Merriest of Christmases!

I just want to take the opportunity to wish everyone an extremely merry Christmas. Unfortunately I haven't had the time to hand out all the presents in time, -That's another reason why I would be a terrible Santa. But know that you will have it in time for your birthday. (Not you, Jonas).

We are celebrating in Sweden and my sugarplum will be in Molde. He's already left, so I have the flat all to myself, it's weird because even though I've had before - he's not even close, like, school or work, or just in the bedroom sleeping. I don't have any internet connection in Sweeeedeen, which is actually going to be really relaxing. Looking forward to it! But that means that I had to make this post today!

Hope you forgive me for the extreme lack of Christmas posts this year. Or posts in general, for that matter.

You should see the fantastic Christmas decorations I have in my window. Excellent.
Have a great Christmas! You are the best!

Fig. 2 How To: Snowboard Off-Piste


Fig. 1 Yes, the napkins are also half price

Music of December

I know, I never thought I'd recommend you some lame-ass RnB/hip-hop song either, but this one's been in my head for days, literally. Yeah, and I must be hanging out with a bad crowd getting influenced with hip hop, riiiight?

Song for dreaming (wasting time thinking): Empire State of Mind by Jay Z and Alicia Keys (I must stress, however, that the live versions featuring stand-in Bridget Kelly sound a little more passionate, and that Ms. Keys howls scary like). And I think that the only reason I like it is because it makes my heart soar and I want to go back to New York :(

Song for getting your chi centered: God Bless the Child by Billie Holiday soothing, smoooth and lush jazz. Absolutely splendid. Makes you wonder why people choose to listen to angry music.

Songs for cheering up and making friends: Ambitions and Stereolife by Donkeyboy, hey! Norwegian music! Everyone's sick of their album, because the radio's been raping it (apparently). Seeing my life is pretty much radio-free, I enjoy it now! The video for Ambitions is wonderfully weird!

Song for feeling so trendy you're possibly Swedish: Strangers by Van She (Man, thanks Hans-Jørgen!) This is cool, I want to casually mention it while talking to someone in a club and give them a look if they haven't heard of it. (Obviously, if they have, I'll say they're so 2008 and that I only asked to know what you mainstream mortals listened to these days).

*snif* I have totally lost my indie credibility :(

Song for remembering that you like Kasabian: Fire by Kasabian. Give it to 1:15! Rocks! Then you remember that they can be a little annoying and that every song pretty much sounds the same. Oh, except Butcher Blues of course, that song kicks ass.

Song for vacuuming, and for shaking daT booty: Blue Song by Mint Royale. This is the best song ever. And Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt are in the video. What more can you possibly ask for? It is most excellent!

Hello world!

I am not so sure you are still here, but - I thought I'd stop by anyway because I haven't been here in such a long time!

You may already have figured that I totally failed NaNoWriMo this year, as so many times before. Admittedly, it was a little worse this time around. I only got about 1/5 of the way. But you know, I think if I could choose the most hopeless month to decide to write a novel it would probably be November - or December, obviously. Because of all the Christmas-business. November pretty much wraps up the semester, and we just got one thing on top of the other and then I happened to have three concert tickets (to Phoenix, Prodigy and Kings of Convenience, respectively) and family birthdays and father's day and long hours of sale at work. It's all excuses. It's different to have the time and take the time - we all know that. But I have to admit that NaNoWriMo didn't catch me as much this year, I was to busy to give my brain room to think of any good plots. What I managed to get down was mostly random situations and dialogues that lacked much sense.

I've been real occupied with all the deliverables, especially writing that damn script, oh, and sculpting a level using the Gears of War editor. What a software nightmare! Well, right now I am stuck with writing a fictional DLC (DownLoadable Content) for Fallout 3. And because I haven't played any of the Fallout games, it is proving real hard. I dream of this assignment in the night, it's awful.

It would've been better if we had more time, but unfortunately, we don't! But it's coming along, if I wasn't working Friday through Tuesday I would have three more days (like everyone else) but I only have today to make sure everything is done. Really it is quite alright, I could think of more dreadful ways to spend my Thursday. And I'm pleased to confront a challenge!

You might (like me) be quite unfamiliar with the setting of the Fallout games, but the little I have discovered wasn't that impressive, to be honest. Oh, except the soundtrack! Man! Packed with calm, jazzy classics of the 1940's. Awesome! Well, right, as a helper along the way, and to get into the mood of the setting - I've been listening a lot to Billie Holiday! God bless she's available on Spotify. It's centering my chi alright, really warm and soothing - just what we need this time of year! I need to like SOME part of Fallout, as the post-apocalyptic, nuclear holocaust is the opposite of appealing to me.

Typical of me to decide to come back and dump another load of garbage into the blogosphere when I definitely don't have the time to. Haha! Yeah, and I need to learn to do things even though I don't want to. It's a hopeless attribute.

Oh, and here's my map of my DLC! Quite plain, but all the action happens in that underwater dome in the middle of the bay. It's a fallout shelter containing an entire city!

NaNo - update!

I'm getting there!
You can follow my profile on http://www.nanowrimo.org/eng/user/158878

Please give a listen to Bombay Bicycle Club. In particular their track "Always Like This".
His voice appears annoying at first, but I like it!


Redy, set - GO!

It's the first of November today, and I have now cuddled up in the sofa with a nice blanket and my trusted laptop for some serious, ridiculous NaNoWriMo-writing. I have absolutely no flippin clue what to write, but it'll probably work out. It usually does!

If there's anything you think I should incorporate in my novel - bring it on!
All dares are welcome!

Surprise me.

Oh, and wish me luck!

Buchanan's Fairtrade Assorted Toffees Review

Today I am reviewing these fabulous Scottish hard fairtrade toffees. And when I say hard, I mean hard. When you manage to get through, they become the kind of chewy variety that has you going for a good five minutes and then for a good week picking it out of your teeth. Yum!

The treacle toffee has a dark, burnt colour which reflects in its enticing and seductive treacle taste. It diverts from a toasty sweetness to the fruity delight of brown sugar. It's not an instant hit, quite an aquired taste, but the lovely sticky texture and the waves of flavour makes it an interesting and worthwhile experience.

The Rum & butter toffee has a light, pale toffee colour and a similarly light rum flavour. The butter, however, is drastically more present and introduces a wall of fatty, creamy, mouth-filling flavours. I liked it, I did, couldn't have too many of them though, and disappointed in the pathetic lack of rum.

Similarly, the coconut toffe had that very light golden, pale toffee colour - but smelled rich and heavy of coconut shampoo. But as with the rum - there simply wasn't enough nuttiness, the butter came in like a donkey in a poncho - stealing the entire show. Butter, butter, butter - though rich and creamy, not so nutty. It was o-kay.

