More music!

Vampire Weekend - A Punk

The Cure - Lullaby

Because I can't think of anything sensible to write.


Buksedress - Jumpsuit

Today I did the odd purchase of a Diesel jumpsuit (buksedress).

I haven't been able to locate the English word for this particular piece of clothing. But my sister managed. She is sick at the moment, so I assume she simply doesn't have much else to do! :D Get well soon!

A jumpsuit is like a wholepiece top and trousers/jeans in one.

An evil return from the 70's and 80's.

I googled it and I found a picture of the Giardia bacteria.
Hmm. Strange!

Look I added a picture! But mine doesn't look much like that <_<

Fun - two in one

When we first moved here, my sister Sigrid ("seierfager", "victorious beauty") got the job babysitting a small infant boy. He is a lone child that lives alone with his mother, a really warm and adorable child. By the time he was about four - my sister no longer had the opportunity to babysit, and so I inherited the pleasure.

He is in third grade now, a lively little thing, and though I no longer cook and care for him once a week - there are the sporadic nights when I have to step in. Like tonight for example. We draw, play with gogo's, pokémons, bayblades, do his homework and things like that. This one time we made a volcano out of paper marche filled with red paint which he liked so much he kept it underneath a chair for the better part of a year. He makes sure to remind me of it occasionally.

Today he helped me clean the table and stack the dishes into the dishwasher, then completely out of nowhere he runs over to the cupboard and returns with a bag of washing powder. He looks at it excitedly then kind of deflates and goes back with it. And I'm like
"What was that all about?"
- "It was the wrong brand" he goes. And so I ask him
- "What kind of brand would you prefer then?"
- "It has to be 'Fun - two in one'." He says, with very little doubt.
"They say it is the best one they've ever made". At this I start laughing at him, and he looks puzzled.
"What? Why are you laughing? What is so funny?". I tell him it's funny that he knows these things, but he shrugs like these are things that everyone know.

Later on we're watching a Norwegian reality show about people trapped at a farm and forced to cooperate, bla bla bla. But as one of the contestants is leaving I turn around to find him in tears. But he says
"Ooh, my face has gone all--" and he rubs his eyes. I hug him and he mumbles.
During the commercial break they show an advertisement for a dishwasher detergent and I ask him if that's the one he wants, because it's blue and sploshy and really impressive. The old food is kind of blown off the diningware in foamy, crystalline explosions. But he quickly corrects me
"No, Tora. That is 'Finish powerball', it's not the same thing!" When the ad for 'Fun - two in one' finally appears, I understand he is convinced, and he kind of nods at me, like 'I-told-you-so'. And he did, so - fair enough!

Second Life

For some bizarre reason I found myself watching this video. It's a short machinima commercial about global public relation space in the virtual world. I mean, it's a revolutionary idea, companies are able to openly communicate with their clients and customers. You are able to extend the virtual environment to whatever facilities you need to provide an impressive showcase for conferences, events, training sessions or any kind of communication that works virtually. Complete with a powerpoint.

It's another collaboration idea, it's efficient, eco-friendly and fun. Those are my thoughts about it. Basically it will be about using a "gaming" environment to provide interesting connections between customers and producers - it's a second life enhancing the first.

This is already happening, and not just with the Text100 Island, think of the Apple Store in SL, and the like. What this is, is diversifying and virtually materializing the idea of Web2.0 (users collaborate and create the content on the web). Imagine this connected to a VR (Virtual Reality) engine, and with the already active video- and phone-conference plugins, it is possible to reinstate a pixelmade avatar as an actual representation of a lecturer, and create a dynamic and interesting learning environment.

There are already 20 million user accounts on Second Life (though not all of these are active players, obviously). But why stop there? It doesn't have to be Second Life. Any similar platform could serve with the same purpose, it is just that at the time being, SL serves as the most customizable MMO and is therefore more suited, this is obviously because it's a social platform on so many more levels than the usual game, it's more flexible in its real life connections. But to create something similar - more userfriendly, improved graphics, drives - could be interesting!

I think it would be ridiculous to think that this is anything less than interesting.


We finally got Stardust on DVD, which was about bloody time. Not having it has been bothering me for a long while, and I enjoyed devouring it for the fourth time yesterday!

Hopefully I can see it once every night, and then maybe I can see it twice sometimes so I get some nights to watch BBC Food, and I mean like seriously. Gordon Ramsay and Tamsins Great British Classics, Mike Robinson, and obviously - the legend - Keith Floyd.

I'll have to fit Stardust in whenever "Coxon Cooks" is on, because the name of the show is pronounced too similar to "Cocks and Cooks" - which is different. Maybe it is like chicken and livestock cooking puddings. I don't know, the woody sound of the theme jingle makes my heart shrink.

Whooooooooh! I don't understand how it's possible to survive without James Martin's - "Sweet", he's on tonight actually, doing a show about celebration cakes. Wicked.
Edit: Oh, yes, if you'd like to see James Martin it's on at 19:20!

