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This blog doesn't have enough weasels.


Loving the cover

of Syd Matters' "Someday we will foresee obstacles" album.

of The Shins' "Wincing the night away" album.

of We are Scientists' "With love and Squalor" album.

of Razorlight's "Up all night" album.

of Fatboy slim's "Why try harder" album.

they are all very nice indeed! There are tons of other covers too, but I just had to mention these!

It is the season

Temperature been falling like crazy, and the Norwegian population is now facing the dreadful consequences.
Among others, there's 13 teachers at my school which is now not present because of severe illness. At the shop; people, dogs, cats, peas, bread, cheese, the floor and the milk-cartons are coughing heavily.
This happens every year, especially at these dark, snowy times, where frost is found as much on your nose as between your toes. You know it because alarming sounds make their way from the coolness in your joints, you know it because of the way your kneecaps feel like stiffened butter, and the thighs numb, swollen and red with cold.
I've decided to disembark from that Ark, and have set a goal of not getting ill this year. I started out yesterday actually, by being good at taking vitamins, drinking my carrot-j00se, getting lots of sleep and trying to keep warm.
Monday and Tuesday night I've also been snowboarding, something which was fantastic. Tuesday night Liv-Elin and I nearly had the slopes all to ourselves! today my neck is stiff, that is quite strange, my legs are also hurting a fair bit, but I am sure that has nothing to do with a cold.

Starz in their eyes by Just Jack

Well since I took the liberty of putting Moving by Supergrass in my blog.
Liv-Elin could have Starz in their Eyes by Just Jack in her blog, and she got it from Tobias, so I guess she has the right to put it in her blog. Well it is there, if you didn't get it, Starz in their Eyes by Just Jack is over at Liv-Elins blog. It is fantastic indeed.

Since I still wanted Starz in their Eyes by Just Jack, which Liv-Elin now has, I had to put something in here. Well, it's not Starz in their Eyes by Just Jack (that Liv-Elin has) but it's nearly there, it's at least as good as it, yet another band from the Norwegian city of Bergen, I bring you:

Fa-fa-fa by Datarock

Damn you Liv-Elin,
damn you and Starz in their Eyes by Just Jack that you have in your blog!

At the School office

Liv-Elin knocked twice, and then she entered.
- "Excuse me" Liv-Elin said "you don't happen to have found a pair of headphones anywhere?"
The female secretary looked up from some paperwork and shook her head.
- "no phones, no".
"no, no" Liv-Elin said "headphones, not phone".
The secretary was momentarily perplexed, then rapidly spat:
"no, no headphones either".

Viking names

An in-depth analysis of what the internet has to offer in finding your inner viking.
Beginning with scanning the web for a source of "Viking Name Generators".
(listed randomly)

1. Full link here.
Input: Tora, Female
Output: Hallfrid the Gimp
Verdict: This is actually funny. Names are original and strange, not exceptionally accurate, but enough to give you the basic guidelines on the road to complete vikingizing.

2. Full link here.
Input: Tora, Unshaven
Output: Tora Hairy-Cheek
Verdict: This is dull and very poor, you don't even get to mention the gender related to the name. Back to the drawingboard!

3. Full link here.
Input: Tora, Mace, Pillaging.
Output: All hail Meldun the Cruel. May Odin and Grungir smile upon you.
Verdict: As the previous site, this name is not gender related, but you get to choose from several alternatives what you want to affect your name. The outcome is very viking. Not bad, not bad.

4. Full link here.
Input: Tora, My bruises have bruises. And I like it that way. Wolf. Rare meat. One of them sissy drinks with a paper umbrella and a slice of pineapple. Other people can occasionally be useful, especially as minions. I want lots of minions. I'm courteous to people who are courteous to me. Geeky.
Output: Þóra Foeflattener
(Well, actually, that wouldn't really be your name -- since you're female, your name would be something like "Þóra Björnsdottir".
But this is the twenty-first century, and you want to be known for who you are, not for who your father was, right? Right.)
Your Viking Personality: You're a fearsome Viking, but you aren't completely uncivilized. The other Vikings make fun of you for that. You have a thirst for battle, and tend to strike first and think later. You're not a "berserker", but you're among the toughest sane Vikings around.
You might grumble a bit at the lack of amenities on board a Viking longboat, but you can handle it. Vikings make fun of you all the time. Not always behind your back, either.
You have a fairly pragmatic attitude towards life, and tend not to expend effort in areas where it would be wasted. Other people tend to think of you as manipulative and conniving.
Verdict: ... this is.... amazing <3>

We continue our quest - next time. Tune in, same place, and certainly a different time!