The Devon Toffee is also light in colour and has a mild, buttery vanilla scent. These features are definitely reflected in the flavour as not only is the vanilla protruding, it bathes in the butter until it has a bright, almost fruity flavour. Don't get me wrong, because this is still a heavy toffee, but its mosaic of sweet vanilla flavour makes it very sophisticated.

The Mint Toffee smells like a bright peppermint and has that same, light and pale toffee colour. The flavour is very fresh for being captured in butter-hell, and though the sweetness is overpowering, the mint cuts through beautifully. This is an interesting symbiosis that works... I think, even though it occasionally has a slight resemblance of toothpaste.

The Butter Toffee has a mellow, rich and sweet smell, it is hard to catch but, when you do - it is like walking in to a candy store and being overwhelmed by how sweet a scent can be. The flavour is, not surprisingly - very buttery. Every time you chew it is like the warm, buttery juices are being massaged into your mouth. Unforgivably rich, it will sink your ship like the kraken on drugs. I am not exaggerating. This toffee seriously takes butter to the next level, and we pray we never have to go any further than that.

The Licorice Toffee is pitch black with an upbeat licorice smell. In fact, both the scent and the taste is so fresh it is almost fennel-like in its buttery licorice-fusion. This sounds weird, I know, and it is weird, but it really works. This is a delicious toffee that explodes with interesting flavour and I enjoyed every second of it. One of the best ones.

For some reason the Treacle Toffee and the Licorice Toffee really struck the right chord with me, they were weird, I agree. But they were also both delicious in an original way. This bag of funky toffee shouldn't be what you hand out to the kiddies trick or treating this weekend, they certainly wont like it.

I'd recommend you these if you enjoy your toffee, but don't fret if it's a bit weird and different. I'll always want to try things I haven't tried before, and though I doubt I will try them again, at least I enjoyed them while they lasted, and there's still some left if you want some too. Have a great weekend!

Must haves!

Tink was over tonight, we made pizza and watched "Cashback", we also had some lemon jelly that I bought on sale. Very lovely. Superlovely!

Frost has arrived, and there are iceroses on all the parked cars on the street. I suppose you call them ice patterns or something, but we Norwegians call them "isroser". That is what it looks like, so I think it is a much better word for it.

Aaaand ---Hi, I'm here to give you this months' must haves, baby!

Movietickets for Disney Pixar's "UP" - I truly adored this film, even though Helge said he would never take me to see a Disney film again. I guess he has the right as I was crying my heart out after about three minutes. Still loved it though!

Kings of Convenience newest album "Declaration of Dependence". Definitely. Even though you will say; heard this before, this sounds just like all their other songs. True! But wrong! It does, but doesn't! This is something new, there is something very different about their sound that I have not yet been able to put my finger on. But it's still there. And you need to have it.

First season of British series "Skins". I am extremely hooked on this right now - while you're at it you should probably get the following two seasons as well. It's brilliant!

Mittens, kitten! It's cold right now. Keeping your hands warm makes every day brighter. Guaranteed.

Other than that - have some orange juice and snog your toes into a pair of warm slippers before you go to school or work. Never fails. Don't forget to brush your teeth!

Keep dreaming of the dogs

I miss the dogs soo bad. How people can live without them at all.

IIh, and my jaw hurts so bad! It even hurts to talk and eat, my two favourite things! It's that darn tooth growing through my gums, I can see why babies have a strong need to inform everyone about their pain. Uaah!

But anyway, that doesn't really matter, a bit of warm water and some wok sorts it out for a bit. And anyway I don't really have the time to think of teeth when NaNoWriMo starts on monday and I still have no clue what to write about. To save time and energy I might have to take one of my previous stories and just rewrite it. But how dull is that? Any ideas? Sci-fi was excellent fun last year, but I don't really think it is my genre as I had to research a lot - and seeing it's NaNo - there's no time to! Anybody else joining this year? 30 days of literary abandon? It is magical, I'm freaking out and looking forward to it at the same time.

OOooh, and on friday it's Halloween, what'cha all going to dress up as? I dreamt I had the best idea ever and I was so relieved, but I've forgotten what it was so I'm back to square one again. Iih. But we have a party to see to on Friday and we definitely have to go out on Saturday as well, I love dressing up - Halloween is like my second Christmas!

And Sigrid is coming home from Singapore for a brief encounter (read: brunch) at my mums place on Saturday - whiii! And on Sunday I'm going to do absolutely nothing. Maybe I'll go for a walk up to the church, it's lovely there, all the autumn colours, and then go vegetate in our sofa with a blanket and just relax for once. Odds are - it wont happen. Not a chance. But I don't really mind, we can rest in the grave!

Look at Ulla, look how small she is! My, has she grown fast!

Hate each other!

A sunny day from the bus to work.

Mr. Snorky is still mumbling and grunting comfortably in his duvet and it made me realize something that it appears a lot of people have trouble with. I've just joyfully scrambled through the NaNoWriMo forums and I'm left with so much inspiration I definitely have to pop some new ideas into this weeks school assignment. It was getting a little dry and realistic anyway - I might be losing my touch.

Oh you should really see him sleep. It is the most heartbreaking thing - because, as he's lying there snoring sporadically and having the time of his life, you sit there knowing it has to end at some point. The poor thing!

And I guess that really takes me back to where this post started, though I will just say this immediately first - I have only lived together with my boyfriend for 20 days, which means, in a way - I am by no means qualified to make such a statement as the one I am about to utter. I've read some depressing things on relationships, and, prior to my "stunt" of moving out - these theories, this good advice on how I am doing such a big mistake occurred ever so often. I can't say it didn't tear me down like a sandcastle, but it was so unfair - as the decision had already been made and I should've been given support instead of hassle. At least that is my opinion - okay "I'm screwing up", but let's make the best of it!

I can be a really moody person it appears. Without realizing I have set the bar as I crawl out of bed in the morning to be this or that. Happy or sad. Joyful or unpleasant. And this must be a dreadful thing to witness, I think so, even I, in the eye of the storm, I can see how horrible it must be. But that doesn't help the least bit apparently. However what does help is how effortless this relationship works. If there's something bothering us we say so right away. We have our hiccups but in the end I fail to understand how people manage to distance themselves so much from each other. If you're simply being nice and not being lazy - that means you've both tried, and you can't be bitter. Besides, it's exra good if you neutralize each others mood and laugh at things.

Whenever someone asks: "Will you please do me a favour?" You'll answer "yes" without even knowing what it is because you'll always be delighted to help others. If you can't help them, well at least you entered the situation with a positive attitude. And when you help others out they will help you when you need it. It couldn't be more of a win-win situation. I really have trouble understanding what the problem seems to be. I might kick myself for saying these things in the future, but my experience so far has made me curious on how people must behave towards each other to hate each other so much. How do you do it? I think it requires a lot more effort to be spiteful than to just be a pleasant person. Fight, for God's sake, get it out. But what's left after the battle better be two people ready to give it all to make it work. Well, if not - I guess you deserve each other.

