All this rain is really dreadful. The summer's practically rained away when it hasn't been scorching. Yeah, I know, never satisf---


I just found something weird stuck on the F9 key on my keyboard. So I ate it.

Turns out, luckily - it was chocolate.

Either way - I really feel like I could let some sunlight in through the windows right now. It just seems so dark and eugh. Even though I know so well that I have all these excellent, wondrous things to look forward to right now. It is like an endless, hopeful list. When I wake up I turn over and I smile to myself, snuggled into the pillows. That's how happy I am. Waking up isn't fun really, it's awful. It is the idea of having a new day - even though it might not go as you wish, a few twists and turns will get you down, I can't help myself.

I am as usual when I don't really have the time for it - riding a creative wave that is out of my control. So I've decided to funnel it into something slightly constructive. And I will, as soon as I have the time. This post turned out awfully pompous.

It is thrilling to have all this energy, and I know that even though I can only see the bright spots from here, there's someone here to pull me through the dark. I am finally going to do something about it.

This guy here is Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson, that means "BearStar Bearsson" Pretty amazing to have a name like that I think. He wrote the Norwegian national anthem you know, among other things. I just like his attitude, very steady, purposeful. And the snow kind of framed his chest in an interesting, star-trek way.


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