Meet Susan!

Hello you! How have you been? How is life? Is it raining? It is raining in Oslo, so when I ran home from school I got soaked like a shrimp in a cocktail. 

I am currently sitting on my brand new laptop. It is wickedly sexy if I may say so myself.
SHE is an Asus X50SL, Asus backwards is susa, so with an added "n" makes Susan. 

Meet Susan!
I love her already. While as so far - Vista can go hang itself.


Replica said...

Vista's made of sexy, sexy win. I'm quite experienced with Vista, so if you need any help to tweak stuff, remove stuff, make stuff more like XP, etc, just tell me and I'll give you a hand. Though - how to uninstall it doesn't count. ;)

Calu said...

If he wont help you remove it, i got no problems helping you get rid of that hurried, bloated, temporary version.

Audun said...

You meant "is she won't" but oh well:)

Hello Susan *purr*

The downside to this is that if the flapflop turns out to be shit I'll be responsible:)

Calu said...

How was I to know, Sorry bout the gender confusion replica.. :/

replica said...

You're forgiven. <3

Kida said...

wicked! She's very pretty :)

How's the gloves and the fountain working?

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