Musical Update

Blue Magnetic Monkey - Ugress
Boy From School - Hot Chip
Let's Get Ready to Crumble - The Russian Scientists
Put your hands up for Detriot (Soul central loves Detriot remix) - Freddie Le Grand
A New Day - Twin
Natasha '75 - Ralph Myerz and The Jack Herren Band
Fireworks - Whitest Boy Alive

Yay! Good music. The videos on Blue Magnetic Monkey and Fireworks have been made by yours truly, featuring Liv-Elin! Wicked!

In other news, there's not really much news.

Night out

I'm just curious - where exactly on my forehead does it say that I take general interest in not patricularily beautiful men with very bad pick-up lines? No, I'm serious. It must say somewhere on my face, I'm sure. Just like it says somewhere on my behind that I prefer sleazy swedes with overtime at S.A.T.S. to grab hold of me.

And when you have told me exactly where these messages are spelt out - I will remove them. because they are faults, they are errors, they are not true! And any bald-headed bergenese monkey wishing to contradict - may do so, but will fail. Miserably.

Please, when this has been done, you must also tell me why there are no people in this city, and why all the purty guys have already been taken. Especially the one that looked like the lead singer in The Kooks, which was a shame. And then, after that, tell me where the creativity has gone when you tell someone to take a wild, crazy pick - and they return with Gin & Tonic.

Yeah, so, thanks a bunch. I believe that will explain a few things.

And -- Eeeeugh, hair smells like cigarettes. Blaeh!

Chocolate muffin? Sweet Corn and Chili Muffin?

Edit: And maybe they should read this guide.
Edit II: I want to go snowboarding again.

Off to the mountains!

It appears it's Winter Holiday here again. Can't wait to see some snow and go snowboarding and go four days without a proper shower, eat more than I can handle, get my buttocks decently frozen when going to the cold toilet, play board games, have so cold feet that it feels like my nails crack, possibly go snow-blind and then fall over and get snow like really far up my sinuses.

It will be fan-thas-tic! Absolutely.

Dad is picking me up after school and then we'll zoom off. Problem is that I am getting kind of excited so the day is snaaailing away, and I've only been to school for two hours. Feels more like five hours already!

In Oslo the only snow that's left is the sad gray remnants - with the texture of cold, badly burnt cheese. All crispy and black.

The eskimos are said to have a lot of words for snow, and I realized that us Norwegians probably have a lot too! To makes sure we didn't cheat, I tried to narrow it down to the words that concerns a state of snow, and that could only be used when talking about snow. Still there are a few that might be used about other things - but they were important so I had to include them.
I've asked and searched around, here are the ones I found:

1. Snø - Snow.
2. Skaresnø - Snow with a thin layer of frozen snow on top.
3. Snøfonn - Large pile of snow.
4. Nysnø - New snow (first snow of the year, etc)
5. Snø føyk - Windy snowfall, snow everywhere, but not necessarily a storm.
6. Pudder snø - Powder Snow.
7. Kram snø - Mouldable snow, often when a bit warm.
8. Slaps - Wet, runny snow on the ground.
9. Sludd - Wet snow coming from the sky.
10. Sørpe - Snow slush on the ground.
11. Snøhære - Light, thin snowfall
12. Borr - Snow that is grainy
13. Kladd(e)/Klabb(e) snø - Snow that sticks to things (Like skis).
14. Bresnø - Glacier snow.
15. Snøfar - A track of snow
16. Snøbrudd - Snow "breaking off"/falling from the treetops.
17. Lave ned - "Tumbling/falling" down. (Masses of snow from the sky).
18. Snøkreist - Snow flying and blowing everywhere.
19. Mjell snø - Snow that is light and dry, the opposite of kram.
20. Firn/Fjorårssnø - Snow that has been there for years. (Word borrowed from German)
21. Jøkleføre - Newsnow with skare-snow on top.
22. Snøkrimsel - Almost invisible layer of snow.
23. Raunsveig - Snow on the tree branches.
24. Nedsnødd - Snowed down, snowed under.
25. Djupsnø - Deep snow.

Did I forget any?


It's become really bad around Oslo, well not in my neighbourhood, but like downtown. And it's not as if it's happened all of a sudden, it's been a gradual change most likely encouraged by the Police's action against a particular area that used to be the "home" of a lot of drug abusers. They chased them all out of there without letting them have somewhere else to stay - so they semi-moved closer to the city centre and the main street in Oslo. Our Champs-Elysées, Karl Johan, which is ironically named after a Swede that was king here once. And we don't even like the Swedes!
But anyway, on topic on Oslo city. There's beggers everywhere, mostly from eastern europe - there's a league behind it, so the old women and the "cripples" that are begging for money never really get much of it. Not that I ever give them any - they should learn Norwegian and get a job, and/or an education instead. Living like that is so humiliating, and it's uncomfortable to be around them. Begging in the streets of this shitcold place! Are they out of their heads?

