This here'd be what I've done this lesson.

Quote by Wodehouse

At the age of eleven or thereabouts women acquire a poise and an ability to handle difficult situations which a man, if he is lucky, manages to achieve somewhere in the later seventies.

This years agenda: Read more Wodehouse.
This star I drew using the Scribbler. Yay!

Tryvann part II

Good lord, before and after shots. A little blurry it appears. Ooooh, but I'm still alive! Yay! Now here's what happened!
Okay, so seeing I was a little reduced, Elin and I didn't join our bus Drikkepress until around eight-ish. We drove around town, danced, bought some blue sweets, met a couple of other buses, Work It and Berserk, to name two. We then picked up some of the other Drikkepress girls and headed for Tryvann.

It was insane fog and lots of rain so it took a long time to get the bus up there safely. Whoever decided to throw a party up THERE? Of all places. We were stopped by the police when nearly there and had to fill our bus to the brim with other russ whos buses had broken down and such. Hmm. Well and then we got in to Tryvann and Elin bought popcorn and I bought a colourful twirly thing and we ran around to collect glowsticks. I think it rained all along, so we were probably soaked to bits, but nobody really cared.

In the end we were covered in glowsticks and assorted glowing bling-bling and we danced around and jumped up and down and it was wild. Awesome music. My legs hurt so much I thought I was going to split open, but I didn't. Luckily! We did meet Hugo and Martin and Ulrik and Hans Jørgen and Niclas I think and other people and at some point I was dancing around with a Saami flag. When one of the DJs were playing at the main stage the crowd kind of pushed me to the front and this guy picked me up and held me up above the crowd. Don't know if anyone noticed, it was wet and glowsticky and everyone were jumping superhigh. But it was ace anyway!

Around 2 AM-ish we headed to The Red Lion (which is another bus) and we listened to Hugo's ubercool song. Clicky clicky! And other stuffs, and I drew King Crab with sparkly markers on Hans Jørgen and raved for a bit. While raving I ended up in another bus called Prestige, where I met some lads from my school, but their music was really bad so I decided to get off - but they wouldn't let me! They closed the doors and blocked them and were getting ready to roll! EEP! I did yell at the guy until he let me off though.

Safely back at The Red Lion we danced around some more, played some more good music and then started to leave for the drop-off route. Like the different stops we had to make to let everyone off not too far away from home. The lights were off in the bus, so Elin and I kind of lit up the place with all the glowsticks, t'was funky. Ulrik then launched the idea of an afterparty, which was gratefully accepted, and we were dropped off by his place and danced some more! We had Cocoa Pops and did "The beetle that has rolled over on its back and is unable to get up again"-dance. Which kind of looked more like a "don't do drugs, kids" advert.

I think I danced the most really, even though I was in a lot of pain. Martin wrote "badger" on my arm, and then we drew shrimps on our russebukser to see who could do the best ones. Everybody danced tons though, and it was a most successful afterparty. Around 7:30 in the morning Thomas(?) and I were the only two still awake and still dancing(!), but we woke everyone else up and thanked for a lovely night and we all walked to the bus station.

Quite crudely I rung my stepmums doorbell and gave her my russecard and we said hello and we had Thomas in a shopping cart. While waiting for the bus we tried to get the cars passing by to honk their horns, but they didn't :( Some waved though! I then arrived safely home and died. Thank you, and good night.



Woot! I am still alive!

I can't walk though, that's a problem. But the pink glowstick is partly to blame for that. Someone just gave it to me, and it was so supercool I couldn't stop jumping up and down for hours on end. Also I had the weirdest dream about pears, I don't think I'm going to drink anymore pear cider for a while!

Obviously I'm a little tired seeing I came home six o'clock this morning. But chin up! (dirty) russ-suit back on and straight back up to Tryvann to party some more tonight. I'm slaughter tomorrow morning.

Edit: Oh! And we fixed the music for our buss! Yay! We got hold of double speakers and a mixtable at least! :D Not as grand as the one stolen, but significantly louder than without any sound at all.