Monday update

A good friend likes this song too.
if you want the translation, ask this friend.

And I saw a film on Saturday called Primer, it was about mind-twisting timetravel on a completely new level - something my stepdad found hard to understand. The film was at times very confusing, filmed in an original way with a great spark between the two main characters, but left lots of loose threads by the end of it. Still I highly recommend it, and think I'll enjoy to see it one more time, so that I may catch things I can have missed along the way. The script is also amazing, and the idea is very good, packed - of course - with very classic engineer jokes and deep musings about life and its values. Of course I found the engineer jokes to be brilliant (seeing both my dads are engineers).

Stuffed animals are facing a very insecure future, I wont tell you why.

Snow is falling in Oslo, the sound is getting all muted and stiff, the temperature a bit milder, but still around -9 c at eight in the morning. - moving on from the weather, we continue to sports

Okay, and now a riddle!
What happens when you put five emos in a square room?

Thank you for your attention at this brief update, see ya!

I morra! jeg mener, - i morgen!

Translation: " T'morrow! I mean, - tomorrow!"

Well since my tall, curly 'tag-along' (aka known as "Nadir", even "Ignore", "Lamegunner", or simply "stumpen" *), more easily put as my darling came along, I've had certain--- identity problems.

You must've noticed the constant shift in blog-layouts, the new hair colour, the fresh pair of socks! It's obvious!
No, but really.
Since he is from a different part of Norway, he speaks Norwegian a bit differently from me (yeah, and how's that possible? It pretty much all sounds like "eg vi ha ski tak ull tog nek" anyway, what's the difference?). No, but really, he does!

And not only has this made me topple my vocabulary over a bit, but he did too! So we simply did a linguistic swap! It's actually made quite an impact on my daily life, people are having a hard time understanding me, at least laughing hard whenever I'm opening my mouth!

I'm lost in translation.

*I'm dead now *snigger*

160 drops of vikingblood

Two days ago in the shop where I work, a woman came by, she ordered 160 packages of 2 menu candlelight holders in clear glass.
She wanted them wrapped each box seperately.
160 presents!

My hands are stained with 7 seperate wounds, menu has marked me with my own red blood.

okay, that is my hand, my chimney and taken by my camera, but it so most certainly is red wax and not blood.

O'rly? The goggles!

Went a little berserk just then.

aah, nooo, not the tikbalang!

In World of Warcraft, a good friend gave me an infallible Tikbalang Ward.
"With this trusty warding talisman,
no tikbalang will ever find you and steal you away to the treetops.
It really works!"

Now, after laughing for yards and kilometres at this, I discovered that a "Tikbalang" actually just wasn't a load of bollocks!

No, no sir! In fact, a Tikbalang is an ancient mythical creature that leads you astray from your path according to my source Wikipedia.

So it wasn't taken out of thin air at all, what a pity :(


Let's play basketball.

New hair colour!


Well I don't know if this photo is "ideal", least not to show off any beauty in particular, it was taken for a special occasion, but it will have to do! And you get the general idea.... Right?


And this turned out a bit fuzzy, we are not picky though - it doesn't matter.

Anyway! Whooo! New hair... Doop doop.
Show some enthusiasm!

Did you know...?
- This hair colour isn't permanent, and my mum offered me money for not colouring it with permanent colour after I coloured it?
- My stepdad thought it looked nice?

Well you know now!


my peach yoghurt had lumps in it, and these chocolate cookies didn't taste right at all.

underneath construction

The layouts come and go.

much unlike your underwear, that stays on for weeks at a time!
Shame on you, smelly smelly!

And here a film of a genre I will never understand.
Take clips of any film, show or series, clip it together and add music to it. If you make people say things like "wow kool vid dude", then you are extremely talented in this and should consider making some more - preferably of random anime series.
The crew remains puzzled.

helicopter by The Feeling <3 (I think I like the song).

what do you think?

Could I use This layout?

The snow must go! (only for a bit)


By Moby

Speaking of which, we got in a few pieces of a porcelain set in the store today (No way!).
It is called "Nathalie" and we got a few cups and a milk jug. The milk jug was what instantly snatched my attention - it was tall, white, and had a pearl-white colour, shining attractively in the store lighting.
Along the edges it had a thin detail of silver lining, which sparkled amusingly. All this both well and good, but hardly extraordinary or very attention-grabbing in itself, no no, what actually caught me was the shape of it.