Blog Action Day 2009: Climate Change

There are lots of things that concern me and that I worry about on a daily basis. But some things that should worry me on an equal basis, just feels too distant for me to grasp.

I know I worry more about getting to school on time and getting my schoolwork done than I worry about climate change. Heck I even worry more about "what's for dinner?"

And I figured that would be a good place to start. Because personally there are few things about my life or my lifestyle that directly causes climate change. I travel by public transport to work and I walk to school, I recycle both at work, and at home, I don't leave the heating on when the windows are open, I turn off the lights when I'm not there, and I do most of my writing on digital paper. Also, I use very little hairspray! Or other aerosol products for that matter.

But dinner, I guess dinner is exactly where my neutral effect on the climate goes topsy turvy. I mean we all try, I think. Most people really make an effort at doing things that are good (or at least not so bad) for the environment. I would tell you all off again, but I decided that you should rather read my old post "Captain Planet - 30 Things You Can Do To Save The Planet" and get some inspiration. But I know that personally it is my love for a nice meaty dinner that destroys everything. When I thought of this, even Wikipedia turned against me. Look!

Livestock and land use
Worldwide, livestock production occupies 70% of all land used for agriculture, or 30% of the ice-free land surface of the Earth. Scientists attribute more than 18% of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions to livestock and livestock-related activities such as deforestation and increasingly fuel-intensive farming practices. Specific attributions to the livestock sector include:
  • 9% of global carbon dioxide emissions
  • 35-40% of global methane emissions (chiefly due to enteric fermentation and manure)
  • 64% of global nitrous oxide emissions, chiefly due to fertilizer use.
That is one major "OW!" to me. It means I have to eat more fish and replace the steak with more salad, I mean anything industrially farmed is basically a bad thing, but ecological farming is so unsustainable - it's a joke. Really, I almost find it offensive. It just wont be enough food for everyone if we'd all eat ecological produce.

So local produce is the best shade of grey. Try to focus on food that has travelled an absolute minimum and that also farts accordingly. Bacon does mean the world to me, but not so much I am willing to give the world away for it. If you are already doing all you can to prevent (slow down is good enough) climate change, I am sure you wont feel guilty when looking at this guy:


We made this huuge salad today with apples and tomatoes and cucumber and salad and lish - with crisp chicken and some rice with sour cream. Yum! I also bought some ridiculously cheap imported mango juice that's really rich and delightful.

It's so cold outside and everyone hates it. It's so unfair because the last few days it's been bright and sunny which makes you want to go out and then the wind bites you in the nose and it hurts. Ow!

The weirdest thing about moving out is not having dogs anymore. I was prepared for missing them a lot, but not THIS much. You know. I miss them loads! :( It just seems strange and empty, so maybe I'll get an electronic robot-pig, you know the cheap ones and just stuff a battery in it and throw some cheese at it to see if it helps fill the void. It is the weirdest thing how much a dog means to a family. I couldn't quite imagine mine without one! (Or two).

In other neeews, any good ideas for what to dress up for on Halloween? I was thinking Old Gregg at first, then maybe someone else out of the Mighty Boosh, Tink wanted to be Mr. Susan, which is a great idea, really. The mirror wooorld!

This is the view from our bedroom window, with creepy clouds.
Autumn in Oslo, the leaves are so beautiful.
Doesn't look natural at all, really
And this is another romantic autumn picture I took.

I seen you

Now, I don't mean to suck all the fun out of your prunes, honey. But we're losing it and you need to face the facts. The thing is here that you can't keep on ignoring whats going on around you. It's been going on for way too long, you've been starting to feel it, it's creeping in from the sides like a macaroon in a jelly. Just admit it. I know - it's difficult to explain, but obviously you do know what I'm talking about here, so let's just get to the point.

It's getting cold you berk! You need to put scarves on, and gloves! I seen you, don't you think I haven't - hoisting up your skimpy, transparent little outfits like a bagel in a glove. Scamping about like a cucumber on stalks with wings, actually not like that, different, but the same. Use your brains or you'll be sucking that thermometer like mama's nipple. Stay out of the cold unless you're gonna shape up, yeah?

This has gone too far!


Weirdos and Children

A strange man with a walrus mustache (it really made him look like a walrus!) was peeking into the shop today, while talking to himself. This side of town surely has its rich selection of originals, I must say. There's the one-legged guy playing fetch with his invisible dog, the hairy one who sits in the park and drinks beer, the one with the glasses taking the bus back and forth all day, drinking chocolate milk - and there's the creepy lady with the shopping bags that really does look like a living dead, but who surprisingly talks and behaves frighteningly sane and actually quite nice. That is, when she is not wandering around slooowly, staring right ahead. So far on the other side to where I have moved now, I have noticed nothing weirder than the old drunks sitting on the railroad-bridge far up the main street.

But I suppose I'll find them soon enough, and I mean, the stereotype football-supporters are definitely there, and I think they are quite weird. I do. Speaking of weird there is also a primary school near us and all these first graders are walking alone to school - which is fine, but it hit me how small they are. I mean, this might seem like an outrage to you, but - children are tiny! They really are! I don't know at what point I was supposed to realize - because as a child I always thought grown-ups were so enormous - and obviously I am one of them now. But it just hasn't quite set previously.

I remember as a child whenever I was with my dads side of the family who are all part American or American - or Norwegian and they would often speak English to each other. I guess sometimes you can just express yourself a lot better in English, but I was always frightened when they were talking over my head like that, I never told anyone but I was convinced they were plotting to eat me. I was actually really scared.

That's a way growing up, huh? Later I have discovered that they usually just say uninteresting things when talking above the childrens heads anyway, well - at least not half as interesting as it would be if they were planning to eat someone.
The clouds from the car.
Efterklang at Chateau Neuf, it was lovely.
Shared two buckets of beer with Ulrik.
Random grafitti about the bird flu.

Hai hai

I need to show you something, okay? It's a drawing that Tink's made a long time ago and it's genius. Really. You have to check it out in her blog http://fishinmyshoe.blogspot.com/2009/10/just-for-tora.html

It's extreme sweetness.

In other news, not much to show, not a lot of furniture either. Done schoolwork mostly, gone shopping in mysterious and dingy grocery-shops all around the neighbourhood of school and I've been walking to school every day. I'm still looking for the turkish delights of such scrumptious proportions as those in Narnia. Actually I did find the website of the (uncredited) producers of the Turkish Delight which Edmund eats in the film (The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe). However it appears that attempting to get those to Norway from either New Zealand or the states seem pretty hopeless. But I did find some massive Turkish Delights filled with walnuts and covered with coconut that you can barely eat one of - and they were awesome. Really different from everything else we stuff in our face.
Houses down the road, such beautiful and bright colours, there are purple and baby blue and orange ones too!
That is the stalks of a turnip, or a nepe actually sticking out of an empty tea-cup. I couldn't find a good word for it in English. But it is a root-vegetable related to the turnip, it might be called rutabaga, who knows?
That is a tree near our summerhouse.
These are the woods surrounding the summerhouse. Early in the morning.