Drikkepress '08

So this is our bus! We put the foil with the logo on last night, so now it looks kind of cool. Don't know if I'm very supportive of the name, but too late now! Drikkepress means "drinking pressure", meaning "forcing you to drink". Kind of gay actually. But it looks sweet now. The bus is without those hot speakers, seeing someone had to go ahead and steal them away :(

Someone stole our music :(

Yeah, that's right. Someone's actually stolen our mixtable and speakers from our russebuss. Worth about 10.000,-

Soooo. Not only don't we have any music, but the bus was kind of hidden, very few knew of its whereabouts. The plot thickens.

Really, what a heartless thing to do! Steal the loudness from the russ! We're just poor students trying to set something up to have some fun!

And then just one day ahead of the grand opening at Tryvann :(

Seems we're doing the a cappella version.

At Work

The other day at work (when I had just finished stacking a particularily naughty set of teacups) I discovered yet again that there was nothing left to do. So I smashed some of the teacups, and I mopped them up, and wrote them down. And then I was bored again.
So I read all the cards, I read aaall the weddingcards, the birthdays, the friend and anniversary cards, the baby cards, the thank-you cards, the party!-cards and the cards with the cows (what occasion exactly, I'm not sure). Though after laughing at them I was bored yet again.

Then, I thought, why not look at all the napkins? So I did, and I was not amused. So it was back behind the counter again, and I looked darkly at the cashier and discovered that four minutes had passed since I last checked.

The only entertainment left was the people passing by, so I stood and looked at them and smiled at them. Suddenly a guy walked past, he was probably about my age and he was carrying a net of coke-bottles. The funny thing was that he was kind of lifting the net, while looking at his arm - to make sure he was flexing. And that made me laugh through the entire evening and the time just flew by everytime I thought about it.

This deserves reposting!

Elin has posted it earlier, but her damn blog's closed!

This is horrrrrrible

I am sitting in Norwegian class, and it's such beautiful warm weather outside. I am so bored I have now peeled the pips inside the apple I just ate.

Because that's just how crazy I am.

Some time ago Elin and I deep fried strawberry-marshmallows in batter.
It was.. eh.. ehm.. ehy.. very .. very nice. ergh. Delicious.

Russe transportation

In the sixties (60s, haha, blind) the trend for driving around as a russ was introduced. In the beginning it was common to redo an old car, paint it red and write dirty things on it, while as now the trend has changed slightly.

While as russebiler (russ-cars) are still common in norway, russevans (russ-vans :p) and russebusser (russ-buses) have become more dominating, especially in the capital and surrounding area. The russ are now spending several thousand kroners on their russetid, anything from about 1.000,- to 30.000,- per person. People are going crazy and use millions to do a bus up to look like a top nightclub or to suit a concept.

For example this year there's a bus called The Homies who are being sponsored with 60.000,- to do a the Simpsons theme for their bus. There's the twin buses (one guy (Monstars) and one girl bus (Tunesquad)) that do a Space Jam concept. There's Das Uberknuller that do a german 80s music/eurovision concept, there's:

Tubbietown Tellytubby concept.
Rockering er. they dance, I think.
Encourage racing theme.
Trofé (Trophy) hunting/cabin concept.
Nostalgi Winter Olympics 1994.
Prestige Magic/illusion.
Scoop Ice cream!
The A-Team The TV series.
Attention Loudness.
Saligia the seven deadly sins.
Løslatt (set free) from jail/school.
Cherokee Indians!
Victoria Siempre the russian revolution.
TEE OFF golf theme.
Majestix - Asterix and Obelix theme.
Work it Handyman/carpenter concept.

Is it necessary to make a point out of this being cheesy? Either way, there's tons more as well! And you wont believe how much money they spend on these things. Crazy shit. I'm actually on a bus as well, but I'll tell you later. Whoop!


In Norway we have the oddest tradition for our senior high school students. And actually, this tradition includes me this year!

Basically we dress up in red trousers(or blue/black/green depending on the subjects we're taking) and then drink and party for the better part of a month. This is called being a "russ", or having our "russetid" (russ-time). Usually our russetid lasts from May 1st to May 17th, though this year we start this friday (April 25th) and keep it going to the 17th. Yay!

