Lots and lots and lots and lots

- to say! but can't make myself to write it at the moment.

Please enjoy Lykke Li (which can be translated to "Hap-py")
Supported for Shout Out Louds concert at John Dee Sat. Nov. 24th.

Also my mama made her hair more ginger, it's really beautiful because I think she is beautiful - but I know you're all going to say she looks like a carrot.
Well piss off!


Of course the most brilliant medicines can't be produced. I am already suspecting that they have a cure for the most horrid things, that science already have been victorious against - but we still have to suffer with. Imagine if there was a cure against getting pregnant, haha, everyone would just run around and have sex all the time, everywhere! ...

Forgetfulness! I'm sure there is an academic way of being reminded and remember everything, but if people started using this all the time, we wouldn't be using our head on our own - so we'd be helpless without it. Even though it would be a great invention, that many people would be grateful for, and that maybe could help make our planet a better place to be. The disaster that would occur if something happened, and we wouldn't be able to get hold of it anymore is inconcieveable.

Think if there was an antidote to smoking, or drug-addiction, even to caffeine and sugar-holics. This might already excist you know, but then what would we learn from our abuse? We'd just quit, then go back at it if we liked to, because there was always away out of it again. We wouldn't learn anything about our past mistakes, we could twist our course of life, help a lot of people who need to get out of their condition. But man is way too selfish for such a tool, something so powerful, we have the statistics against us. Again. We'd abuse it just like a drug.

Imagine there was a cure against being hungover! The damage would never end! People would drink the rivers dry, and hand in their livers way before they became of age! It would be madness to publish a discovery like that. Mankind isn't made for these temptations, and the punishments have to be hard, or else we wont be able to control ourselves.
Then perhaps I am being too negative here, maybe we could in fact handle it, there's a chance.
But I don't honestly believe it myself, at least not until I see it!

Band names

Here's something new and interesting.
"Peak Fitness Condition" and "My Tribe" by danish Spleen United
"Two Lovers" and "Wide Awake" by british The Twang

Their band names are so funny! I thought they didn't really make much sense, so I fished up the definitions, and I was right; don't make much sense:

The Spleen is an organ located in the abdomen of the human body, where it functions in the destruction of old red blood cells and holding a small reservoir of blood.

United [yoo-nahyt] u·nit·ed, u·nit·ing.
–verb (used with object)
to join, combine, or incorporate so as to form a single whole or unit. Past participle of unite.

Twang is another name for alt-country music.
Twang can also be used to describe a mild accent (for example a southern twang).
Twang is known in poetic terms as a piece of onomatopoeia (e.g., describing certain sounds, such as a guitar being plucked and make a "twang", or elastic bands being stretched and released to make a distinctive "twang").

Thank you Wikipedia and dictionarydotcom.
Actually I know many bands with strange names, snd there are tons of others too! Then I thought, why not try the Band Name Maker? I set the optional word as my own name, and here's what I got:

Tora Bean
Loveless Tora
Tora Of The Pissing
Proto Tora
Tora Accident
Tenth Tora Of The Battery-powered Civilian
Classic Tora
Consumed Tora And The Genetic Factory
Hiding Tora

I'm going to start a band and call it "Tora Accident", because it doesn't sound any cool at all.

Lean a little bit closer, see?

Yes, so today I was in court. I don't think I was sober before atleast an hour in to the trial, which was a bad thing - seeing food & drink is banned during the session, I could feel my condition swell up inside me without being able to hold it down by drinking or eating.
And as I sat there, sick, tired, in horrible, undescribable disgusted pain - I wondered what kind of crossdressing clever otter-trucker had managed to dress up an entire profession in drag - without them noticing. What an amazing accomplishment. For those who have set themselves such goals. Though, honest - what a genius idea.

I can picture the lads standing in front of a mirror wearing powdered wigs, and black, puff*-sleeved dresses - admiring their own buttocks - going, with considerable contemplation:
"Hmmm... Yes, I guess I do realize I look very much like my own aunt in my uncles funeral... But, b-but this certainly looks like nothing from the Frippery. Hmm - you know what? Do you know what...? Actually, it makes my behind look dih-vine!"

Didn't really notice any behinds during the session, but people are really conscious about the way their end is displayed, so it must've been something like that which actually convinced them in the end. Oh, and considering my own, sorry state - the notorious shivering and the dreadful need for washing my intestines in chlorine slowly vapourized. I inhaled a bottle of water and things felt a lot better.

* Clever, clever. I see what you did there.


Thought I would sum up a little bit about some films that have been seen lately!