Breakfast in bed!

Actually we're currently eating every single meal in bed. It sounds more fun than it is, but we try to make the best of it.

We're getting help all around and everyone's been so wonderful. The bathroom is coming together and we almost have everything we need in the kitchen, well - except for a dining table, and a casserole we could make Fårikål in. Yum. It's cheap you know, cabbages are like 2,- pr. kilo. Today is laundry day, we're gonna clean our new bedsheets and the dirty clothes we have. Really would like to get a few shelves in, everything we own is in boxes!

The sun shines through our window in the morning and also bathes the kitchen in warmth, which is nice. It is important to remember to appreciate those rays as when winter comes we wont see it that much. We're trying to get more familiar with the neighbourhood, we have several shops and a post office just around the corner. The busstop is really near too, and if we're late we can take it to school instead of walking. It only takes like five minutes on the bus, and we'll be downtown in about seven! I'm so pleased, I really like this place, it still feels like I'm on holiday though, but I'll probably get used to it eventually!

Our house!

In the middle of the street!
Our apartment!

It's fantastic!

It's just such a weird feeling to suddenly have your own place just filled with your stuff (well, almost just your own stuff). And there is so much to do and you have to order electricity and things that you rarely consider when living a sheltered life in an attic across town. Don't you think?

I will post pictures if it turns out nice. So far it is only us, a bunch of carboard boxes, our deliciously huge bed, the wardrobe and the kitchen. We don't even have any chairs. However if we can't afford a sofa yet, I'll probably post pictures of someone else's place, just so you wont think we're having it rough.

Even though it couldn't be further from the truth. Maybe we'll go hungry some days, and maybe we'll be a little cold - but it doesn't matter, at least I'm having the flippin time of my life - even though this hasn't sunk in properly yet! Can't wait for the days to come, we've only been here a few days, but it'll be wonderful. Whiiii!


Hello you little toffee-biscuit-WHICH REMINDS ME

hold on, licorice-beard!

My Pecan-caramel biscuit from United Bakeries that laid wrapped in a napkin in my purse!
YUM. These biscuits are so delicious they deserve a post of their own. This particular one I got from Skjalg at work today. Thank you, Skjalg!

I'm sitting here doing the last illustrations for our hand-in on sunday night. It turned out quite good, well done Jonas! We did almost all of it over the course of four superfocused hours. It almost hurt to be that good. And I've been at work today, it was a LOT to do, so time zoomed by like Ulla. Right! Then we made fishtacoes. I still don't think it's awesome, I think I'd stick to preparing fish in different ways.

But anyway, food aside (for a moment) this post was supposed to be about the licious music I love at present. It's quite cheesy I'd say, most of it. But you know, what'cha gonna do? Listen?
Ehm. Yeah!
Aaand, well, that's it - here goes!

Candy by Ash (I'm serious! It's sticky, I'm sorry)



I am so excited, for whatever reason - I need to think of something to cook for dinner, and I really want to do something fun tonight! My room is an awful mess, worse than it's been in a looong time. My things are everywhere, and yet I wake up and I look out the window and take a picture instead of tidying up. It is just that there's so much to do. So much. And as usual I am fraying at the edges because I can't get myself to do any of it - seeing it's impossible to find a place to start.

I like to put icecubes in my juice, it's very refreshing.

Yesterday I hung out with Helge, we watched comedy central clips and listened to drum n' bass. It feels weird that I have to go home when I've been at his place, even though it is pretty much a cupboard, I already feel at home when I'm with him! So it's unnatural that I have to leave. But I'm moving out soon, which'll be really weird to say the least, I can't wait. Even though nobody thinks that I should. It's difficult when I don't get any support either, everyone thinks I'm making a mistake and that I'll hit a wall and regret it all my life. Thank you.

We're creating these characters for a game-concept at school and I spent the whole of last week just wringing my brains out for an idea. As usual I got it when I'd gone to bed, and it was as if it had been obvious all along to me, then. But it was a long walk to the nearest pen and paper so I had to lie and think about it for hours and then sleep restlessly until I could work it out in the morning. OH! Yes, and we were in Sweden at our new summerhouse this weekend. Torstein and mum and my stepdad have been there the past few weekends, but this was my first time there. Such a cozy, quiet place, we ate lots of good food and Torstein and I played cards. The dogs absolutely steam down there, they're everywhere and snoring in the grass at the same time. It is such a joy to see them that happy. The worst thing about going home was that they like it so much there. I took pictures, I'll post them. Promise!

Apart from that, it's a sunny day! Let's do some laundry and see what other mischief to get up to!


What will you do to make peace on 21st. of September?


District 9

YAY! I saw District 9 last night. I would recommend you seeing it, sir - because it's definitely worth seeing, if only for the remarkable special effects. I'm impressed.

I did have very high expectations to this film, especially because of the trailer coming off as so original, and the theme being so sensitive. But in the end I was a little disappointed with its lack of intelligence. It was exctiting and I must admit I was quite riveted with it. But the story was very thin considering the controversy of the setting. I hoped this film was going to leave me more shaken than just the warm sensation of being entertained. But it didn't get me thinking at all, it's impressive and fantastic, but it contained such a vast amount of unreleased potential. By the credits it was almost upsetting to see such a good idea "go to waste" with clichées.

Also raising questions of prejudice, it was troubling to see the way Nigerians and other black people were depicted in the film. I'm not saying I particularly noticed who had the different roles depending on their race, I don't tend to consider that an issue - as such only creates more racism. But the film itself goes against its own morale, there were plenty of white bad guys, but ALL the black guys, except one, insignificant one - were criminals, outlaws and believed in witchcraft. That's just plain narrow-minded. Can't fit everyone into one film, I understand, but there should be nuances, shades of gray. C'mon!

However, District 9 is definitely a sci-fi classic, absolutely loaded with amazing props and enjoyable with an inconsistent way of storytelling. It starts off as a documentary, kind of Cloverfield style at times, with a few interviews in-between, then this merges with any other random action film. And celebrates with some extra ... goo. It's quite brutal, and I don't know if the age limit of 15 really is sufficient, but that's me - I enjoy action films, but they definitely get way too graphic for me. It really isn't necessary. It was great, but - there should've been more to it than just the (may I say brilliant) splatter-explosions and the icky, hollywood "alien and human connect on a higher level".

The ending delighted me as well as bothered me, a lot. Loads was left unsaid, and I am unable to tell you if they did that purposedly or not, because to me that wasn't a necessary "method" of granting this film depth. Despite the heart-thumping action-scenes and marvellous amounts of "what's going to happen next?" it was all a little messy. There's a lot of characters in this film that are introduced but don't really play any significant part. In the end they leave a lot of loose threads hanging, and though this can be done, as I said, on purpose - it only leaves you dissatisfied. After thousands of - excited, if I must add - "what's going to happen next?"-es they finish with a last big one. They could actually make a sequel only to tie up all the loose ends!

