Happy Birthday Liv-Elin!

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It's kind of twisted, but I have a tendency of always getting tastlessly excited on Liv-Elin's birthday. Actually I get kind of over-excited simply by talking about her birthday, if anyone asks her when it is - I always answer before she gets the chance to, it's pretty weird, I know.

I've never really understood why. Maybe it has to do with Aprils Fools, and that I keep saying things like "Yeah, she's born on April 1st, she's like ONE, BIG, joke" and then I laugh, inelegantly. Makes me look like an idiot, because she isn't a big joke.

It's Liv-Elin's day today! She's 19! Think of that! It's pretty odd really.

She's my potato-potato-potato.. enenenene


Smylexx said...

You mentioned potatoes. Does this mean you've broken your no-food-blogging rule already? I'm willing to forgive you but only if you do the Forbidden Dance.

Kida said...
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Kida said...


I have teh birthday myes.

I liek teh sparkles, lots of pretty sparkles!
and the dancing cakes. the cakes are good

Tora said...

Oh sheesh I'm off for a good start, ain't I?

I will do the forbidden dance, but not during class.

Smylexx said...

I'm also not convinced that you can pull that finger-of-foss thing off quite as well as the man himself.

Perhaps you need a new pose. Maybe you can look totally shocked or just go cross-eyed to make us understand how important your replies are.

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