Winter vacation

In a state of comfortable bliss I state that my winter holiday has been more than swell so far. It started of course with the difficult journey to a more eastern, mountainy* part of norway.
Where I would spend time with the eager participants of, my stepmum, stepsister and her friend, stepbrother and my evil genious twin Liv Elin.

So, the dog-sleigh trip, which took a little over the breathtaking amount of approximately 3 and a half hours, was gobsmackingly boring. And very cold.
And that waving guy, don't ask.

Breakfast the next day was as always enjoyable, my cabin is one of those finer igloos you can find along the sharp ridges of the eastern, mountainy* part of Norway.

The entire igloo was fucking freezing so we kept one of those professional fires going, the ones that keep us warm, but doesn't melt the igloo. very professional so to speak. The weather was awesome, and the temperature somewhere between -15 and -5 C.
So we went to the slopes not far away from our igloo the next day and snowboarded ourselves blue and black by crashing into trees, random danes and incidently each other. Of course this was all wonderful and no complaints in this department at all.

In this department on the other hand, which includes the words water and electricity there are a rather few but also very heavy comments.
Cutting it short we couldn't shower for five days. I can still hear the screams at night.

All of this was fine, fine, fiiine and we even went skiing and dug holes in the snow, what amazing Norwegians we can be when we want to. We are a little odd that way "the less the people we meet on our skitrip, the more successful it is" too, antisocial indeed. But, such is the way of a Norwegian and we wouldn't dare to defy it.

At the very end of the trip we were smelly, cold and blue, but not to forget also very happy and pleased with our inner Norwegians, that had several of their "moments" at this particular trip.

I don't want to make a comment to each picture, you could much rather imagine the scene to yourself, a lot more entertaining that way, and saves me for more embarrasing admitting of my lack of skiing skills or something else that carves deep traumatic wounds in my Norwegian soul.

I do have more pix, but blogger is a shit and doesn't want me to share them with you, very sorry.

*yes, I did make that word up, what are you going to do about it?


Kida said...

ah.. the memories...
it was fun

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