Tuesday might be your special day

Among a few of today's accomplishments have been - but not limited to:

Making a cup of tea that was about 50 times too strong.
Making a breakfast smoothie so viscous it almost had to be cleaved into smaller pieces
Proceeding to drink both those things.
Deciding to make brioche one of these days, because the mere thought of it makes me smile
Having lip gloss on.
Wearing my hair away from my face (!) I'll be honest, I want to be like Olivia Dunham. She is beautiful.
Feel life slowly drain out of me.
Considering a career as a psychic or a medium or something
Perhaps I should write horoscopes?
Think that at least it would be nice if I could do magic

I sincerely hope your day was at least marginally more exciting and/or more productive than mine. And that you have so much love in your life any minute now you may burst. Not in a horrible way, in a metaphorical way, so bursting might take the shape of buying a random stranger some chocolate (pick me!) or sharing joy, love or fun otherwise with the people around you. I also hope we learn to be grateful for those things that keep us going. Like butter, having shoes, sleep, love and Minecraft.


Shigidyshea said...

*Hands you a mountain of chocolate* :3 and Yay minecraft! :D

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