What's new? Poodle-ooH!

It's getting so green outside so quickly! All the leaves are popping out as if they have nothing better to do. I couldn't possibly be more uninspired at the moment, but I figured that if I forced myself to update - maybe I'd think of something to write as I went along. But I think I was wrong, unfortunately. 

The only thing that's new is really that we are expecting our second dog soon! Cleo is getting older now and we wanted her personality to rub off on the next dog before she passes on. Seeing as Cleo is completely confused when it comes to the seasons - she pretty much shakes off her fur in big balls the whole year around. Unecessary to say this has required some intense vacuuming to prevent getting a black wall to wall carpet in our house. So we decided to get a poodle this time! A black one. Because as you may know they have hair instead of fur so we wont have that immensely "hairy" issue as we have had for the past ten years. And it's also my responsibility to cut the poodle's hair! whEEE!


We haven't thought of a name yet, it's a girl - so if you have any suggestions, please pop it in the comments box that is now (confusingly) on top of each blog post. Oh, and I found some wondrous images of various poodle haircuts, take a look:

I just thought this one was so cute that I had to put it here, too.

Ambulance Ltd.

Sometimes I can't love Ambulance Ltd. enough. When I hear "Heavy Lifting" I feel like I become a better person and that life has meaning and that I'm about to burst with warm rejoice. It's such a wonderful feeling, I love them to tiny little bits. I gonna draw you a drawing about Ambulance Ltd. It goes like this:

Ambulance Ltd - Heavy Lifting
Ambulance Ltd - Stay Where You Are
Ambulance Ltd - Sugar Pill
Ambulance Ltd - Michigan
Ambulance Ltd - Swim


I took several vitamins just now, and one appears to be like stuck on the way down. It's incredibly annoying actually. Had a dream that I was in Italy again, but it was snow there - and friends of mine were plotting vengeance to some other guy and schemed me in on it. Then I had legs made of glass, and had to watch some weird movie about matches and a love relationship between the Chinese Emperor and his Japanese sister in law. In addition I was also very fat and had to swim a small girl to safety from angry, yappy little guard dogs. And in the house I dreamt I was in there were these big, beautiful, blinking and coloured glass chandeliers. My oh my. But really this is nothing.

Because last night I dreamt I had a bit of LEGO inside my eye, like INSIDE. So I took my own eye out of its socket and put it in a jar of picklejuice because treating your eye like it's a gherkin preserves it better. I don't know. Confusing.

But today it is friday and everyone will be twice as happy as usual. Unless they have miserable plans for the weekend of course. Soon Elin will come back from Bali, we'll get a new dog(!) and then it'll be summer! Wow!


I am SO sorry my fizzy little creamcup. I just realized I used to try to be funny when I blogged, but it appears I've been having such a good time lately (13 days since last unhappy moment) that I must have completely forgotten. This might (in my defense) be due to the fact that I can have subconciously realized that I was never funny to begin with. Hm. But then I am confused above average today.

As a matter of fact my brain feels like an overswollen sponge right now, like dripping with oily cheese sweat - I forget everything and ram into more corners than I usually do. This did feel particularily risky when at work, obviously - seeing there's a lot of glass and old ladies and other easily breakable objects. Luckily I still have both kneecaps though, at least it feels like I do.

Right now I could right fancy some springrolls, I haven't had that in aaages, and she really meant ages. I'd like to have dimples when I smile too, it looks so gorgeous, but unfortunately the closest I get is having them on my lower back. But ooh! Scary old man in trenchcoat just passed me by, he usually buys loads of sweets in the shop - which looks incredibly conspicous if I may say so myself. But hopefully he isn't fishing for little kids, he has hopefully just an incredible sweet tooth. Though maybe you'd be very naïve to think that.



I'm not a winter person, really - I'm a summer girl! I do love playing in the snow, snowboarding or watching the beauty of Norwegian nature during the winter, but I can't say I am partial to it. Everything just takes so long in the winter. Dressing up in enough clothes to go outside, waiting for daylight, trying to get warm again after coming inside. Just walking short distances is time consuming because you are weighed down by layers and layers, even your layers have layers -- and heavy boots, and there's lots of snow and ice in the way so it's hard to move around as you like. 

