Tuesday morning

Oh myy. If this lesson on Scrum gets any more interesting, we all might just exh-plode. Yesterday I bought Snow Patrol's "new" album (newest would be more appropriate, or most recent, obviously), that means "A Hundred Million Suns". And of course - Arctic Monkeys' "Humbug", which is actually still new. Though sadly, not as indie as I would ideally like it.

But then, I can't really win every time.

I'll have a good listen through, and then I'll tell you what I think. Not like you have a choice.

My sister went to Singapore today, or she is leaving today, that would be more accurate. I am truly happy for her because she's worked so hard all her life (she still does) and if anyone deserves such great career opportunities, it must be her. However it's really heart-breaking to be witnessing a couple like Sigrid and Axel being split across the globe once more. They don't deserve that.

My throat is all sore, so I had a Strepsils cough lozenge, but it really tasted awful, and it didn't make my throat any better either. I'd like some warm soup or some tea or perhaps some blackcurrant toddy. Today the forecast said rain. A perfect day to listen to "Pulling Our Weight" by Radio Department.

Here is a picture of dogs. They are Rottweillers. Meow. How cute is that? I want to be one too


Tink said...

sale! 50 % on everything in the cd shop! (CCvest) go buy musix!

I bought pikmin to wii!
and the new rayman!
and guitarhero!

choo choo!

Tora said...

Ooooh, Sweet!!

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