Chasing the fuuuture!

I've always felt like I'm chasing the future one way or the other - there's always something ahead that I'm trying to chase further away, or chasing because I want to catch up with it. It's interesting how much of our modern lifestyle is based on goals and on preparations for the future. I know I always go on about this, but I got to think of it again today as I was looking at the sun - how we just keep rushing through everything without realizing.

Whenever I remember I try to be good at living in the present, but because I am also a dangerously good procrastinator I tend to enjoy the present a little too much sometimes. Often, actually. Living life like it's your last day is my favourite excuse to postpone anything I don't want to do. Lately I have gotten better at starting things that have a deadline far ahead though. Like a programming assignment – or painting all the nine Easter eggs for a diversity of siblings, parents and boyfriend before filling them with ridiculous things I’ve spent a long time hunting down. And this works quite well for me – as often the worst part of a task is to know which end to begin, so if you have the start settled – usually the rest kind of slips into place. I say usually because it makes it sound as if I have any experience on the matter.

In other news I’d like to present some music to you (again) now that everybody is more widespread than before (and that random strangers come up to me and say they’ve read stuff here) I find it satisfying to believe that someone might listen to some the music I feel the whole world should love. And please don’t burst my bubble, I am very easy to satisfy in my own land of self-deceit, I don’t really want to know whether I am able to staple some good music on to your forehead or not. If I believe it, then that’s enough – don’t question my religion.

Actually speaking of religion, I generate genuine satisfaction from raising the play count of the songs I like best on iTunes. So that I can sort all my tracks by “Times Played” and the best song ever will actually end up on the top. I suppose it sounds weird, but I feel like it means I have achieved something – which means I will be able to chase away another deadline while pretending to be productive on other matters.

Before I give you the music, I have to send out a happy birthday to Tante Bister, my most faithful reader! Happy Birthday to you!

Milky – Just The Way You Are (New video by Elin and me!!)
Static Jacks - Fire On The Bridge & The Tunnel Below (RAC Maury Mix)
Anya Marina – Move You
(picture is of Sangria in a restaurant in Lisbon, Portugal last fall).


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