As much as this annoys me. I am sure others are able to fully enjoy this without annoyance, because in the end I am only talking about MY unfulfilled expectations that never really got promised to me by anyone, but that I made up in my head. This is unfair, but, maybe I should just accept that not everyone are interested in seeing an above average intelligent film with this theme. I mean, the sci-fi fans can all enjoy more clever films, I am sure, no offence, but perhaps this genre just needs a whiff of afterthought before it is reduced to snores. Please?



Even where I work, which is a dingy little crockerie shop in a mall on the westside of Oslo we have standard procedures for bomb-threats. If someone would be likely to call us and tell us they're gonna blow the shop up, we have these procedures to follow. Among them are a set of questions we are to ask the potential "bomber", and they go like this:
  • Where is the bomb?
  • When will it explode?
  • What kinds of explosives are being used?
  • How much explosives?
  • Why are you doing this?
  • Can you tell us who you are?
So if you are planning to ring in, just make sure you have prepared good answers to these questions because I will be taking notes of everything that is said, sooo. Well it would just be less awkward for all of us.

The prettiest girl in Oslo

Now I wouldn't usually be that judgmental on what other people choose to listen to. Sure I might throw a few naughty words in there for good measure, but in truth I don't really care that much as long as I don't have to listen to it too.

And there is one song by Big Bang that I actually volunteered to listen to myself a few times, and I've seen them live once, too. And it's been one of those songs that haunt you a little, as everyone seem to like it, or simply not have an opinion on it. So it's played everywhere. But still there's always been something about this song that has really bothered me.

I didn't realize until today, when at work and listening to that blasted song for the flippin millionth time, that it creeps me out. It makes me think of all those icky sleaze-bags that are about twice the age of "the prettiest girl in Oslo", but would still try nonchalantly-desperately to get under her blouse with lines like "can I talk to the prettiest girl in Oslo, oh is that you?" Yeah? C'mon. Nasty old man. It grosses me out. This song is ruined for me now.

I know some poor girls still shiver at the edge of the creative-frankness in pick-up lines like "You are the most beautiful girl here tonight". But in truth, you should know, that this is probably the most common pick-up line that even the likes of me have heard too many times. I think it has to do with the drunken-haze of thinking "the truth will impress her". Or something. I think it does, the first three times. The rest? Not so much.

It's the funny ones that always get to me. Like "Look! We're wearing matching socks!" or something really odd, like "I haven't had my daily dose of Urge today, would you please show me the nearest Seven-Eleven/Deli de Luca?" Yeah? You can relate to that. What the fuck are you going to answer to such overwhelming compliments over the loud music? Oh, and it makes you seem like you're way too interested. You have to be attentive, and show moderate interest, but girls always want what they can't have. Got to remember that.


How trendy does this sound to you exactly: A fat-free icelandic yoghurt-cheese, full of protein with no added sugar, fully recycleable packaging and fabulous for smoothies.

I think it is missing soy- and maybe a fairtrade or ecological stamp on it, to be honest. But then, it is viking traditional cuisine, meant to make you healthy and strong - not gay. It is nice to stick to the basics, really.

But I tried this deliciously funky Icelandic treat today, with added fruits of the forest and vanilla. I think I would've preferred it half as sweet, because one portion later, I actually felt a little queasy. Probably because this particuar type was made with both aspartame and acesulfame K, which are artifical sweeteners. I insist that I can tell when it's not just normal sugar, but I don't think I really can. except if it gets too sweet, if you know what I mean. Supernaturally sweet.

Anyway, Skyr was extremely rich and creamy, like a divine concotion of cream cheese and really mild greek yoghurt. A texture to die for, melt-in-your-mouth - soft like clouds, an absolute surprise from the "low-fat" packaging. I mean, I just bought it for the name, and the purple colour, of course. But I really enjoyed it, a very (if not a little sweet) satisfying lunch, probably stunning with cereal, some fresh fruit, raisins, you name it! Yum! I would love to have some traditional Icelandic skyr, seeing this is a Norwegian brand.

Try some!

Two white doors and a dead orchid

Today the weather is absolutely stunning!

And when my brother and I finally stumbled our way down from our rooms - belsebub had wrecked complete havoc in the livingroom. I should've taken a picture, but really that wasn't relevant in my brain at the time.

She had ripped one of the orchids down from the windowsill, and it lay splayed on the carpet, leaves torn off - bark and cracked pottery everywhere. On top of this lay her pink pig toy, tied up in the remains of my wesc bongo headset. She had also managed somehow, to spray one of the armchairs in more bark and orchid limbs. Her path of destruction followed us into the kitchen, where she had tipped over Cleo's food container. It appeared to be so much left that Cleo couldn't possibly have discovered it. I was mostly horrified by my headphones in pieces. Luckily they still work, I just need to substitute some chewed out bits and then glue it all together. *Snort*

In other news, here is some music for you. It'll be something mood-less, it could either be a happy song, or a sad song - depending on your mood. Quite nice. Today I chose them being happy songs!

And completely out of context; Melt by Way Out West. (Spotify)

I've been searching around the web for more Gordon Ramsay recipes, as I am always pleased when cooking them. Like his Yorkshire Puddings! Delicious. Anyone have any recipes they'd like to share? Yum!

These are two doors. In Oslo somewhere.


Oslo by night.
Cleo and Ulla.
Helge sleeping.
Me by night. On the bus, or tram


School is quite awesome at the moment, almost can't be called school though - it's such a variety of different fun things. Like writing and analyzing stories, concepts and developing strange new ideas - and everything is allowed! How brilliant is that?

Leveldesign is also fun, and the project will turn out great, seriously! I am sure of it. At least now that we know a little more about the procedure of creating a game. Geeh. That really helps, you know!

It is pouring down outside, and it's quite cold. Thought I would lead you on to a beautiful classic. It will never stop to amaze me, this song. And not only that, but it's true, too! Don't you think?

I Love My Man by Bent

You all have a beautiful day!

This is a Portuguese hydrant. I thought it looked punk.
And I am listening to a Portuguese rock album right now, Polexia. It's weird, cos it's in Portuguese, but it's quite good.

Next time, I'm going to

trim Ulla like this:

Delightful game

I have spent the last couple of days playing SimCity Civilization which I bought for a shameless price at Game. It looked rather poor to be honest, but I was very nostalgic about the entire SimCity concept, and seeing it was so cheap - I could just try ut out to see if it was any good.

Now, the game isn't very balanced at all. To progress you can't really build the city of your dreams. There will always be elements that destroy the image of your creative spree, in fact I'm almost insulted at how "restricted" it feels when not playing in "free play" mode. Most claims are reasonable, like the city needs electricity and prosperity, but that creativity, authority and spirituality are all equally mandatory is annoying. Because all these different "needs" work as a currency system. Some buildings cost a certain amount of authority, but gains you prosperity - for example.