But when summer comes and you can wear as little as you want without being too cold, and you are free to run about and play in the sunlight below the flourishing, green trees -- the whole of you becomes visible. Skin. Right? And so a lot of people are right now facing springtime with horror because we can't cover ourselves up the same way as in winter. We have to tighten up that slack skin, or lose those extra pairs of lovehandles and the extra chins. Right?

So we have to start sacrificing. No more pop, no more toffee, no more crisps - no more snap n' crackle, no more cake. More celery, more grapefruit, more light yoghurt, more water and more flavourless crackers with cottage cheese is what awaits us all. Including many dreadful hours of sweating on a treadmill, wishing we could rather sit and watch The Mighty Boosh and eat carrot cake to our hearts content. It is hard to sacrifice, and I don't think any of us live long enough to deserve it, or having to endure it. But in a way it is almost harder not to - as we will know we'll look like a whale and everyone else will look like slender nymphs when summer comes.


Time Wasters

Today I had it up to here with timewasters, even though I consider myself a patient person. A lifetime's experience with obnoxious siblings and excrutiatingly annoying parents have made me so tolerant, you could almost say I'm an idiot because of it. I am sure I am one of those girls that could end up in the wrong kind of relationship and find myself handled like a puppet, bound by strings of impeccable forbearance. Loving the most abusive bastard this side of the moon, shrugging off the maltreatment without even noticing.

But this hour my tolerance was put to the test yet again, and I surprised myself by for the first time actually cutting the crap and show backbone to yet another time wasting bastard that creeped into my store. This woman's been here often, in our work-description and company policy - we're always specifically told to take extra good care of returning customers. For obvious reasons. But this old lady always makes me want to kill myself. She always asks questions she already knows the answer to. Like she could ask"How much is this jug?" and I'd be handling another customer, yet she'd still be as rude as to divert me - wasting my other customers time as well. And I would strike a guess to make her shut up, like -"I think it costs about 199,-" and then return my attention to the right person in line again. She'd raise the jug towards me and say -"It says here it costs 219,-" and I can't make a rude retort! I'm trapped! I can't say; If you already knew, why did you even ask? You old hag, you are wasting everybody's time by inventing reasons for getting attention, now go away. -- Uh oh. No sir, I have to stand there helplessly and smile politely and say something like "Oh, that would be the correct price then, silly me."

But instead of commiting homicide - I just told her firmly that she'd have to wait until I was finished with my other customer. When she brought her items to the cashier sort of contemplatively and put them on the counter i ignored her for a bit. Because as per usual with time-wasters, no decision is made just because they give you the impression that they have. I looked sideways at her and asked if she was buying it, she gave me a long, unnecessary "Hmmmmmmmmm...." and touched her chin. I went off and started loading new arrivals from a carton while she was still pretending to be important. But it took half the time it usually takes for her to make a decision when she realized that I couldn't give less of a shit of what she was doing. So she said - slowly, of course "Hmm.. yees. I thi-ink I will take that one..."

I was quickly by her side, checked all the cognac glasses for flaws, removed the price tag and asked her if it was a gift. She pretended not to pay attention to me, so I just asked her a bit more sternly if she wanted me to giftwrap it. She continued to hover as if in a state of indecisiveness for almost a minute. I was about to ask again, but decided to just demonstratively put it in a plastic bag. Her eyes widened at me."It is a gift. Yes. You may wrap it up." She said then, when it was placed in front of her. So I patiently wrapped it and put it back in the bag and told her how much it would cost her. She was about to start a rant on something trivial, as if she was in doubt of if she had really made a good purchase or not. I said it was a good price, smiling all the time while tidying up behind the counter and keeping myself occupied. After several minutes she came through and handed me the money - slooowly, of course. I gave her her change back, said goodbye and went to do something else. Didn't even bother to stay for her curtain close grand hesitance finale.

