Here, mom

Seeing both my brother, Skjalg - and I - are still living at home. I thought it to be suitable that I found this guide on WikiHow!

"Not quite ready to push your adult fledglings out of the nest yet but getting fed up with their lack of contributions to the household budget? This article will provide you with some ideas on what to do to make the budgetary cycle in your household a little fairer on everyone, as well as getting them to do more of their share around the house."

Maha. It's all here --> http://www.wikihow.com/Get-Adult-Kids-to-Pay-Their-Share


Foss said...

Oi, slackers! The wonderful Bominski shouldn't have to force you to pay your way. You should be helping her out all over the place. In fact, you should be doing everything for her while she gets some quality WoW time in! What the hell have they been teaching you in School?!

Mum said...

Damn straight!

Audun said...

I find that the socio-political punch of the article is absorbed by the fact that it was posted by the family representative which seems to do all the cooking in the very same family's house. To thus support such an initiative does not only show lack of leadership and organisation within the household management, but it also unveils a clear need of long-term planning for the household.

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