Me and my stomach

I did get your attention. Thank you Kronk!

My stomach and I are not friends.

We have a very bad way of communicating to each other. I can't really understand what it is trying to say when it is aching, expanding and making me feel horrible. And it certainly doesn't answer when I am trying to figure out what is making it upset.

It is like having the most cryptic girlfriend communicating only through domestic violence.

I know I have a very varied diet, and especially for being a student. I eat a lot of vegetables and a lot of whole wheat bread and other stuff that is meant to be good for you like green tea, fruit and a lot of snap n' crackle.

Seriously though, It must be some sort of allergic reaction, and it occurs more often on Fridays than on any other day of the week. Which doesn't make a lot of sense, and I assure you it is certainly not stress-related. You might know me, and because of that I wont have to explain. I don't have very well-developed stress glands. So it must be something that I'm eating. But what? I'm not consuming anything now that I haven't always eaten every now and then.

But yeah, this weekend my diet will consist of toast and Biola until I get better.


Anonymous said...

I used to think just like you, that "it's not stress". The fact that it occurs on a specific day only reinforce the idea that you are afraid or in fight or flight response for something.

I cant convince you in just a comment on how often we are getting in a fight or flight response. You don't have to face a lion to experience pain in your stomach.

Check out onlincecounceling.org She has a blog that might take you on a healing course to heal your stomach.

Tora said...

wow, thanks!
I guess I just have to try every option :)

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