  • Go see "Stardust" right now. I love it from my beard to my nails, it's fantastic!
  • Swallow a box of anti-depressives and put your rainbow-sunglasses on before seeing "Pan's Labyrinth". Gruesome, dark, fantastic, horrible, grotesque and sad film. With not a single ounze of Hollywood in it. I cried like a baby.
  • You have to see "Gegen Die Wand" (Against The Wall) - which is a German/Turkish film about forgetting, about loving unconditionally, about accepting and about drugs, and sex and punk rock (is not dead). Brilliant film. I loved it lots.
  • "Wag the Dog" was quite good too.
  • "Transformers"... You haven't seen transformers? ... Get out, right now!!

"Against the Wall"
"Pan's Labyrinth"
"Wag the Dog"

I'm sick tomorrow (today)

I had this brilliant idea for a blog post as I walked towards home tonight, but now when I finally am home (thank you elin's mum) - I can't remember what it was.

All I know is that i added Pok Lun as a friend on facebook, and that all the alcohol, the cold and the effort is worth this sad moment.

Tomorrow I'm going to court with my law-studies class (the A and the CAPS LOCK button is placed too close on a flapflop keyboard) and one is not allowed to eat or drink during the session so I will die. Though it was very nice knowing you. Have a fan-tas-tic friday.

Also, my iPod is at Elin's - wonder how long 'll last without it. Don't put any money on this bet!


Happy Birthday Mamma!

It's everybody's birthday this month!

But today it's Bominski's!



I realised that I've never before devoted a post entirely to bacon, and, I apprehended - this was not just!
I love bacon! Who doesn't love bacon? I don't know a single, tormented soul that do not bask in the grandness of bacon every now and then! And why shouldn't we? There are so many fan-tas-tic things one can do with these silky slivers of pork fat - that it can for a minute seem quite overwhelming. I decided to ease your confusion and blazon you with this showcase of:

1. Bacon is the perfect addition to any dish. Bacon and chicken, bacon and beef, bacon and potatoes, or eggs, salad, bread, tea, onions, lamb, fish, vegetables, even bacon and ice-cream.
So if in doubt - just add bacon. (Though note that bacon doesn't go well with either chocolate or coffee).

2. Bacon can be thrown on the wall, or to the ceiling - to a fabulous surprise when it falls down!

3. Use it as soap, just rub it against you - and every dog on the planet will like you.

4. Bacon is the perfect makeshift present for your girlfriend - if she is not happy with a necklace - pretend it's a ring! Success guaranteed!

5. Bacon can be a great travel companion, seeing everyone loves bacon it's an international currency and can trade your kidneys back or yourself out of slavery, anytime. If you don't have a suitcase, you can just fold your underpants into some bacon, and voilá!

6. If you dry a nice side of bacon - it's a cheap solution for a shelf, a plank or even a trendy snowboard.

7. Bacon is marvellous for a ticket, you may not realize - but most machines are able to scan bacon and accept it as a valid ticket throughout your travel. (This doesn't work in either Canada or Latveria, but is foolproof in major parts of the world).

8. To make sure you get through to the next interview for the job you want - simply wear bacon as a nice, tight dress - and make sure to give bacon to everyone you see. Works, every time!

9. Stick some bacon on your windows for an atmospheric decoration during the holidays.

10. If you think rap-music is bad...? Try listening to your bacon.



The good thing about working in a shop which is a part of a mall, is that if I forget my lunch at home - or if I want more lunch - there's a huge grocery store that I can buy from. What which is even more positive about this is that during the weekends they always hand out a lot of free samples. By the time I have reached the dairy-department for my yoghurt, I have eaten doughnuts, melon, grapes, vitamin-pills, vitamin-shake, cod, cheese and rice-crisps. Sometimes I don't even have to buy anything. How spectacular is that?

What which is not so good is that the yoghurt costs me 8,- (which equals to about one euro).
Have to pay for the selection and the grapes :( Unfortunately!

Ask Pladask!

Gratulerer så mye med 3-års dagen!



Many things should be illegal, but above all I believe that making a remix of music that I love should be one of them.

I don't give much of a hat if Craig David decides to do a cover of "Hot Stuff - Let's Dance', or if Gym Class Heroes get a lot of credit, even though they stole their chorus of 'Cupids Chokehold' from Supertramp's 'Take a Look at My Girlfriend'.
But when Kanye West steal the sexy lines from Daft Punk's brilliant homework to create the song 'Stronger' - which is a waste of space, by the way - someone should be arrested.

And, not to forget Fergie's gruesome rape of The Verve's beautiful 'Bittersweet Symphony' in her inter-stinky smell-smell remix of that song and her own 'London Bridge'.
Jail I say! Lifetime! How can they do these things? Why do they get away with it?
I think they should start making their own, bloody music. And lay off the good shit.

Gratulerer med dagen morfar!


