Tuesday might be your special day

Among a few of today's accomplishments have been - but not limited to:

Making a cup of tea that was about 50 times too strong.
Making a breakfast smoothie so viscous it almost had to be cleaved into smaller pieces
Proceeding to drink both those things.
Deciding to make brioche one of these days, because the mere thought of it makes me smile
Having lip gloss on.
Wearing my hair away from my face (!) I'll be honest, I want to be like Olivia Dunham. She is beautiful.
Feel life slowly drain out of me.
Considering a career as a psychic or a medium or something
Perhaps I should write horoscopes?
Think that at least it would be nice if I could do magic

I sincerely hope your day was at least marginally more exciting and/or more productive than mine. And that you have so much love in your life any minute now you may burst. Not in a horrible way, in a metaphorical way, so bursting might take the shape of buying a random stranger some chocolate (pick me!) or sharing joy, love or fun otherwise with the people around you. I also hope we learn to be grateful for those things that keep us going. Like butter, having shoes, sleep, love and Minecraft.



I'm updating the software on my Nokia-phone, and the window with Zune keeps blinking bright orange as if it requires something from me. Turns out it is just doing it to get attention.

I like this phone, it's nice and blue. But it is also a little bit shite.

Just had to share that. Don't know why. Also this picture (not sure if you can see it) totally made me insta-cry.

All I've got for you is this whining and something sad. I'm sorry. Wish you a great day though!


I am so useless!

I just watched this video of this young man rescuing a baby hummingbird and for some reason that totally touched me and it made me cry. This means I am just not meant to be on the internet, it is to emotional for me.

haha! Oh Goodness gracious me.

I'm a domestic goddess!

(This is something I found in the archive!)

I've been super wife material today. OR, well, not extraordinary, but hey! I am good entertainment as a bonus too! I cleaned all the windows! That's FIVE windows, on both sides, so more like TEN! And I done all the dishes, TWICE. Made pasta with mussels and white wine, and made cupcakes (so huge they are more muffin sized) with Helge.



Soup Soup a Tasty Soup Soup

I just made myself a most outrageous hearty soup. There was a shooting right around the corner last night. I didn't hear anything. But then I was... um, under influence. I've also had some tea, and I'm wearing a scarf. I don't think I should take any chances! This is not a good time to be sick! It's a meaty soup, even though it has no meat in it, but beef stock and beef fond. It's got some coriander, piri-piri, mushy peas, potato and carrots in it. And thyme and rosemary and some olive oil. Mmm!

Sometimes soup is exactly what you need! I should've had some bread with it. But there are extents to which not even a desperate person like me, would go. Seriously.

I did put some cheddar cheese in it. THAT hit the spot.

Alright, I will stop ranting about food, my apologies!

It's just that when the soul and flesh is in a weak spot, food is sometimes the only comfort.


I'm alone!

I'm home alone this weekend, and so far I've only really been alone for like two hours, because I spent almost all day walking around Oslo and had ice cream with my friend!

So I wasn't given much opportunity to miss Helge, but bizarrely, I suddenly did! It is weird, because I suddenly missed him a lot more intensely, and I realized that it was because of the time of day. The exact time he comes home from work. Haha! That's really weird! Like my brain was suddenly expecting to see him!


I will on Sunday though!

Here are some pictures from the summer!

Pizza! Before the cheese!

I washed the windows!

We made cupcakes! I forgot to take a picture with frosting on them. And they weren't that amazing, so for most part they have been chucked away in the fridge, so I threw them out this morning. What a waste :<

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