Captain Planet!

I've been thinking a lot about our planet lately, and i know the hysteria is most likely all a lot of bollocks - we wont be going under just yet! But, is this really a reason to decrease awareness about the environment and stop trying to prevent it from being destroyed? I don't think so!

We can still make a difference, the question is - very simply - how? So I did some research (some of it might seem painfully obvious, but it's still a nice gesture).

Please let me know if you have any interesting and simple ways of sparing the planet!

30 Things You Can Do to Save The Planet:

1. Turn off the light in the rooms you are not currently using.

2. Unplug chargers and electrical appliances that are not currently in use
(some older ones pointlessly steal electricity from you even when not in use).

3. Recycle, separate the cardboard from the plastic and the glass - it really isn't hard.

4. Keep cold, not every room, just your bedroom for example.

5. Compost, everything organic can be thrown in a pile in the garden.
(You may think so, but it is not rocket science. The results can be used for your plants, even inside).
6. Walk. Try not to think that the car will hate you for it.
(no, it is that easy)

7. Draw or write on both sides of the paper.

8. E-mail the Christmas cards this year. Or whatever else you might wish to send.

9. Smell a little, don't shower so often, save the hot water.
(you know it takes a bit of pain to save mama-earth)

10 Dry clothes on a clothes-line, instead of tumble drying.
(dry it in creative ways if you don't have space. Like on your head, or your cat.)

11. Wipe up spills with a cloth, don't use paper or napkins.

12. Store food in reusable containers instead of plastic wrap.

13. Use a bag or net instead of plastic bags when shopping.

14. Recharge batteries.

15. Make it perfect the first time, so you don't have to print a document several times.

16. Wipe your feet, eat politely, save water and energy by not having to wash your house and clothes often.

17. Wear it out, don't buy new all the time.
(for example, use razors with replaceable blades instead of entire disposable razors)

18. Plant a little tree. Find a nice spot and water it every now and then, it doesn't require much work. And, they're beautiful!

19. Use fluorescent bulbs, they waste less energy than the ordinary ones.

20. Don't let the water run (away) while you brush your teeth, or soap-in when showering, turn it off in-between soaping.

21. Don't litter, look for a trashcan or just carry it in your pocket until you do.

22. Insulate your home. Glava loves you.

23. Have a timer on your outdoor light - or do like me, don't have any at all.

24. Don't use leaf-blowers, they produce a lot of dust. And removing the leaves is purely for cosmetic purposes, very pathetic, they will just come back again.
(You will also find that there is very little harm in dry leaves)

25. Check and fix water leaks.
(see, this even rhymes! it makes sense, must be a sign).

26. Take your car to a car wash instead of washing it in the driveway.
(To save the ground water) Then again, you could always choose not to use it at all.

27. Read comics and news online instead of purchasing the magazines/papers
(if this makes you feel guilty - donate!)

28. Turn to Barry White, ditch the candlelight
(whenever in the need of some romance, think of new green ways of creating an atmosphere)

29. Jog outside, instead of going to the gym to run on a treadmill.

30. Be generous, it can leave a nice conscious to donate the furniture and clothes you don't want anymore.
(Even though it all might not be in the bestest shape - someone might be grateful for it.)

Think of other ways of living sustainably and going green, this is easier if your local area can be there to support your lifestyle. You can change the way life is lived around you by encouraging your friends and work-place to be eco-friendly. Like suggesting video-conferences at work instead of everyone flying over just to shake hands, or recycle your girlfriends.

On a general note, just use your head!
Every day.

Your children will be very grateful for it, in many ways.

All the little animations probably hurt your eyes a bit! Well caring does hurt. And so does pimping out my blog. I hope you don't mind.


Smylexx said...

Save the cheerleader-save the world.

Everything else is irrelevant.

Audun said...

Very nice list!

And you used the words 'bollocks'.

I like that word.


Ryaninja said...

You missed out number 31.

Save energy by sleeping all day and refusing to get out of bed.

Plus number 32:

Save water - hold out until you go to work before having a poo, and then don't flush. Your colleagues will thank you for your contribution to saving the Earth.

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