Yes yes, the shape the shape! It had all its roundness seemingly pushed up to its chin, like a penguin holding its breath in reeeeal hard. It looked fuzzy and chubby and very comfortable with itself and its shape, which is strange, and I have never really seen a jug quite as personalized as this one. To compare it with something different, you could also say that it looked like it had eaten an entire beach ball, only to not be able to push it all the way down its throat.
I may be exaggerating.

This jug though, it talked to me very differently from all the other china I work with.
It had a personality!

This was the only picture I could find, which was ironically in the company's catalogue. This isn't explaining everything though! You must see it up close to understand it for real!

Eight miles of rainbow trout

and nine thousand and forty-seven hopping cream cherries
five tons of bouncy jelly and all the forests' berries

six cartons of skimmed milk, and fine, white wine
and then there is some chocolate mousse - which is only mine.



Trigger 22 by Ugress

Norwegian lines from the film Sweetwater from 1988.

Female voice:

Male voice 1:
Her kan vi jo sitte i orkester som de siste dagers hellige, og se vår kjære sivilisasjon gå til helvete!
Det eneste forsvarlige stedet å leve, er jo her, i, og av; menneskenes avfall! Morrasnylter! Hæ? Når det ikke lenger er noen ideologiske dører åpne, hah! Du har filosofienes *something* mennesketanken! selve mennesketanken er jo faen ikke verdt å tørke seg i ræva med! Når materiens seier over mannen er fullført, da er vår plass her! Vi sees!

Here we can sit in orchestra (orchestra seat - front of a theatre), like the last days holy ones, and watch our beloved civilization go to hell!
The only suitable/defendable place to live, is here, in, and of; the filth of humans! Freeloading off your mother! Hm? When there is no longer any ideological doors open, hah! You have the philosophy's *something* thought of man! THE thought of man is not fucking worth to wipe your own arse with! When the victory of materia over men is complete, then our seat/place is here! See you!

Male voice 2:
Du har sett noe som du ikke burde ha sett, er det uheldig? Det er meget uheldig, for deg.

You have seen something which you should not have seen, unlucky? It is very unlucky, for you.

Male voice 1:
Man kan ikke flykte fra sin egen virkelighet.

One can't escape ones own reality.

This song gives me the eebie-bo-gadda-da-gabba-debees!
And I did the lyrics myself, because nobody else has (as long as I could find) done them, erhm, there are probably a few faults, so, let me know, will ya, angelcakes? Modified it a little there, mhm.

Nobody's listening

The bus was very warm today, I liked that.
On my way home in this comfortably warm bus, sitting in the seat closest to the door (the one which I prefer) I saw the area's local schizophrenic.

Please, though, do not fret, the stamp might be uncalled for, I am no professional, I'm just simply telling you what I think.
Now, this man (I do not know his name, I know little about him, actually) has square glasses, and brown eyes, his hair is hazel, about shoulder-length, with a bare spot showing a shiny moon of hairless skin closest to his forehead. He has a backpack, and very polished shoes, his lips are always moving.

It used to be a lot worse, he used to walk around and wave his arms while discussing hotly with the thin air surrounding him, while now, it seems, he has reduced himself to curteous nods. I do catch him though, sometimes; talking as feverishly and happy to the person(s) not present, just like before.

Today though, he was talking to the window, like he was speaking to his reflection in the frosty bus window, nodding, agreeing and conversing with his own (slightly more opalescent) face out on the street. I've never been close and/OR rude enough to eavesdrop on him, so I have no idea whether he's just mumbling, or if he's actually talking, I might never know.
I searched long for a handsfree the first couple of years, while now the street would be kind of wrong without him, you know? And there is no handsfree, I was reassured of that the summer he was throwing a ball (a non-existant ball, mind you) and then running towards where he "threw" it, turn on his heel - and catch it!

Not only can this man defy the very laws of nature, but he is also never alone it seems, never lonely.
That sounds nice, he must be nice too, he probably likes warm buses, then again - who doesn't?

HEY! - Are you listening?

The wather, stop making a mess.

Yesterday's papers displayed a giant picture of a cinema covered in filthyness. Apparently, Norwegians are horrible at cleaning up after themselves and the movie theatres (as well as the streets, public buildings and transport) suffer from great economical cutbacks due to a terrible upbeat of unpolite behaviour.