The general happiness of your SimCitizens is also very important to keep a healthy city, so if you allow one of the "currencies" to grow too far, you will obviously drop down on other, and such cause unhappiness.

Not that it's a problem, the game isn't very difficult, and the different themes for venues, workplaces and homes are awesome. The skyscrapers look beautiful at night time, and you are able to create at least moderately stylish cities without "being unbalanced". *SnorT*

I like it. If I'd bought it full price it might've been different. But in essence it's nice, and I want to keep playing all the time, completely immerse and forget about space and time around me. Which is a quality this game still have, despite of not being the ancient original game.

And I just saw the Zelda: Twilight Princess trailer again, and now I just want to run downstairs and plug my Wii in. Iiih!!

900 - Letter to Singapore

Dear Sigrid

I wouldn't say a lot has happened since you left. It has after all only been two days. But truthfully it kind of feels like a long time. Maybe because we've known about it and thought about it for such a long time it was if you already belonged in Singapore. Though of course, you do belong here, too. The weather's been rather gloomy, we're all slowly getting ill. Torstein is, Hamre and me, too. So the house is now just filled with snot, and dog's hair. Hamre, Torstein and Mum are driving down to Sweden tomorrow to take over our new summerhouse. They are bringing so much stuff with them that they've rented a van. We're all quite looking forward to seeing it and spending time together there. If the dogs knew what was going on, they'd be psyched too.

As for school we are already working on a case project in teams. Preparing a complete high conceptual design for a browser-based computergame in relation to the Eurovision Song Contest 2010. We have this one German guy in the group, he's good fun, but his ideas are pretty far out most of the time. And the introduction to the project was rather poor - so the teams are running about, frustrated and confused about what we are actually supposed to be doing. And there's a lot of formalities and paperwork that is time consuming, but most of it is fun to do, and some time in the future of the project we'll be pleased to have all that documentation. ... I hope.

Ulla is getting her hair cut today, it's necessary actually. And tomorrow night there'll be this huuge party at Betong for the entire school. Though I am not sure too many will show up. I wonder if anybody know it's happening, that's usually were we go wrong. Forgetting to hand out the invitations. But oh well.

We miss you and we think of you all the time, we'll all come visit sometime too, and then we'll bring you Norwegian necessities. And you have to take me to the botanical gardens because we didn't get a good look at the bonsai tree garden!

With love, Tora.

Here is a picture of you, doing what you do best - be fascinated and soulful on something really weird. Like this magnificent castle in Portugal you are here studying the map of. Too bad it came out blurry!

Oh, and this is, incidentally my post number 900! Whoha.

Tuesday morning

Oh myy. If this lesson on Scrum gets any more interesting, we all might just exh-plode. Yesterday I bought Snow Patrol's "new" album (newest would be more appropriate, or most recent, obviously), that means "A Hundred Million Suns". And of course - Arctic Monkeys' "Humbug", which is actually still new. Though sadly, not as indie as I would ideally like it.

But then, I can't really win every time.

I'll have a good listen through, and then I'll tell you what I think. Not like you have a choice.

My sister went to Singapore today, or she is leaving today, that would be more accurate. I am truly happy for her because she's worked so hard all her life (she still does) and if anyone deserves such great career opportunities, it must be her. However it's really heart-breaking to be witnessing a couple like Sigrid and Axel being split across the globe once more. They don't deserve that.

My throat is all sore, so I had a Strepsils cough lozenge, but it really tasted awful, and it didn't make my throat any better either. I'd like some warm soup or some tea or perhaps some blackcurrant toddy. Today the forecast said rain. A perfect day to listen to "Pulling Our Weight" by Radio Department.

Here is a picture of dogs. They are Rottweillers. Meow. How cute is that? I want to be one too



It's a countdown for November going on in my mind, as per usual. Because then it will be NaNoWriMo again, and this year I am so full of ideas I have no clue how to battle them all into just 50,000 words. Whii!!!

School is starting on Monday, and that is super-exciting too. This post is about nothing in particular unfortunately, as I really don't have anything of interest to share with you.
Maybe some pictures?

From various places in Portugal, last November

Engines by Snow Patrol

Have you really appreciated the abnormal wondrousness of "Engines" by Snow Patrol (Spotify) / (YouTube) ? Have you?

Have you?! I mean, I didn't *love* it at first, but it's really grown on me, and now it means the world.

3:20 in to the song, it gets so beautiful. It just makes me want to laugh and cry at once.
I have listened so much to this album (A Hundred Million Suns) that I know I have to buy it now. Snow Patrol will always remind me of Foss and all the fun we had together, especially "Chasing Cars"(Spotify) / (YouTube). That's a beautiful tune, too.

Thank you Foss, for showing me! And now, I am showing the rest of you!
(Probably for the hundred millionth time - when will I ever shut up about Snow Patrol you say? Hmmmmmmmmmmm. Leeet me think about that. uuumm.. Tchjaaaa... I'd say --- Hmmm... --Probably never). Maybe I should just create a seperate tag, "music" doesn't really cover it.

I know I love you like the silvered gold of dying days
I know I love you like an ancient history brought to life
I know I love you like the sunlit water on your skin
I know I love you like the million times I never said

Tree, Lisbon

Review: Doc' Stærk Cayenne - Liqorice

Hi! How are you? How have you been? Anything interesing on the agenda? I have never written a review on troches (throat drops) before, but I tried this one today and it was, I must say, quite interesting.

Now all that fusion, new-exciting-flavours, "strawberries and balsamic vinegar", let's-explore-the-flavour-of-umami is old news. Everywhere people are trying to come up with new, trendy combinations of familiar things (or unfamiliar things too for that matter) to broaden the market and the potential of dull items. Crisps now have to taste of mozzarella and chorizo, or you need to reconsider what you really value in life. Parma ham mashed potato with a parsnip foam?
Like pretending to appreciate the sensation of unleashing the full, brute force of a sleek sirloin braised in a simmer of kurrat and tsampa (beef fried with leek and yak butter). You know "feel the delight of local grown food, while exploring asian cuisine". Easier said than done.

Though here, just a simple liqorice throat lozenge, slightly reinvented. Through easy steps, enhancing it with a bit of mint and pepper - and it's like a small step for lozenges, quite an interesting step for lozenge-kind. I wouldn't usually buy anything like this under the pretence of expecting it to taste good, it was all because the black coloured Stærk is delicious, but I was in need of variation.

The Cayenne stærk is in addition a blushing red, and in fact one of those cases where all the food-hype might have worked. I say might because, this has been such a long and boring day, and the Stærk seemed to have been my only highlight since I was left here alone to rot.