The song goes like this

Whenever I'm in a hurry, or if I am running late, I sing a little song in my head. And this song (I thought you might want to learn the song, it is a nice song. Though it would have been better if it had been sung under nicer circumstances), goes a bit like this:

Shit, shit-shit-shit


Digitalo, Landmark, Bergen, Norway

DJ Skatebård & Balthazar kicked ass this Saturday (November 3rd).
(at Landmark, Kunsthallen, Bergen, Norway - if I may feel so obliged to inform you).

My sister and I literally danced until the lights went on. The roof lifted completely, it was crazy. It was like the beginning of a completely new era of italo-disco, they played samples of hi-nrg one could only dream of! Dance music from the deepest, most secret depths of your head-brain appeared, and came true.


The experience was not only in the fabulous music - which I enjoyed every second of - but also all the awesome people that were there. It was a cool-ness way above what you may call cool, and the place was hot. The DJ's looked awesome, it was style from beginning to end (when they did a mix of Prodigy's "No Good For Me", and that I believe it to be unecessary to say; was the perfect finish). Wish there was awesomeness like this in Oslo!

All I have to say is, if you get the chance, don't hesitate; go there!


Happy Birthday Pappa!

Happy 44th Birthday!


Captain Planet!

I've been thinking a lot about our planet lately, and i know the hysteria is most likely all a lot of bollocks - we wont be going under just yet! But, is this really a reason to decrease awareness about the environment and stop trying to prevent it from being destroyed? I don't think so!

We can still make a difference, the question is - very simply - how? So I did some research (some of it might seem painfully obvious, but it's still a nice gesture).

Please let me know if you have any interesting and simple ways of sparing the planet!

30 Things You Can Do to Save The Planet:

1. Turn off the light in the rooms you are not currently using.

2. Unplug chargers and electrical appliances that are not currently in use
(some older ones pointlessly steal electricity from you even when not in use).

3. Recycle, separate the cardboard from the plastic and the glass - it really isn't hard.

4. Keep cold, not every room, just your bedroom for example.

5. Compost, everything organic can be thrown in a pile in the garden.
(You may think so, but it is not rocket science. The results can be used for your plants, even inside).
6. Walk. Try not to think that the car will hate you for it.
(no, it is that easy)

7. Draw or write on both sides of the paper.

8. E-mail the Christmas cards this year. Or whatever else you might wish to send.

9. Smell a little, don't shower so often, save the hot water.
(you know it takes a bit of pain to save mama-earth)

10 Dry clothes on a clothes-line, instead of tumble drying.
(dry it in creative ways if you don't have space. Like on your head, or your cat.)

11. Wipe up spills with a cloth, don't use paper or napkins.

12. Store food in reusable containers instead of plastic wrap.

13. Use a bag or net instead of plastic bags when shopping.

14. Recharge batteries.

15. Make it perfect the first time, so you don't have to print a document several times.

16. Wipe your feet, eat politely, save water and energy by not having to wash your house and clothes often.

17. Wear it out, don't buy new all the time.
(for example, use razors with replaceable blades instead of entire disposable razors)

18. Plant a little tree. Find a nice spot and water it every now and then, it doesn't require much work. And, they're beautiful!

19. Use fluorescent bulbs, they waste less energy than the ordinary ones.

20. Don't let the water run (away) while you brush your teeth, or soap-in when showering, turn it off in-between soaping.

21. Don't litter, look for a trashcan or just carry it in your pocket until you do.

22. Insulate your home. Glava loves you.

23. Have a timer on your outdoor light - or do like me, don't have any at all.

24. Don't use leaf-blowers, they produce a lot of dust. And removing the leaves is purely for cosmetic purposes, very pathetic, they will just come back again.
(You will also find that there is very little harm in dry leaves)

25. Check and fix water leaks.
(see, this even rhymes! it makes sense, must be a sign).

26. Take your car to a car wash instead of washing it in the driveway.
(To save the ground water) Then again, you could always choose not to use it at all.

27. Read comics and news online instead of purchasing the magazines/papers
(if this makes you feel guilty - donate!)

28. Turn to Barry White, ditch the candlelight
(whenever in the need of some romance, think of new green ways of creating an atmosphere)

29. Jog outside, instead of going to the gym to run on a treadmill.

30. Be generous, it can leave a nice conscious to donate the furniture and clothes you don't want anymore.
(Even though it all might not be in the bestest shape - someone might be grateful for it.)

Think of other ways of living sustainably and going green, this is easier if your local area can be there to support your lifestyle. You can change the way life is lived around you by encouraging your friends and work-place to be eco-friendly. Like suggesting video-conferences at work instead of everyone flying over just to shake hands, or recycle your girlfriends.

On a general note, just use your head!
Every day.

Your children will be very grateful for it, in many ways.

All the little animations probably hurt your eyes a bit! Well caring does hurt. And so does pimping out my blog. I hope you don't mind.
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