I know this first hand, at my school - which is actually part of the "Environment Lighthouse" collaboration - is absolutely disgusting.
At the part of town where I live (which is the "right" part of town, also known as the west-side) have a youth so spoiled and inconsiderate it is nearly to go spastic over. (I also discovered that the flourescently lit sign for the gaming-store "Spaceworld", was missing its "e", and now spelled "Spac World").

All day long, two of the schools employees go around and wipe up all the filth which the students have left behind. It is absolutely ridiculous, trust me when I say that they would never have done anything similar if they were at home - no sir!

This morning at 8 o' clock it was -15 C degrees out. My skin froze to my face like a swollen, unnaturally stiff mask.


You are Agnostic

You're not sure if God exists, and you don't care.
For you, there's no true way to figure out the divine.
You rather focus on what you can control - your own life.
And you tend to resent when others "sell" religion to you.

You Are: 90% Dog, 10% Cat

You're a dog at heart - and it's not a bad thing at all!
You love unconditionally, and you're extremely loyal.
And while you may act silly at times, you're really quite smart - and a good learner!

I found some quotes!

"Laws are like sausages. It's better not to see them being made." - Otto von Bismarck

"A hen is only an egg's way of making another egg." - Samuel Butler

"People think you can't be clever if you have breasts". - Kelly Brook

Long, sticky crabs!

And together they went to a restaurant, she wearing a delicious, sparkling red dress and her hair all curly and wavy, he in his best suit, looking smug and clean.

The waiter slowly approached them and handed them the menu, their eyes scanned it quickly. She was a very bright woman, and she turned to face him - her golden curls flowing gently over her shoulders - and said:
"I wud like da squeeed, cod I hav da salad wid it?" the waiter, momentarily perplexed responded with a nod. His feet shifted. Her husband smiled charmingly and he too, turned to face the waiter, and said:
- "Cod I haaav som loooong stickeh craab pleeese?" the waiter, now puzzled, responded with hesitation. - "We don't serve "long, sticky crab" here, sir, I'm sorry, sir" he said, politely.
The man got up, outraged!
- "Bot I want da loooong stickeh craaab! Dis restrant no good far us misses, less'go some elsewere!"
With startling speed they wrapped up in fur coat and jacket, looking as sophisticated as they possibly could, and for the second time that week - they found themselves feasting in the public aquarium.


The train to nowhere!

See strip here

I get a cartoon each day on my google frontpage, and this one I liked in particular.
Visit Pearls before Swine on livejournal!

In other news, it has snowed a lot in Oslo the past few days and it was -10 C at 8 this morning. All envy my stepdad which is skiing today while everyone is at work.

Blogthings! Whoop!

You Are 45% Normal

While some of your behavior is quite normal...
Other things you do are downright strange
You've got a little of your freak going on
But you mostly keep your weirdness to yourself

Your Superhero Profile

Your Superhero Name is The Mighty Viking
Your Superpower is Demonic
Your Weakness is Spiders
Your Weapon is Your Grenade Shield
Your Mode of Transportation is Hot Air Balloon

You Are 38% Evil

A bit of evil lurks in your heart, but you hide it well.
In some ways, you are the most dangerous kind of evil.

Your Inner Child Is Happy

You see life as simple, and simple is a very good thing.
You're cheerful and upbeat, taking everything as it comes.
And you decide not to worry, even when things look bad.
You figure there's just so many great things to look forward to.

Your Personality Is Like Marijuana

You're laid back and easy going, so much so that taking a shower is often too much trouble for you!
Nevertheless, you're quite popular, and many people enjoy your company. You're rarely turned down.
You're prone to giggle fits, paranoia, and forgetting where you are exactly.

You Are 21 Years Old

20-29: You are a twentysomething at heart. You feel excited about what's to come... love, work, and new experiences.


Brain drought

I cannot think of a single thing to write today.

I'm blank as a sheet.

There is actually not a single thought present, all a bit of a confusing blur.
I will do something about it soon enough.

Soon enough.



Well gogger

Google blogging is indeed very strange.
When testing some new layouts on my blog today, I clicked a button that returned the layout-editing to the same system as it used to be.
Then, out of nowhere something -i thought was long lost - reappeared!
My original blog-layout from just before christmas! It just randomly popped back and was all in order and everything, something I found very strange of course.