I have just had enough with people Hmm..'ing and Hwmm...'ing to their hearts content while I have had to stand there and listen. I'm happily effective so you don't have to spend more time than you need to in this God forsaken store. But if you don't respect my time or at least be civil with me, I wont make an effort to make you feel like coming back. I am at work, your happiness is my priority - but that doesn't give you the right to force me to wait for your demented brain to take action. Not anymore. Sorry.

Oh. My --- I can't believe it! Guess who was just here?! Scissor man was here! Want to guess what he bought? He bought a pair of scissors. Hahaha! Seriously, I hope I am not supplying weapons to a serial killer...

About today

Ulrik was here for lunch, hope he catches his plane - because we got kind of extremely carried away with the eating, so he had to run out the door. Good times. Today I am going to work, then I am going to meet with Helge and hopefully we'll do something awesome. Yay!

I feel like I need to get back into a good rhythm again, I know I complained about everything feeling like a repetitive pattern (and that's not what I mean) seriously, I hated that. But right now it's like I'm not even touching the ground, the easter holiday just launched me into a wayload of relaxing and chilling and having a great time in general, so now I better shape up and get things done. Like I really need to tidy up in here, it looks awful. There's clutter everywhere. You know what? I think I'm going to finish this random gush of uninteresting information and tidy up instead. Here, take this random scenery picture I took in Molde instead. Thank you. I like showing off on how beautiful Norway is.

Now I'm going to eat your brain and gain your knowledge.

Books and my Easter

I'm back from Molde! (I came home Friday actually, but I have been way too lazy to tell you here, anyway). On your left hand you can see some pictures I took while there, mostly from the car though, but still! Whoptidoo.

Today the weather was really depressing, gray and wet, slight seeping rain clouding everything in a hushed mask of cold. On the positive side, I just finished the last book in the Twilight series! That means I read all four of them, "Twilight", "New Moon", "Eclipse" and "Breaking Dawn". I kind of liked them, they were a nice escape from reality (which means they have accomplished the most important task of a book). In some way I have been able to immerse in them, especially the first book - which made me feel all swoony like I believed in love, which was really nice. Obviously I don't need books to feel like that right now, so despite of their apparent ability to make your heart skip beats with the romantic spirit of a fifteen year old - there isn't really a lot to mention.

I am unable to put my finger on why I couldn't seem to devour them with the same thirst toward the end of the series, as the rhythm in the text was pretty much the same. I think it has to be because they were very chick-flicky and also extremely black and white. The good guys were very good (too good) and the bad ones were very bad, like evil. I thought the depth and diversity of the characters wasn't very impressive in other words. But I'm not going to critizise it for that, this is romance for goths and girls - a task it accomplishes perfectly. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone with many literary monsters beneath their belt, this is easily digested and easily enjoyed - unless you let yourself be annoyed by it's naïve blindness.

With an ability to let the defects fall through and with a little restraint - it's been a great read! Stephenie Meyer's writing can be very captivating at times, really. So thank you for that, Steph.

Right now I'm listening to "The Escape" by Harry's Gym - great Norwegian band. They have an extremely diverse sound, and many comforting elements to their songs. Wonderful. Definitely recommended. I hope everyone had a happy easter, too. I sure did myself! Sigrid was home for a bit, lurvely - and I met a lot of funky people out on Friday at Nicholas'. I think I'm still full from all the delicious food I ate in Molde (curtesy of Helge's mother) and the weather's been quite nice, so I am expecting summer even more eagerly than before!

Happy Easter!

Hello you! I am off for a bit (I'm also off a bit, but you knew this) and I'll be back by Friday!

Now I'm sure I wont be missed I'm like only going away for a few days, BUT seeing I've been having the total written diarrhea the past month - I just wanted to ensure you weren't deluded to think my ramblings were delayed due to lag. I am actually out of town. Though who knows -- I might still catch a rare case of CRAZY again and attack the internet while I'm there, but hopefully I will not.

