I recently got a long awaited e-mail from Smy, the brilliant author of Fascinating Fishtank. And it is a delight to tell you that he is in fact still alive.
And that is a hazard with most of these internet-people, because if one suddenly die - their blog will just stop being updated, and you wont ever know what happened, do you?

So, technically, we should all leave a document in our will that contains all our internet identities - so everyone out there will know that game's over, or that you have just migrated to Spain, and not likely to return very soon. That is similar to death, just a bit saltier.

It is getting increasingly colder, and all the leaves are tumbling around in their Euro-pride colours - except purple though (a weakness with this comparison, as I assume purple and pink are likely to be the most proud colours, right?). At least that is how they spotted them in the old days, Apothecary Peter Urpal, Doctor Pollywoth Ink, Gareth A. Yew and such. It is said that they were born more prominently "askew" - so they could immediately name them befitting their preferences.
Also I'm all out of tea, and I am hungry. And yesterday Cleo almost went for a swim when I threw a stick into the river, but to be fair she just waded out, got the stick, and then pounced out of the water as quick as she could. In other news - I played Age of Conan on Saturday, I'll tell you all about it later, if you want.


Hamsterlord said...

I'll offer you a copy of three (!) episodes of Zorro, in return for one of the pink muffins!

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