Do not get over-excited though, I am quite sure that I'm going to replace this layout with a new layout. I am such a fan of changes!

So, that strange blogging-experience is going to pass, personally I am not feeling any strange at all myself today, I'm just licking out the crumbs of an empty bag of Snack a' Jacks and listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers. Today I wore a big furry hat to school, it is a very nice hat, I must be careful so my sister does not take this hat and use it herself. She is coming home from her holiday today, so I have hidden everything I want to keep.
My bronze boots, my furry hat, the red coat, my purse and I must remember to rescue some underwear too.
She is like a machine, only less merciful.

Krtek is painting


Think Viking?

Thinking like a viking is not as easy as it might seem, you will be surprised the moment you try it yourself.
Inside the usual box in which we think; you have to add icebergs, polarbears, minus degrees, pine-trees, skiis, frost, snow, pollution, darkness, sunsets, moose, mountains, fish, oil, stormy seas, blonde hair and short summers.

Having this in mind: Think again.

Trying this, have a look at http://thinkviking.wordpress.com

it's just a little test.


Gone with the dim

I had the unique pleasure of enjoying the last few hours of this weekend watching "A Room with a View", which was, I must say - incredibly enjoyable.

The last hour, however, I have spent hidden under a set of pillows catching glimpses of "War of the Worlds" - which I found, on the contrary to the previous film; to be extremely exhausting. I will not, as long as I live, see that film again, it was horrid and frightening, and it made me jump on several occassions. The music and acting (though not always convincing) was sufficient enough to scare me well out of my good skin.

In other news, the expansion package to the MMORPG "World of Warcraft" - called "The Burning Crusade" - is released according to my sources: on January 16th.

After getting a positive response to my return on Thursday, you might consider me gone with the dim as I return to the World of Warcraft for an unknown period of time. To make sure playing does not go out of hand, I warmly encourage people that acknowledge my existence of giving me a proper slap in the face if I start to talk about the game.

I have had a break from the game for over 5 months, and will accordingly continue to live as normal and steady as possible.


Fact - A chicken will lay bigger and stronger eggs if you change the lighting in such a way as to make them think a day is 28 hours long!
Fact - The chicken can travel up to 9 miles per hour.
Fact - The greatest number of yolks in one chicken egg is nine.
Fact - Alektorophobia - Fear of chickens.
Fact - There are more chickens than people in the world.
Fact - Chickens and turkeys are known to cross-breed, these breeds are known as "Turkins".
Fact - The term 'Chicken Pox' didn't come from people believing that they came from chickens, it came from the Old English term 'gican pox' - which means the itching pox.

Source: Little Known Facts about Chicken

I don't suppose you'd be interested in reading about chicken, but I am!

Coke & iTunes Live Kickoff at Rockefeller

So it happens that my wonderful dad works for Apple. For the occassion of Coke & iTunes Live Kickoff at Rockefeller he got Liv-Elin and I free tickets - even our names on the "VIP" list.

As we arrived there, the line had just started to move. Patiently we walked onwards and entered, my dad said: "they're with me", they let us enter without any trouble. And for two sixths of a second: We were warm and happy.

Our skin stiffened as the guards asked "how old are they?" and when my daddy answered truthfully: "nearly 18" - we could feel that the battle was lost.
And it was.

So in the snow and in the wet, we had to stumble home, feeling about as turned down, and disappointed as we possibly could be, though we had not heard of any of the bands that were going to play.
We did, however, meet some old friends - and we settled to eat sweets to ease the pain, feeling crisply our age, wanting this to have been arranged - in August some time, when Liv-Elin would have been 18 for a long time, and I would be too - for at least a month.

See what I stumbled upon!

Slngle has his hair up in the wrong angle
at which Dorbsh's ponytail has started to dangle
their arms so hairy, they've started to tangle
together they were always busy with wrangle
their blood always covering the bar like spangle

Slngles condition was said to be sickness
as Dorbsh's they said was general thickness
of course neither were famous for quickness
their twatty ways always seem to be endless
also, their outfits were said to be extremely trendless

Slngle walked as in pain, his kneecaps were flinching
Dorbsh fat was so heavy his armpits would pinch him
he was always a bit angered because of all this pinching
together they'd move at a slow pace, just simply inching
to see tonight show and all the massive lynching

Slngle is tired and want the poem to be done
Dorbsh has yet to realise it has even begun
I'm sure if he knew, he'd agree it's been fun
and that Robbie Williams officially sings like a nun
I'm sorry to say but it's now time to run

Slngle is going to detract for flight
Dorbsh is going to turn off the light
they are ready to yawn and sneeze with delight
as everything slowly drifts out of sight
So sleep well you two, and I'll say goodnight.