So anyway. Like I said, this is tradition, which means a whole lot of strange things come with it. In addition to the trousers (which have our name and school-name on it (in addition to little drawings and jokes)) there's a hat that goes with it that has a very long string with a tassle at the end of it. Part of tradition is to do a lot of dares and if you do, you get to tie a knot or an item to the string. You have to have two other russ, three parents or a member of the russ-administrative board as a witness for it to be an approved knot. The dares varies from year to year, so I thought I'd show you some examples for this year:

§1 - KNOT
24 hours (86 400 seconds) without sleep
§5 - RULER
Sit underneath your desk an entire lesson
§8 - POPSICLE thingy (the stick that's left)
Go swimming outside before May 1st.
Drink a bottle of wine in 20 minutes (warning, health hazard)
Pay for an hour of parking downtown and occupy the lot with yourself and your three-wheeled bike
Do a speed-limit control using a hair dryer and a reflective vest in a 30 km/h zone
Rent a Postman Pat-film and have a sip each time he changes gear and jolts
Sit in a tree an hour before school starts
Fail your exams

If you happen to be Norwegian (or understand Norwegian) read them all here.

Anyway, there's loads more to it, but I'll just finish with a very famous russe - poem/song, that goes like this:

Chickelacke, chickelacke, show, show, show!
Bummelacke, bummelacke, bow, bow, bow!
Chickelacke, bummelacke, jazz bom bøh!
Julekake, julekake, hjembakt brød!


It's nice and sunny and kind of wonderful outside, and since I just happen to have absolutely nothing better to do - I decided to fall for someone.

This for several reasons - well one, it's spring, so it's all in the spirit of the season, and it's a nice thing to have on ones mind to make the time pass! Secondly, everyone else are already drooling excessively over the hunk working in the record store (just recently today I saw two of the girls from the supermarket blushing so darkly I could see it when just passing the record shop). And third.. er.. I have got nothing else to do. Obviously I have schoolwork, but none of it is due until next week - so I'm not even trying to get something done before the last minute. It just isn't my style.

Also, it was all coincidental so it was kind of sweet yet unexpected and that made it ever more delightful, right? And if you ever find out who it is (which I doubt, to be honest) you're probably going to make some sarcastic remark about him being tall and dark and slightly anemic. So to limit the entertainment you could get out of that - I have already told you what he looks like. Clever!

Well if you don't mind, I am not going to post anything interesting, I am just going to sit here and swoon about him and listen to that Sugababes song (which really isn't that good, but still catchy and I like it).

What to do!?

So this is it. I am trying to figure out what studies to apply for for next year. There's too long a list and a vast, endless amount of possibilities almost impossible to choose from. I have already applied to a private school which I really want to get in to, so hopefully the below wont be necessary. Anyway, if everything else fails, I can at least go with some of these. Right now my list looks like this:

1. Universitetet for miljø- og biovitenskap, Landskapsarkitektur
2. Universitetet i Bergen, Informasjons- og kommunikasjonsteknologi
3. Høgskolen i Hedmark, Virtuell kunst og design, Hamar
4. Høgskolen i Hedmark, Animasjon, Hamar
5. Høgskolen i Telemark, Form og design, Notodden


Gratulerer med dagen Axel!



(Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart).
I always feel like "Captcha" really says "Gotcha!". Especially the ones on MySpace. They are always really tricky because they're all on top of each other and they're hard to tell apart and there's letters and numbers mixed into each other as well, so it's virtually impossible to write down the correct combination.

Rather than having to do a captcha I think we should write down like five things we like.
  • Glass
  • Aerosol cans
  • Shoes
  • Music
  • Planes

And if you write down things like:

  • Dingo
  • Rust
  • Flaggpunsch
  • Tulips
  • Television

It wouldn't be approved, right? That's how it would work.

You can't like dingos, you can like dogs, but any exotic animal would just mean the person would actually have to be a bot using a dictionary. It's not normal to like dingos and list them as one of the top five things you like. And then there's rust. Nobody likes rust, it hardly tastes very nice, it doesn't look very nice. You can't even like the colour rust, it would be embracing the ginger breed, wouldn't it?

