Luxurious poverty

There is just so much that has to be safely acquired and stored within the four walls of our apartment right now.

There is "Alan Wake" and "Red Dead Redemption", we do have our precious toaster now - but what about all the films we need? We need "Avatar" for some safe get-away, there's both series and the special episode of "Green Wing", and I haven't actually BOUGHT Keane's "Night Train" either. So this'll be crazy! And I need a phone, because I am currently exploiting the kindness of my younger brother by borrowing his old one. And I should get some new summer shoes... And a shelf for the DVD's and a dresser in the hall, and snowboard goggles and boots for next season. That alone could shake you thin!

But then when I have all these things. Who needs money? :D I will be very busy, and very very happy for a very very long time. Exactly the way I am now.


Audun said...

I've got some dvd-shelves you can have if you like. I'm moving into a tiny room at Berg Studentby and won't have my dvd's there. They are little shelves you hang up on the wall. Can send you a piccie if you're interested.

Audun said...

Also: do you think it's difficult to use gorgonzola on burgers? Does it melt nicely and all that?

Tora said...

Gorgonzola has a very distinct flavour - quite strong, to be fair. Never cooked with it myself, so I don't really know. And it's crumbly, but I suppose it might work if the mould doesn't kill you :D

I'm not allowed to hang anything on the walls here, because it's all brick. But thank you so much! :) I'll just keep em in the bookshelf until I win the lottery. How are you?

Audun said...

I'm awesome, thanks! Done with the hardest exam, I got a summer job and next year I'll be living much closer to campus. How are you?

I had a steak with gorgonzola sauce a few months ago and it was awesome. Last night I made my own hamburgers and I think gorgonzola can be worth trying as cheese.

Too bad about the shelves, the thing about the walls is why I'm trying to get rid of mine:)

Audun said...

My only concern is that Starcraft 2 is out 27/7 and that WoW:Cataclysm looks like it'll be worth playing. Neither bodes well for uni):

Tora said...

That's wonderful! So glad to hear that. Yeah, anything wall-mounted makes me slightly offended now.

"Yeah, it would be a good idea to put you on the wall, wouldn't it?! Well I can't now? CAN I?! FU!"

But yeah. Steak and gorgonzola, somehow I am not entirely convinced. Blue cheese frightens me.

I'm very well, thank you! Still have two exams to go - it'll be alright I think. It's not really very complicated, it's just very very boring. And when you read it, it's just too obvious. And that's annoying.

Summer job! Well done. Where at? You gonna electrify? :D I'll be where I always am I guess. Yaaay.

Yeah, even I might play some for Cataclysm actually, I am so intrigued by the worgen :O And the changes in Azeroth too!

Audun said...

Yes! The worgen actually looks a bit cool. But the female worgen looks a bit feline, and not very wolfish. And yes, I think Azeroth will be awesome-fish.

I landed an ace job for the Kongsberg Group, so I'll be in Horten assembling navigation systems for ships. Yay!

Gorgonzola is awesome. At least in sauces.
Are you still working at CC Vest or have you found new hunting grounds?

Tora said...

Yeah, something wasn't quite right about them. Maybe the hair will make it better, or maybe they will change them a little bit before release. Who knows? Seems like people have very mixed opinions on them.

Of course I still work at the same place :( I'm stuck!

The pay is just a little too good to change jobs just for the sake of change. But I will eventually, it's been a long time, and I feel time is getting ripe for something new!

Cool! Navigation systems! That sounds really complicated. I'm sure you'll like it though, you'll probably do great! Congratulations!

Still sceptical about the cheese, mon!

sig said...

Bra Audun!! Shipping=veien til lykken.

-Merker jeg har vært litt lenge vekk fra WoW: vet ikke en gang hva Cataclysm er:(
-RDR er på listen min, men har ikke tid til å spille noe her...får krysse fingrene for regn hele sommeren hjemme.
-Jeg stikker til Bali i helgen, si i fra om dere er intr i noe recycled teak hagemøbler.

Tora said...

:D Cataclysm er neste expansion! Så vet du det. Horde kan spille Goblins og alliance kan være Worgen! Det blir jammen gøy. Kos deg på Bali! Har ikke hage, så trenger ingen hagemøbler :(((((( Men takk likevel!

Audun said...

Jeg skal jobbe som elektriker, skru kabel a fast i kontakt b og slikt tror jeg. Ikke akkurat finne opp kruttet:)

Men joda, Kongsberg Gruppen er et snasent firma.

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