles. Interesting. Almost as interesting as "I feel, like a thief who has no fa-ace" - where "face" doesn't fit it, because it's too short. That makes me cringe every time.

The thing I do like about this song is that it's kind of "Whooo!" like, if you are somewhere, perhaps at a party - and someone puts it on, everyone goes "Whooo!" because they realize they know it. And when the introduction is over everyone can shout the chorus together in a drunken stupor. "And if you stop for a MINUTE, I think about things I really don't WANNA KNO00OooW. And I'm the first to admit iIIIiit, without YOU I'm a NA NA NA na na NA na na NAAAA!" (Because nobody remembers this bit*)

And I guess that's a good thing. And I guess Keane needed to dip their toes into a bit of "R'n'B" or what'cha'ma call it because that's what artists do these days. They collaborate with songs so that "everyone" can "like it". There is supposedly one more track they've made with K'naan that is going to their album. But all hope is not lost, odds are - the rest of the EP will be all Keane. PLEASE.

*Without you I'm a liner stranded in an ice floe
Without you I'm a child, so wherever you go - I will follow


Tink said...

Love on ze Keane

Foss said...

What do you think of this one?


I like!

Tora said...

yes! I like, too!

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