Testing testing - one two threee

I handed in Susan on Friday morning. She wasn't working at all. At first I thought I'd done something wrong, but that just didn't make any sense. I have had my share of experience with moody computers.They do demand a certain amount of care and gentille.

So they called me from the shop on Monday and told me that she was gone. And it was weird, because she had been working just fine, but then she just - well, she didn't work. Couldn't even load a blue screen properly. But no matter, they said at the shop that I could pick up a new one whenever I had the time. I have been as unfortunate as to being sick of late, so haven't had the time until today. But I am now (again) - sitting on my brand new Asus X50SL with a very shiny 15"4 Display.

So wish me luck. If she ain't working when I return from work. I am going to consider a change of career. Or - perhaps, a change of laptop!

(It's raining, and I was like: Oh noez, teh silly rain I don't like. But then I remembered that I bought a new rain-set (spot on like the one owned by Paddington Bear, except its red) so I'm now actually kind of thrilled at the idea of leaving the house). Which I have to do NOW. Shit!


Foss said...

Good luck with the new flaptop. Also, don't get soaked. It's raining here too so I know what rain is like. It gets you wet! :O

Audun said...

UNLESS! UNLESS! You're inside. In a place with a roof. And no rain inside.

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