Blimey, it's Blog-blog time! I mean blog! -and who the hell are you?!

Roar! How are you?

So, todays report: Got up early, took a shower, put clothes on, the "Boys pee on toilet seats" t-shirt, and pigtails. Had a slice of bread, my friend stops by and we walk to the bus-stop together. It's flippin freezing, -7 C, and it was still dark. The bus wasn't late, thank God, and so we sat down for the few five minutes there is to sit. The only reason I take the blasted bus is because it's too flippin freezing to walk!
Arrived at school, had maths all day -*cheer*

Anyway, got home from school, then I got really stressed realising I was late for work already, jumped the computer to check my mail and then ran down to the mall.

Stopped by the shop where I buy contact lenses and told them off before I had to run.
Only me and boss in the store today, well, and this guy that unpacks wares and stuff, but he sort of doesn't count. Was a lot of stress, people asking for the stupidest things like "swiss army knives" and telling us off for the weirdest things. Nerf, well I really like my job, a lot of smiling and nodding, agreeing and chatting, which can be very boring, not to mention very dull. But I mean, most customers are really nice. And it's even nicer when you fool them to buy the most hideous things, the store I work in is utterly repulsive, I must say. I deserve an Oscar for every time I look at the hideous item, look up, smile sparkingly and say: "That plate is so pretty!" The customer will smile relieved and agree, nodding, smiling, and saying things like: "yeah, and blue goes so well with brown, pink and yellow, it will fit my black cushions just perfect". I promise you, I'll get back to this. Selling cutlery, cauldrons, plates, bowls, mugs, jars and glasses isn't as easy as it might seem..

Tomorrow it's the first of advent! Yay! I can't wait!
Came home, and had some soup, about nine-ish, and sat down for some Norwegian homework.

How was your day?

Jesus, vegetables and porn

Yep, you heard right.
Assuming your eyes have ears in them, you god-damn freak!
well, anyway. Lately people are going on about health, diets and stuff like that. I have nothing against vegetarians, I know people who are, they are lovely. I have nothing against gay people, I know both gays and lesbians, and they happen to be awesome! I have nothing against gay porn either, I don't mind it, yay you have gay porn! Grats...

I know religious people, especially a lot of christians. I respect that, I respect them, that's important.

But it's still some of those, that I do not respect.
The ones stuffing it in my face, I think it's awesome that you live your life your way, but I really don't like that you want to convince me that it is! Ok, you're a Buddhist, well, does it look like that matters to me? Ok, gay porn turns you on, you are a man and sleep with other men, ok, you only eat salad, and you hate, you actually LOATHE, people that eat meat.
Good for you, congratulations, but you're only making things harder for yourselves, you feel like you're not getting respect for your way of life, well, perhaps if you weren't that focused on getting respect, you would actually get some!

People that are respected, mostly get respected because they deserve it, not because they are nagging about it 24/7! C'mon!

you can be whatever you like as long as you don't stuff it in my face! I'm not saying you're all like this, but I know, honestly, alot of people who are. I'm straight, I eat meat, I'm straight, but do I run around with t-shirts saying: "I HATE WOMAN"? err.. NO! I don't! Do I scowl at people eating salad? NO! I don't do that either. If you want respect for your way of life, you have to respect others way of life first.

a little surpressed anger there.. eeeh.. Sorry, let's get a little everyday drama in here instead!

Further concerns:

So, about the *twenty-two-year-old-guy-I-met-through-the-internet-is-coming-over-for-Christmas-event* I still haven't told my stepdad.. Getting worse for every minute passing by now :S My mom is getting rather stressed too, eeek! We just have to do it, you know, look him in the eyes and tell him what's going on! I just wish it was that easy!
Talked to the english chap last night, still makes me laugh, he and his friends are coming to Norway in may, I can't wait! Seems I'm forgiven, he's not mad at me, I'm glad, was worried I'd ingored him too much and pissed him off :(

And what good news is:

Let's go to Sweden! Let's go to Sweeeeeden, where the cheap booooooze is, lessgo to Sweeeden, where it's cheeeaaper, lessgo to Sweeeeeden, lessgo there now! Let's go to Sweeeeden, lessgo there noooow! Let's go to Sweeeeden, you stupid COW!