I would say they clear the throat, infuse your tastebuds with a not too peppery sensation, yet still feel very refreshing. It might not be worth it's price of 14,- for a whopping 25g, but then again everything sugarfree is usually overpriced. I have nothing else to say today. Maybe you would like it too?

Regular, black Stærk.



I don't know why we spend so much of our lives trying to improve the way we look. It is probably the biggest and most common obsession of all humans (perhaps except from among Lapps and Eskimos, generally - the people in the snow have given up).

I don't know, I think I spend about twenty minutes - half an hour a day (at least) trying to fudge on my mask of sanity before leaving the house, not to mention trying to shape my birdly head-nest into something that would at least look like hair. But then I do wear a lot of make-up, more than anyone I know who's not a goth, anyway. And so I guess this time-consuming process is more dominating in my world than in others.

Not only do I spend (probably at an average) three and a half hours a week just trying to look sane, but I am always left at a loss on the "nightwear" rule. Because the basic rule when you go out bar-hopping, clubbing or to a party somewhere - is that you do this wearing about 30% more make-up than you do in the daytime. This means I have to spend about an hour wedging my face on with an ironing board, two buckets of cement, a sledgehammer and a fondue fork (whilst curling my head-nest with a bunch of heavy-duty bolsters*). -- And I regularly come out looking as a clown anyway, absolutely nada like Megan Fox. Nada.

So, if you like me, sometimes feel like beauty-treatment and cosmetics is taking over your life (Audun); save time on grooming by skipping showers. You can simply simulate that you're showering while on the bus to school. Apparently this method is

A. Entertaining
B. Fun to do
C. Relatively dry (unless someone spit on you)
D. Cheap - saves the hot water, and the shampoo!

So, as I can't seem to rid myself of the habit on wearing face-paint before entering every day warfare, for now I am simply going to infuse my invigoriting cassoulet of smells with a splurt of sweat and a knob of pollution that's been allowed to yeast in my pores for a little while longer!

Now that's pretty disgusting! Smudge some pus on the bus!

*For you curious types - yes, apparently the make-up ritual is quizzically similar to construction work

Spice up your biscuits

Mh! Hello you.

Now, how do you feel about storing your biscuits together with the spices?
I think it's just such a lovely way to bring a bit of extra multi-cultural excitement into your home on a daily basis.

Really. When I brew myself a warm, soothing pot of green tea with lemon, there is nothing better to me than the surprise of finding my packet of Bixit Oat biscuits to taste like enchiladas. This might not seem fair to you, because, as an unenlightened, you have not yet been introduced to the astounding world of post-flavouring an already flavoured biscuit. But in truth it couldn't be more obvious.

It only takes an already violated packet of your favourite biscuit to be unconventionally stored in the same drawer or shelf as say your barbecue seasoning or all the rosemary, cumin, thyme, garlic and taco spice you could possibly get your hands on. The more the merrier!

And the best of all is that it will only take one night. Just a casual one night stand with less-casual consequences. And the result, well - what can I say... ? You have never tasted anything quite like it. Forgive me for sounding so bitter, I probably shouldn't be eating those biscuits in the first place, but that couldn't be further from the point.

Obviously, unless you really are as weird as I would assume - there is nothing worse on the planet (perhaps, in a surreal way, apart from burnt raisins) than dipping your gjende-kjeks into an ice-cold glass of milk and to find it tasting like the Mattancherry Cochin spice market in Kochi.
What is your problem? Why can't you just put the poor, innocent biscuits in a different place, say, like up where we store the peanut butter and the syrup?

Why, I guess we'll just never know.

olives, food and a slightly fruity flavour

I just ate one piece of Wrigley's Extra Sweet Mint Chewing gum, 4 Herbal Sugar Free One Second Mini Mints and one Wrigley's Extra Drops Pro Redberry Lemon.

Contrary to what one may think, this did not result in my immediate death (yet), or a delightful burst of sweet-berry-lemoned-mintiness, but - sadly - it was like a concotion of toothpaste and bitter vegetables. I think all the sweeteners and artificial flavours cooperated to create a crisp, sweet-pea-like flavour. I wouldn't usually mind, but the texture was all wrong.

Just like with Jelly Belly buttered popcorn flavoured jelly beans. It does taste like popcorn, really, it is the exact correct buttery-salt flavour - and you know it! It just feels wrong in your mouth.

And I swear we are losing touch with ourselves here, because as texture and flavour are equally important when it comes to food satisfaction, we are being bombarded daily with misinformation on how things are supposed to taste and feel, or what qualities certain foodtypes are supposed to have.

Like that shower milk (shower milk? What?) made with olive milk. Hilarious. Last time I checked olives were these hard, weird fruits that are so inedible and useless that we have to pickle them to be able to stand the flavour. I wont even question the logic of trying to massage the nipples of a fruit. So just let me skip right past that to when you're "milking" an olive, if it was technically possible. Yeah? Because the only thing you'll achieve with any luck is Amurca, which, I looked up on wikipedia: Amurca is the bitter tasting, dark watery liquid which flows from pressed olives under light pressure, prior to the olive oil which only drains under greater pressure. Historically, amurca was used for numerous purposes, including as a building material, pesticide, herbicide, and even as an astringent, which was called by the same name. Firewood treated with amurca burns smokelessly. So say if you milk it harder, you'll get olive oil - which we use in cooking for it's subtle, versatile flavour. Raw olives do contain vitamin e, but I don't see exactly how that helps or that that in coalition with a dairy product will create the ultimate shower experience.

And don't even get me started on the almond milk.



All this rain is really dreadful. The summer's practically rained away when it hasn't been scorching. Yeah, I know, never satisf---


I just found something weird stuck on the F9 key on my keyboard. So I ate it.

Turns out, luckily - it was chocolate.

Either way - I really feel like I could let some sunlight in through the windows right now. It just seems so dark and eugh. Even though I know so well that I have all these excellent, wondrous things to look forward to right now. It is like an endless, hopeful list. When I wake up I turn over and I smile to myself, snuggled into the pillows. That's how happy I am. Waking up isn't fun really, it's awful. It is the idea of having a new day - even though it might not go as you wish, a few twists and turns will get you down, I can't help myself.

I am as usual when I don't really have the time for it - riding a creative wave that is out of my control. So I've decided to funnel it into something slightly constructive. And I will, as soon as I have the time. This post turned out awfully pompous.

It is thrilling to have all this energy, and I know that even though I can only see the bright spots from here, there's someone here to pull me through the dark. I am finally going to do something about it.

This guy here is Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson, that means "BearStar Bearsson" Pretty amazing to have a name like that I think. He wrote the Norwegian national anthem you know, among other things. I just like his attitude, very steady, purposeful. And the snow kind of framed his chest in an interesting, star-trek way.

On a need to know basis

Arctic Monkeys are releasing their new album "Humbug" on August 17th. Listen to their single; "Crying Lightning". I mean, I guess you already know, but what if you didn't! - Right? Their sound hasn't changed, but Alex Turner's hair has, he looks like Jack White now.