Some of them sell roses and things - though really aggressively. It's hard to get rid of them unless you're being straightforward. And then there's a lot of african prostitutes, they're short and quite beautiful -but they're everywhere, including the main street and some are very suggestive towards men. Most of them aren't here legally, and a lot of it is forced prostitution. So it's not good to go with them either, even though you feel sorry for them where they stand around - all packed in layers of clothes. Then there's all the drugs everywhere, people getting mugged and stuff. It really isn't good enough. It's not particularly tempting to go around downtown alone. I'm not afraid of anything, but all the Oslo'ians seem to have been set back a little.

Many big cities have it like this and can still function safely, the difference is that there isn't much room here - so when we get all these crooks in here at once, it suddenly fills up, doesn't it?

Happy Valentines!

Here is at least one excellent idea of what to do for your loved one:

How to Make a Voodoo Doll

You want to know what? II

So as there are so many questions, I might have found an answer.

Do fingernails consist of the same material as fly poop?


You want to know what?

The plastic things on the end of shoelaces are called aglets.
Charles de Gaulle's final words were, "It hurts."
Alexander the Great was an epileptic.
Horses cannot vomit.
Jellyfish have no brains, yet they can tell light from dark, and sense movement.
Your fingernail has the same ingredients as fly poop

This is what I have been doingz

Edit: And I don't suppose there really is a point in asking me whatever this means, or if there is actually any sense in any of it. Because as far as I know - there isn't. The point was to draw something heavy. And I did.



I wrote this at a forum, it is a forum poem. For someone nicked "Luftwaffle". Which is a pun, by the way, from the name of the German Airforce "Luftwaffe". Funny, eh? I thought so too!

Lis'n up! It's incre'ible
he's got an airforce 'fully edible
it's like peanuts, toffee, skittles n' cheese
it's like having havin' cake in minus degrees
I'm tellin' ya, honey, it really ain't awful
he's in an airforce made of waffle!

Glad to see me?

We like dogs because they can be happy on a completely random basis. Their happiness and their affection toward us is pretty much conditionless - only thing we have to do is to on occasion scratch them behind the ears and give them a really silly smile. And really this is the most brainless smile we have, I feel silly just thinking about that smile. The only thing that can possibly make us look more ridiculous than when we are encountering our dog after coming home from work - is at the confrontation of babies.

It is rather harsh that some of the most easy to please always have to see our intimidating side. I consider myself a relatively happy person that can get easily excited from the most simple things - like christmaslights or soap bubbles. Thankfully, I am no longer a babychild and I am not a dog anymore either, so even though I am glad to see someone I don't have to put up with them snuggling their cheeks against my hands, or making me lick them far up their noses while giggling at me.

While our hopeless behaviour seems to be received with joy, I am starting to think that the positive response is based upon panic and fear. Actually they should be screaming and running away from us when we enter the room! They should write a bookabout it! Shouldn't they? The Art of Baby & Dog Etiquette, a book that can slaughter the myths of how they take pleasure in our madness. It would only be fair to be honest. After all we've put them through.

International Pancake Day, Success!

I had pancakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Yum!
Delicious Breakfast Pancakes:
(makes many)
2. dl of flour
3 dl. of milk
2 eggs
½ tea spoon of salt
1 tea spoon of maple syrup
1 tea spoon of vanilla extract/sugar
1 tea spoon of baking soda
Whisk together and leave for at least 20 minutes before frying them.

Happy Birthday Audun!

Do us Justice

Justice did a great concert, it completely took off. On our way in to the concert hall, they have to check us for bottles and things like that. And the guy that was checking me - quickly grabbed Elin as well and told the other guy "You wish".
That made us laugh.
In other news, I lost my phone, so if I'm not picking up - it's because I don't have it. I might need your number, but don't worry - don't call me, I'll call you.

Today I have been remotely fragile, slept for way too long, watched Pride & Prejudice (a common, hungover practice) and I have baked Harry Potter muffins. Mhmh! I cheated and added extra sprinkles, though according to The Laws of Cupcake, Cream & Muffins §234 it is allowed to add extra decoration if it is beneficial for the end result. See? There. Anyway, they were good, I recommend them. Then I had vietnamese dinner with my stepmum, dad and stepsister, Kristin. Lættis. It was delicious.

Right now I am adding nailpolish and listening to Massive Attack - a low-key and comfortable ending to a not very eventful day. Also, the dog next door keeps running off into our garden to play with Cleo. He presses his big nose against the verandah door and cries until we open up. He's adorable.

Sooo cooold

I am so cold. So cold. My fingers are cold, my back is cold, my feet are cold and my arms. Everything is cold. I think even my hair is cold. On the brighter side, I have eaten lunch! That is why I am so cold, but I am also full, and that is nice.

Tonight Elin and I are going to the Justice concert at Rockefeller. it's all sold out, so it's gonna be wicked. Iiiih! So very excited.

Today I have a nine hour workday. What is your Saturday?

*shiver* *shudder* ... brrr...

Official Pancake Day

Yay! February 5th is International Pancake day!
Listen to Banana Pancakes to get in the mood*
*... For pancakes, that is.
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