Originally posted here by Tora over at Foss and Lya Show some time in September. Lots of good stuff over there by the way, especially the oldest stuff.


A wimba-womba-deeeeey


- pumba?

Sister and Bones

My sister has travelled to Sharmel Sheikh and she said that she would bring me a camel.
Now that she is finally out of the house, I can use her shoooooeees and her cooaaat and her scaaaaarf and aaaaall of the stuff she left behind!

I also hope she has a good time in Sharmel Sheikh and brings a Charming Sheikh with her back home, I hardly do think that will happen, but if she puts on her "mask of sanity" (meaning make-up) perhaps there's a chance.(thank you Axel!).
And we could have a palace! That would've been excellent.

In Other news, this music video was actually directed by Tim Burton:

Bones by The Killers


To be able to survive

Long-legged navel-faces (also known as the Prolixcruris-uterusoris) live in an enclosured area of the western world, and with a population of approximately 4 367 of their kind - the Long-legged navel-face is extremely endangered.

Prolixcruris-uterusoris is latin for "longleg-bellyface",which is much what the Prolixcruris-uterusoris looked like in ancient times, the creature has of course evolved since then. Prolixcruris-uterusoris is most famous for it's powerful horns, with them males can fight other males, attract the opposite sex or simply blow you away.

Scientists claim it could be a direct descent from the dinosaurs, but that it is not unlikely to be part of the melon-family either. It's background unclear, the Prolixcruris-uterusoris can seem a mystery and is still one of nature's unresolved riddles.

In 1754, scientist Rob H. Wood (1704 - 1764) developed a theory about the Prolixcruris-uterusoris to be an alien from outer space. After being tread in the face by a horse and getting a serious concussion with following amnesia, Rob H. Wood married, and stopped his research. Today we wonder if Rob H. Wood could be able to continue his research - some secrets about the Long-legged navel-face would be unveiled.

In ancient Norse-mythology the Prolixcruris-uterusoris was called "Langurleggur-magefjesur" (pronounced with a k- and x- instead of L-, b-, g-, s-, and c-) and was used as a mount for the ferocious mountain-trolls.

Nowadays the Prolixcruris-uterusoris has yet to be saved, and it is currently not illegal to rid yourself of one. The animal remains endangered, and if we are not careful, every last specimen of the Prolixcruris-uterusoris will die.
- I say we should preserve this ancient and proud creature before it vanishes completely - like Counting Crows said: "You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone".
and I don't think we do either.

Home-made illustration of a male Prolixcruris-uterusoris.


I think you need a new t-shirt.
I think you need this one.

Good Lord!

I have believed my entire life that all moles are cute.
With my poor eyesight and passion for digging holes - I have grown to believe that I was perhaps one of them in my past life. Though today I was actually quite scared when I found out about The Star Nosed Mole. I nearly hopped in my seat.
When littler I also watched this czech show called "Den Lille Muldvarpen" meaning "The little mole" (his name is "Krtek"), and it is simply adorable (image at the top).

Krtek Finds a Green Star

This episode of Krtek actually made me cry, it was so pretty.
That is one very very strange creature that is, that star-mole-thingy and tonight, maybe it's going to crawl on to your bed and suck off your ears! mahaha! ... erhm.

Star Nosed Mole.The regular, more cute mole.


And the girl looked depressed at her friend and said:
- "I know my boyfriend loves me, and I love him. But he looks at other girls all the time".
Her friend leans back, chilled-out and says relaxed:
"That is because men are made that way, they are hunters".
The girl looks surprised at her friend and says shrilly:
- "Says who? You date several guys at a time!"
Her friend sniggers:
"That is because we females are collectors".

Shamelessly stolen from Nemi.

(You might want to click this link to enlarge it alittle)
Nemi: Oh, I'm so drunk now that I can't even look out of my own head.
Nemi: Cake?
Cyan: Don't eat it. It is...
Cyan: ... Made of wax. You see what you want to see and hear what you want to hear. You..
Nemi: What do I hear? You've got more wine?

Mars is Amaaayzing

Calvin and Hobbes.

