I recently got a long awaited e-mail from Smy, the brilliant author of Fascinating Fishtank. And it is a delight to tell you that he is in fact still alive.
And that is a hazard with most of these internet-people, because if one suddenly die - their blog will just stop being updated, and you wont ever know what happened, do you?

So, technically, we should all leave a document in our will that contains all our internet identities - so everyone out there will know that game's over, or that you have just migrated to Spain, and not likely to return very soon. That is similar to death, just a bit saltier.

It is getting increasingly colder, and all the leaves are tumbling around in their Euro-pride colours - except purple though (a weakness with this comparison, as I assume purple and pink are likely to be the most proud colours, right?). At least that is how they spotted them in the old days, Apothecary Peter Urpal, Doctor Pollywoth Ink, Gareth A. Yew and such. It is said that they were born more prominently "askew" - so they could immediately name them befitting their preferences.
Also I'm all out of tea, and I am hungry. And yesterday Cleo almost went for a swim when I threw a stick into the river, but to be fair she just waded out, got the stick, and then pounced out of the water as quick as she could. In other news - I played Age of Conan on Saturday, I'll tell you all about it later, if you want.


You better like the Java! Because I'm stuck with it!

It actually makes me shiver a little. It is confusing and logical at the same time. And at the moment it's hard to understand anything at all - so hopefully I'll be able to start understanding Java, instead of just accepting it for being what it is.

Nonetheless, it's nice to learn new things. Also received an uplifting email from my sister, Sigrid - who is currently studying in Lisbon. I am so glad she is well, even though I envy her loads.
If you have any idea on what I should be writing for this years' NaNoWriMo I'd be very grateful. Because I'm going to have to do some brainstorming for a headstart because of all my exams and the hand-ins during November.
Oh! And this is my SPORE made shrimp!


Uncyclopedia on Norway

"Norway exists primarily to prevent Sweden and Finland from looking like a cock and balls on the map. "

“Wow! Norway sounds like a whack to the pants!”
~ Oscar Wilde


Have you ever played Psychonauts? It is an incredibly awesome game. If you liked Curse of Monkey Island and Grim Fandago or perhaps even more active adventuregames like Banjo Kazooie - you'll love this. It is based on an idea by Tim Schafer (yes, the same brainface that did both Grim Fandango and the Monkey Island Curse game). The atmosphere and humour of this wonderful ditty is captivating. It's dark and gloomy, but at the same time brilliantly colourful and witty. Gogo! Go buy it now.

You play the ex-circus boy, now Psychonaut named Razputin (Raz). It all takes place at the Psychic Summer Camp for kids, but this is no ordinary summer camp, and it also turns out quite eventful when all the other psychic kids gets their brains taken from them. The plot may sound crazy (and it is!) - because it's up to you to retrieve them. So the game mostly happens inside people's minds, where you have to tag emotional luggage (crying suitcases), figments of their imagination and use your many abilities, like clairvoyance, telekinesis and levitation to solve complex puzzles and destroy freaky enemies. Like the mutated lungfish, the crazy bull El Odio, or the milkman.

I love this game, it is such a delight. Like a rainbow toffee in a bowl of pebbles. By that I mean that it is an intruiging game among all these mass-produced first player shooting, war, football, sing-a-long, or movieplot based games. Thumbs up!


Listen to: Keane - Something In Me Was Dying

Play: Psychonauts

Eat: Chocolate chunk muffins


Working out! The poll, the conclusion

So, there it is! The time has elapsed, the votes are closed - the result is ready. But before I proceed with the conclusion I have something on my mind (of relevance, actually).

Because it has come to my attention that a certain person has spent time resetting her/his IP address to apply multiple votes to The Work Out! poll. I am not a person to take myself seriously at all, but being a democratic soul in the shell of an idiot - I'd like to proclaim the poll to be a faux. It is, in other words - not going to be very relevant to my final decision. And that is the conclusion! Thanks for sharing your opinion, Gladys The Gallbladder fiend. I am sure your mind is wise.


My room

Now in English further down!

Ser ut som et bombet likhus, ispedd kreperende rester av forgrepne klovner og resultatet av en rekke uforklarlige hendelser som antageligvis innebar en eske med sminke, femten meter teip, en boks kvitteringer, en samling CD'er uten cover, unbegrensede mengder klær, merkverdige glitrende objekter og små hårete vesener med lystige personligheter og appetitt på kalde rester av teposer og blyantspiss. Det hele kanskje med en slags atmosfære av en fanget kunstnerisk sjel som spontant var nødt til å gå i håndgemeng med hele sin portfolio og endte opp revet i fillebiter under en kontorstol, dekket av glitter.

Det er et sørgelig syn. Men det er også sant.

Looks like a bombed morgue, with the crippled rests of violated clowns added, and the result of a series of unexplainable events that were likely to involve a box of makeup, fifteen metres of stickytape, a box of receipts, a collection of coverless CD's, unlimited amounts of clothes, mysterious glittering objects and small, hairy creatures with an appetite for the cold remnants of teabags and pencil sharpenings. The whole of it perhaps with a kind of atmosphere of a trapped artistic soul that spontaneously had to go to physical measures with his/hers entire portfolio, and ended up ripped to shreds under an office chair, covered in glitter.