Sergeant's new single "Counting Down The Days" is the ultimate example of a brit-rock pop genre-jewel. Suitably whiney, lively, depressive yet optimistic. Sounds like a classic to me!

Casiokids' awesome tune "Finn Bikkjen" (Spotify link - couldn't find it online elsewhere!) has the greatest Norwegian lyrics I've heard in a long time! It made me laugh and smile, really all it takes. Like it! ("For den som finner bikkjen/får den aller feteste premien").

The Boombox Hearts containing former lovely members of Oliver North Boy Choir have published some new soft melancholich lo-fi with a tint of 60's pop (Ivan, I really do think you pulled it off!) It's like White Birch with a proper producer!

Have you really heard Dove's newest album "Kingdom of Rust" through? Have you?! No?! Well I tell you straight away it's pretty mint, boy! You better do something about it.

And EEK I really AM going to see Prodigy live this autumn AND it will be absolutely crazy. Seriously.

And EEEHEEK! Röyksopp was so flippin amazing at Roskilde, that I now kind of regret not having tickets for their gig at the Oya festival in Oslo in a few weeks, but on the other hand I'm actually working so it wouldn't have worked out anyway :( But if you ever get the chance; seriously - you better go see them, and you better like them, you lucky bastard.

Last, but not least; The quirky sweetness of The Maccabees. Had me at hello! Especially "Toothpaste Kisses" (Spotify link.) from their album "Wall of Arms". Meeooo00oow!

From Portugal.


Today I am halfway to 40. Feels good to be old!

That's right!

Party on.

July strongly recommends

I always enjoy getting tips on where to go, what to see and what to do or listen to. The ability to take advice and broaden our own horizons is so important. Some activities, sounds and sights fit better at certain times than other. So seeing it is in the middle of summer and we all long for the woozy afternoon hours, when the sunlight is visible as golden insects spurring in and out of sight. The sound of whispering leaves in the wind, and the relaxed heartbeat as stress and hopelessness drizzles off our souls. The flavour of licking the burnt sugar off a stick, the sensation of saltwater caressing your ankles. There could be no better time to, in the mood of this lazy, careless warmth - let July share some advice, some sights and sounds - because July really want to recommend

Miike Snow's album "Animal" - for upbeat and lively, contageous tangible happiness. With emphasis on "Cult Logic" and "Silvia".

Phoenix' album "Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix" - for the electronic, tender, energetic French ballads to accompany any vorspiel or any exciting summer reading. Mainly "Fences" and "1901".

The character "Buck" from Ice Age 3 for your monthly injection of madness and randomness. Really. This film is worth seeing if only just for the cute baby noises and the extremely weird characters and their freaky body language. Hilarious.

Rum, Lime and White Chocolate Mousse. Whip up some extra cream into the recipe, because it is a bit sour if your lime is tangy, and serve it with berries, like those of rasp or straw. You may also freeze a portion, taking it out and stirring the crystals out occasionally to make the most delicious ice cream.

The book "Nanny Oggs Cookbook" by Terry Pratchett - always a good reread, gets better each time. Silly, funny and calming like summer rain hot cocoa with marshmallows.

This here will be the experiences that will paint my summer 2009. The summer I've spent in essence, like the underside of a pier boiled down to fish broth, clouds woven into sheets - a synthetic recreation of summery-summerness. Whenever I feel like revisiting, I can just listen to the right songs.

I like that.

Roskilde '09

Was very very very hot. The sun was scorching and we were awakened by this brutally each morning before nine when the tent was suffocating us. Actually every morning proceeded something like this; the other three in our camp, that slept in different tents from us woke up first and initiated rolling the days first joint. Tink has already somehow managed to poke her head out of the inner part of the tent so she manages to breathe normally. Unlike the rest of us. Helge half-runs out of the tent to get air, and I follow half-running, half-falling out of the tent that is now boiling as a sauna. Kristin and Eivind wake up last, usually managing (miraculously) to catch a few more minutes than the rest of us.

The days were spent searching for shade and anything to cool us down. People are everywhere, dirty, tired, hungover, sweating, crippled by the heat. Still music is thumping from assorted speakers throughout the camp-areas, and most start to drink immediately to chase away the thudding discomfort of searing heat in combination with numbingly painful hangovers. In the clearings big shading canvases are set up, underneath which people are napping and drifting off all day in the shade. The "forest" areas looked undisturbed from a distance, but if you lifted the branches away you could see how the cool, moist forest ground was covered with desperate souls. Like a patchwork blanket of shiny, sweaty people, sleeping the pain and heat away.

We too spent one day shielded underneath the trees, but lucky as we were, we had access to a car, and so escaped to Copenhagen and Roskilde by most of the days. We went swimming in the indoors swimmingpool and went shopping and had bagels and chewed on licorice roots (that tasted like sticks with a bit of very strong licorice in them) fun at first, then sickenigly disgusting. Poor Eivind's foot was injured badly before we went to Roskilde, so he had to limp around everywhere.

The evenings were the best. We raved out by one of the bigger camps in our camp (J), and we had some licorice shots and lukewarm beer. We kept getting lost in translation with all the danes and that was really awesome. Like I'd ask someone by the bonfire if they had marshmallows, and they'd go "What's that?" and I'd repeat my question saying "MaaAwRshmellOHyws!" and then they'd be all "Aaah! MEYRshmEllOHws!" XD Classic.

Concerts! We saw all kinds of different stuff, but at least I got to see Whitest Boy Alive, La Coka Nostra, White Lies, Oasis, Coldplay, Haakon Hellström, Röyksopp (which was AMAZING), glimpses of Den Sorte Skole, some Kanye West, and some random DJ's in the lounge. And I mean random. Loads more played, but the ones scheduled before four in the evening were too hot to attend, and occasionally there were better things to do than to rock out in the festival area. Believe it or not.

The food was great pretty much everywhere. Yummy nachos and sweet mangolassi for the spicy indian food, we went to two different tex-mex buffets, probably to the hosts' great despair. When I wasn't sunburnt I was filthy, though it was usually both. But really being clean isn't what it's all cranked up to be. There is a certain charm to not bothering whther you look like shit or not, I stress that it's probably healthy to kick back and don't care sometimes. Though the icky thing is that I got sick during the last day, and it wasn't because I caught a cold, I'd got it from someone else, that place is like a bacteria-theme park. I mean, I am still sick to this day, eleven days later. But I definitely don't mind, was totally worth it.

Tink bought this awesome beachball that we covered in glitter-tape, it was beaaautiful, though unfortunately it got stolen :( It was too pretty to be left alone.

Thanks so much everyone for a really fun trip! Thank you for the music :D

White Lies
Eivind and Kristin with diamonds! O00ooOoh!
Helge and me at Whitest Boy Alive

Tink drew wiskers on me. Beeaaauuutiful!
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