While I'm at it I'd like to say that you're LOUSY at commenting, and that this is upsetting, so you better shape up, because this is turning more and more into an uninteresting monologue. Yes, I am talking to you! Exactly. See my point? Stop interrupting. Heeh, yeeehs. Alright! That's it, I'm off! 

Bye bye byyee! And Happy Easter!

(I might write a review of the newest Röyksopp Album when I come back, if you want, because I've been listening to it a lot lately and I have opinions! I have opin-onions! Onions!).

Chasing the fuuuture!

I've always felt like I'm chasing the future one way or the other - there's always something ahead that I'm trying to chase further away, or chasing because I want to catch up with it. It's interesting how much of our modern lifestyle is based on goals and on preparations for the future. I know I always go on about this, but I got to think of it again today as I was looking at the sun - how we just keep rushing through everything without realizing.

Whenever I remember I try to be good at living in the present, but because I am also a dangerously good procrastinator I tend to enjoy the present a little too much sometimes. Often, actually. Living life like it's your last day is my favourite excuse to postpone anything I don't want to do. Lately I have gotten better at starting things that have a deadline far ahead though. Like a programming assignment – or painting all the nine Easter eggs for a diversity of siblings, parents and boyfriend before filling them with ridiculous things I’ve spent a long time hunting down. And this works quite well for me – as often the worst part of a task is to know which end to begin, so if you have the start settled – usually the rest kind of slips into place. I say usually because it makes it sound as if I have any experience on the matter.

In other news I’d like to present some music to you (again) now that everybody is more widespread than before (and that random strangers come up to me and say they’ve read stuff here) I find it satisfying to believe that someone might listen to some the music I feel the whole world should love. And please don’t burst my bubble, I am very easy to satisfy in my own land of self-deceit, I don’t really want to know whether I am able to staple some good music on to your forehead or not. If I believe it, then that’s enough – don’t question my religion.

Actually speaking of religion, I generate genuine satisfaction from raising the play count of the songs I like best on iTunes. So that I can sort all my tracks by “Times Played” and the best song ever will actually end up on the top. I suppose it sounds weird, but I feel like it means I have achieved something – which means I will be able to chase away another deadline while pretending to be productive on other matters.

Before I give you the music, I have to send out a happy birthday to Tante Bister, my most faithful reader! Happy Birthday to you!

Milky – Just The Way You Are (New video by Elin and me!!)
Static Jacks - Fire On The Bridge & The Tunnel Below (RAC Maury Mix)
Anya Marina – Move You
(picture is of Sangria in a restaurant in Lisbon, Portugal last fall).

Best April's Fools

I collaborated some of the best fools I found during April's Fools day!

Google created the world’s first Cognitive Autoheuristic Distributed-Intelligence Entity (CADIE), which supposedly was a computer that came alive and made changes at Google - like auto-replying to your Gmail - and planning on releasing Google Chrome (the internet browser) in 3D since “81% of households had red/blue 3D glasses lying around.” Cadie also introduced Google's all new Brain Search which works brilliantly. Cadie also turned Youtube "upside-down".
Blizzard showcased their in development system of P1mp My Mount, that would make everyone's World of Warcraft riding mount unique!
Opera's Face Gestures, Opera launched a new control system that allowed users controlling their computer using their face.
The Hotelicopter, World's first flying hotel!
Xbox's Alpine Legend, the "guitar hero" from the alps, yoodle-i-hoo!
World War II Database claimed Hitler was still alive.
Expedia offered flights to Mars!
BMW launched their Magnetic Tow Technology, a system that would make your BMW capable of simply "sucking" itself on a car ahead - turn off it's own engine and simply be towed along effortlessly. 
EcoAsia proposed Nasa were initiating used CRT television cables as fuel for spacecrafts. Note that the Project Reference is 1D10T.
Norton AntiVirus warned against the Conficker Worm Virus that was supposed to be activated and destroy millions of computers on Aprils fools day. Guess what? April's fools!

I was on my way to school yesterday and the tram driver announced that the king was getting on on the next stop (which was the one outside the castle) so we better make room for him. All the old ladies craned their necks - then they got disappointed. Haha.
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