Somewhere a Clock is Ticking by Snow Patrol

Somewhere a Clock is Ticking by Snow Patrol

I've got this feeling that there's something that I missed
(I could do most anything to you...)
Don't you breathe
Something happened, that I never understood
You can't leave
Every second, dripping off my fingertips
Wage your war
Another soldier, says he's not afraid to die
Well I am scared
In slow motion, the blast is beautiful
Doors slam shut
A clock is ticking, but it's hidden far away
Safe and sound


Around the area in which I grew up things got inexplicably more intense only shortly after my deep collectors desire for otters, became a fact.
It was such a nice area, square houses, flat lawns, green hedges and kind, uncreative people dressed in pastel colours.
This sunny and child-friendly area became less crowded already the very day I got my first fish-tank.
It was obvious that my grandmother (dark as chocolate and sweet as sugar canes, always dressed in large, baroquely - flowered dresses) supported me greatly for my hobby. Every year, on my birthday, she would give me a book or a leaflet, and it would be about otters, purely otters.
The otter-tank was a 6 times 7 sq. metres, a Fit-4-Otter 3000X Tank with X-PRESS Clean-as-baby cheeks Water Filter System Appex.
I was in heaven.

And why would parents allow their only son to import such a bastardly large and expensive thing into the house?
Well, because they denied it all. Whenever I said the word "otter" my mother immediately said the word "no", my dad - which was less bright - always said "yes". If there was anything I would fancy within the fabulous world of otters; I would immediately ask my dad the moment he was outside my mothers' hearing range (which meant we had to go far, days I spent hiking with him in the mountains, always suffering hard to get hold of the newest "Otter Passion Magazine").

The tank was huge, six men from AquaSquawn(tm) had to help me get the thing into the livingroom and set it up.
It was such a wonder, in the golden sunlight reflecting from the neighbours porsche the tank sparkled. The sofa, the bulky television set and the oak coffee table was degraded to the basement. That was in all, not a bad idea, because my dad would always be easily accessible in the basement from then on - to watch his baseball matches in peace. Now getting hold of an otter would be like stealing sweets from a baby.

I named her Charlotte.
She was the most adorable and wonderful otter I have ever lived to meet, and yet I still collect otters - there is no otter that is like Charlotte was. Charlotte was an American Sea Otter, and such a fine specimen too. I bought her off illegal immigrants in trade for a giant bag of very pretty marbles.
A boy named Henry G. H. Wink was as passionate about otters as I was, we were the bestest of friends back then. This Henry G. H. Wink would come to my house every day after school, and he'd dip his little hand in the tank and call out for Charlotte.
Henry G. H. Wink was an exceptionally skinny boy, every time I looked at him I feared my eyes might break him in two if I looked too hard, and touching him could be dangerous if you didn't watch your step - his ribcase was extraordinarily sharp.

It did not take long until the splashing of three gorgeous otters had (supposedly) destroyed the foundations of our house so much that we had to move out. It happened recently after the fattest Otter (Otto) got a thing for the song "Coffee in the Pot" by Supergrass.

I did not want to move together with my obsessive-compulsive parents. Instead I bought a truck to temporarily store my otters in. For Christmas my belowed, black and fat grandmother took me to Vegas gambling, and we shared hotel-rooms with two foreigners named Siegfried and Roy. They had two giant tigers in a cage and outfits so tight it looked as if they could hardly breathe in them. A few years after they had their breakthrough, and I had not realized that I stood and slept in the same room as geniuses for an entire Christmas. Since then they have been my idols, and one day I hope I will come to be as brave and dumb as they were.

Since that special Christmas in Las Vegas I have grown a very spiky mustache, and I have a productive and happy otter farm about the size of Denmark, yes,

life is good on us believers.

How the Dinosaurs died out


Ah! More music!

Today I purchased the new The Kooks album (Inside in the inside out), I haven't got to listen properly to it yet, but what I've heard so far I really like.
Now, there is also some music that you must hear, in fact it's very very important that you do.

Firstly it's "Hello Sunshine" by Syd Matters

Then it's "Phantom Limb" by The Shins

"Song for the Uncertain" by The Hoosier Complex

Lastly, but not unimportantly "Seaside" by The Kooks (just audio).

Failure by Kings of Convenience

Please take your time to listen. It is a very pretty song.
I used to listen to it over and over.


The Waterfall

The waterfall and cold had iced everything below them right down the river, close to where I live. When I was there for a walk and it was quite late; it was sparkling very prettily!
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