It is a sad sight. But it is true also.

Here, mom

Seeing both my brother, Skjalg - and I - are still living at home. I thought it to be suitable that I found this guide on WikiHow!

"Not quite ready to push your adult fledglings out of the nest yet but getting fed up with their lack of contributions to the household budget? This article will provide you with some ideas on what to do to make the budgetary cycle in your household a little fairer on everyone, as well as getting them to do more of their share around the house."

Maha. It's all here -->

Obama cupcakes and Keane

I read about the Obama Cupcake Mania over at Cupcakes Take The Cake, in fact there's a whole album on the Obama inspired cupcakes over at Flickr. You can see them here.

Keane are releasing a new album October 13th, it's called "Perfect Symmetry" - the release single is Spiralling - which is a quite un-Keane-like song to be fair. Even though it's unmistakibly them. If you know what I mean--



I really had the weirdest dream last night, or at least it made me seriously paranoid. In the dream, Sigrid (my sister) and my grandmother (farmor/"father's-mother") were over for breakfast, but during the whole time, a red laser kept pointing at me. As if someone were trying to snipe me down from our neighbours house. It was really scary, I had to hide all the time and beware of the windows. Creepy.

Midways in the dream, our neighbours (who are an elderly couple) left their house - which meant I was safe from their sniper. So I went outside to our other neighbours garden, and they had acquired a birdie (a huuuge one) with a red shovel for a face. And it was really friendly and affectionate.

Try to get any sense out of that.

Happy Birthday Skjalg!

Yay! And Happy Birthday Catherine!

Working out!

I'm playing with the camera on my flapflop, it is most amusing. But that's not the point of this post, the point is that I have now browsed countless websites in the hope that I would find out what to do with those spare hours of time in my weekly schedule I was hoping to exercise.

You see, I lack dicipline. There has been the rare occasion when I have been jogging a little, but that means me getting out of the house and often its cold - and Cleo, the lazy bastard, is horrible company. Seeing as she'd rather inhale the different scents in the ditches than keeping up with me. And then there's the bit where I don't actually manage to do it frequently enough to make it serve as a sustainable source of activity.

So I am giving in to the idea of working out at a "place". An idea I totally dislike, but that I probably have to swallow in the end. BUT - seeing as I am not very excited about doing aerobics with fifteen other mid-life crisis wives (that are usually my customers where I work), how about doing something unconventional? I am definitely up for both Yoga and Pilates, as I have done both before, and they're excellent for a good workout. (They aren't very unconventional anymore, though) - but Huladancing? Or DharmaDisco? Or Poledancing?! How about you vote, please? Let's sort this out.

The poll is in the sidebar! ------>


What do you mean you haven't played Spore yet?
It is superduper brilliant! It's like playing with a funky animation tool, playing a blend of Populus The Beginning, Black & White, Settlers and Lylat Wars! (Perhaps not entirely accurate, because it is as far as I see it - fairly incomparable with anything on the gaming front).

Anyway - I loeeves it and I hope everyone reading this will (re)consider getting their copy of the game - if only to use the full Creature Creator tool! (The Creature Creator can be downloaded for free, but it doesn't give you the whole idea of the immense possibilites one has in this game).

Thumbs up for Spore, it gave me a positive surprise! We may only hope that Maxis will do an expansion for it, right? Oh! And I'll do screenshots of my creatures, especially the Shrimp. It is ighty good looking. Feels nice to catch up a bit with the blogging.

Testing testing - one two threee

I handed in Susan on Friday morning. She wasn't working at all. At first I thought I'd done something wrong, but that just didn't make any sense. I have had my share of experience with moody computers.They do demand a certain amount of care and gentille.

So they called me from the shop on Monday and told me that she was gone. And it was weird, because she had been working just fine, but then she just - well, she didn't work. Couldn't even load a blue screen properly. But no matter, they said at the shop that I could pick up a new one whenever I had the time. I have been as unfortunate as to being sick of late, so haven't had the time until today. But I am now (again) - sitting on my brand new Asus X50SL with a very shiny 15"4 Display.

So wish me luck. If she ain't working when I return from work. I am going to consider a change of career. Or - perhaps, a change of laptop!

(It's raining, and I was like: Oh noez, teh silly rain I don't like. But then I remembered that I bought a new rain-set (spot on like the one owned by Paddington Bear, except its red) so I'm now actually kind of thrilled at the idea of leaving the house). Which I have to do NOW. Shit!

Meet Susan!

Hello you! How have you been? How is life? Is it raining? It is raining in Oslo, so when I ran home from school I got soaked like a shrimp in a cocktail. 

I am currently sitting on my brand new laptop. It is wickedly sexy if I may say so myself.
SHE is an Asus X50SL, Asus backwards is susa, so with an added "n" makes Susan. 

Meet Susan!
I love her already. While as so far - Vista can go hang itself.
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