Concerns of a geek-chick

So, obviously, I'm a geek-chick. And I'll tell you about all the worries I'm having at the moment because of that.

I started playing WoW (World of Warcraft) about six months ago, originally I started playing because it's awesome, and I had a lot of fun with it. Recently I'm playing only for the social part of it, which seems slightly obscure, playing a computergame for the social aspect, errr.. Well, atleast it's the truth.

So, I'm a girl, enjoying myself in a world of geeks, most of them being boys, or men. I wont lie and say being a girl hasn't made my online life very easy, cos it has. Sometimes it's nice to feel liked and appreciated, but after the hundredandthirtyseventeenth-time of: "ZOMG! YOU'RE GIRL IRL?!?11 MSN!!" it get's a bit, annoying.

So anyway, it must have been June this year, I was going away, to Australia for a month. I really didn't want to go, because it was winter there, and I wanted summer, badly. So I sat down for some last minute playing, and I ran into someone, another player. I was about level 30 (highest lvl in WoW is 60) and I was just hanging around. This person I met was lvl 60, and very fascinating. He told me he was recently divorced, he was finnish, and he'd been drunk for three days straight, he thought he had been in a fight, cos he had a black eye. I was honestly startled, but we talked, and I enjoyed it.

When I came back, we catched up, he couldn't remember much, but he remembered me, so it was okay. We continued chatting while playing, I'd get myself in trouble and he'd come save me, and I would listen to his worries and troubles. More than once he told me he wanted to kill himself, and more than once I went to bed crying cos I felt with him.

He drank too much, he drank way too much, he'd dropped out of his studies, and he was currently living of the government, spending all his money on alcohol, and skipping meals. He'd lost about 20 kgs after divorcing.

I think I'm going to skip the obvious part of us coming very close. Cos we did, and we still are. So, this finnish depressed and sad person was also wonderful, on his sober days, more or less, since he often got suicidal and sad when he drank too much. So, I started caring about him, and he about me. We sent mails to eachother, and we sould sit on msn til four in the morning. Most of the time I felt helpless, I didn't know how to react, or how to reply if he threatened of killing himself, which he did sometimes. It didn't take long before I got to know that he's six years older than myself.

We started talking then, our first conversation being a bit embarrasing, we talked using Skype, and hearing his voice, was something new to me. Oh, but I've forgotten something, someone, I met, this wonderful person I also met through this game, he's english, and he's about ten years older than me, most generous and caring person I know about, and hilarious, he's so funny.
So, what this led to, was that I really cared about this finnish person, I mean, I really like him and so I wanted to keep a distance from the english person I know, I do, honestly I'd fall for him, easily.

So the thing is, the finnish guy is coming over now for christmas, for ten days, my mum said it's okay, she know who he is and agreed with me. My stepdad doesn't know, and we don't know how to tell him, which is really stressing me. The finnish guy is by the way going back to his studies, stopped drinking and is eating and hanging with friends again.

So, I'm left with a feeling of being very happy with myself pulling this man I really care about up from the mud and back on track. But I don't know how to tell my stepdad he's coming over. And I felt like I pushed away the other person, and I think he thinks I'm some sort of asshole, using him for fun and entertainment then not replying to his e-mails, when I really tried to keep a distance because I liked him o_O.

I feel like an Ice queen.

oh, blugger!

So, here I am, caught in a desperate moment, the need to get myself down on paper.. err... Screen..

Had a nice day, the rain was harsh and evil, with other words, the weather was shit, how was your day? Anyway, was at the dentist, my teeth are apparently more than perfect. See the dentist again in about two or three years, so if you need me I'm busy atleast this day in two or three years, just in case there was anything.

Now this is annoying, I felt like there was something I needed to say, but now my head seems empty. Well I might continue with something a little more captivating:

How can you tape yourself to the roof?

I just want to see if it's physically possible to tape yourself to the roof! Imagine seeing the floor from the roof, with your arms strapped to your sides and your mouth wide open, drooling madly. To be honest I haven't given this much thought, but on the other hand, it would be more concerning if I had, wouldn't it?

So, excuse me, I have to go tape myself to the roof.
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