Then there's tulips, tulips are for people who don't understand that there's a world of flowers out there that are so much more beautiful, they just stick with tulips because they think they're classy. But nobody likes to receive tulips, it's like saying "I like you, but - I'm giving you tulips so you wont get any ideas". And don't get me started on the flaggpunsch. Also - television, nobody really likes it, it just sucks you in and slowly lets you vegetate while suffering through "Strictly Come Dancing" season 4, christmas edition - which you honestly don't want to watch, but there's just Rhianna over and over on all the music channels, while there's just one long commercial break on every channel until they do reruns of "The Weakest Link".

In other words, a "I-Like-ya" would be a more pleasurable way to sift the idiots and bots from the real humans, maybe you'd even be able to discover a thing or two about yourself. A captcha I'm sure will lead to nothing but an overload of anthrax from the DNA.


Blasted across the webnet

Wow I've been blogging for so long now, it just seems it has become a natural part of my life to spaff out all these random things. Seems I blog mostly about f**d, which is the core of the problem, now that I'm trying not to blog about f**d - I just simultaneously stopped blogging at all. Well I do blog about music - and I blog about blogging, and the weather. Sometimes I even blog about the country I live in!

I very rarely do blog about anything else. I blog about where I work, and about our dog - Cleo.

Which reminds me that some time ago I was lying on the floor and watching the tellybox and Cleo came over to me. And she is a very spontaneous animal, you never really know what she's thinking. As a matter of fact I doubt she thinks at all, I think she just does things without thinking about it first. Well she just suddenly turned around - and sucked my contact lenses out of my left eye.

Have a rottweiller ever sucked your lenses out?!
erhm. Anyway. What was I saying? Oh! Weather, yes, and music and f**d. And other than blogging I'm like doing the same on all these other places all over the internet. Like, uploading pix and writing insignificant things. If not, at least I have a userprofile! Crazy shit, I just get tangled in all these sticky places on the interblag.

I tried to make a list of all the websites I have a profile of sorts, but I don't know if I managed.




and there's probably many more, it's just as if they duplicate, so I can't really keep track of them all.

Also I did post something earlier, but it doesn't show here, have to see if I can fix it.


Hello! My oh my, can't remember last time my posts were this infrequent. Please accept my humblest apologies!
How aaahre you, daaahlingks?
(I am aware this has absolutely nothing to do with glue, so sorry for the misleading title as well).

I just got a comment

Over at Fiction Chickens. But I wonder...

What photograph?

Dead Mans Shoes

This is simply one insanely good film. This coming from me- spoiled to a point of ridicule after seeing so many films over the past few years. Almodovar and Ang Lee should be ashamed of themselves, they get knocked off their feet by Dead Mans Shoes director Shane Meadows (This is England) - from Staffordshire!

Right now I'm still blown away by Dead Mans Shoes (I don't think you should read about it) I think you should see it, you should see it, and then thank me - because this might be the best film you're going to see this year.

Looking for an "out-of-hollywood" original script experience? May I recommend these?
The elementary particles
The Other Side

But I still think you should see
Horton Hears a Who
Snakes on a Plane

Because you should!

Gratulerer med dagen tante Bister!

Happy happy birthday
from all of us to you
we wish it was our birthday,
so we could party too!


Happy Birthday Liv-Elin!

Glitter Photos

It's kind of twisted, but I have a tendency of always getting tastlessly excited on Liv-Elin's birthday. Actually I get kind of over-excited simply by talking about her birthday, if anyone asks her when it is - I always answer before she gets the chance to, it's pretty weird, I know.

I've never really understood why. Maybe it has to do with Aprils Fools, and that I keep saying things like "Yeah, she's born on April 1st, she's like ONE, BIG, joke" and then I laugh, inelegantly. Makes me look like an idiot, because she isn't a big joke.

It's Liv-Elin's day today! She's 19! Think of that! It's pretty odd really.

She's my potato-potato-potato.. enenenene

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