Engines by Snow Patrol

Have you really appreciated the abnormal wondrousness of "Engines" by Snow Patrol (Spotify) / (YouTube) ? Have you?

Have you?! I mean, I didn't *love* it at first, but it's really grown on me, and now it means the world.

3:20 in to the song, it gets so beautiful. It just makes me want to laugh and cry at once.
I have listened so much to this album (A Hundred Million Suns) that I know I have to buy it now. Snow Patrol will always remind me of Foss and all the fun we had together, especially "Chasing Cars"(Spotify) / (YouTube). That's a beautiful tune, too.

Thank you Foss, for showing me! And now, I am showing the rest of you!
(Probably for the hundred millionth time - when will I ever shut up about Snow Patrol you say? Hmmmmmmmmmmm. Leeet me think about that. uuumm.. Tchjaaaa... I'd say --- Hmmm... --Probably never). Maybe I should just create a seperate tag, "music" doesn't really cover it.

I know I love you like the silvered gold of dying days
I know I love you like an ancient history brought to life
I know I love you like the sunlit water on your skin
I know I love you like the million times I never said

Tree, Lisbon


Emma said...

Enig ang det med mer voksen, og ENDA mer enig ang det med at det kommer til å bli en utfordring =P
Særlig ang praksis, men vi får jo heldigvis trening i dette =)
Jeg hørte på sangen, UTROLIG bra!
Og får jo også si gratulerer med ny leilighet med kjæresten! =D
Skjønner ang å slippe unna maset hjemmefra ;) vurderer om jeg skal flytte ut til neste år, men får se hva som skjer =)
Kanskje vi kunne møttes og tatt en kaffe en dag hvis du har lyst og tid? Hadde vært koselig og catche up in person ;)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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