La Vie en Rose

Well first of all, because of French, the subject at school, that is, we were all forced to go see La Môme or La Vie en Rose - which is the same film.

La Môme is a film about the life of the famous French singer, Edith Piaf. The story of her life is one of a tragic affair, and all the hopelessness nearly clogs the system as you sit in pain in the cinema seat. As a varied cast of father- and mother-figures are pushed and pulled dramatically out of her life from a very young age, she finds consolation in alcohol. The little girl, born in the gutter of Paris, most of the time living on the street - has various homes, of them a brothel and a circus.

Forbidden, and also fatal love, hallucination, drugs, partying, drama, friendship, poverty, not to forget the music are the very original keywords this film is built upon. Even though this is all horrible and a tragic life - it does get well over the top. I am very sorry. The film is not at all chronological, and all the time-travel is not always very well cut together, you understand what time the film is currently at, but you don't understand why it is necessary.

It is typical really, because it is all really french! Baguettes in the suitcase kind of french, dirty men, fat women trying to get the ends to meet in a moulin' rouge - and a lot of wine. Little children rubbed with grey run around the streets hollering. And you know, it is touching, it is an incredible story, but all these clichés make it all so... plump. Half the time you are seeing the same over again, just they are wearing slightly different clothes, and all the pathetic tone to this film is doing; is lowering the quality. Cheap tricks to make the audience helplessly burst into tears.

However, the actors do an excellent job, especially Edith Piaf herself, Marion Cotillard. If it had not been for this overall flawfless cast, I would have died.

This is a teary, muddy, even bloody film, and all the sweatiness gets kind of unrealistic. I know it is meant as a touch to make it seem authentic, but in the end it's just another dreadfully sad French film. We already have one on our Yes - list, so La Vie en Rose is unfortunately not allowed in. Sorry.
Go rent Un long Dimanche de Fiançailles instead, because that had a graphical filmatic touch, which made it wonderful to watch.

I am though, amazed, that this,

Were to look like this,

And ended up like this!

Pretty amazing. She was a splendid actor, no matter what.

Happy Birthday Sigrid!

And congratulations on your bachelor!
(both of them?)


Quote by Groucho Marx

Those are my principles, and if you don't like them...
well, I have others.
- Groucho Marx

this is a photo I took on friday night.

Sitting in a tree

A moth is singing high up in a tree,
I have twice more tits than thee!

erhm! Yes, on June 4th I will have my maths exam, that is why I will most likely only post during other lessons at school, because this is kind of important, you know!

I have many fun people to help me out, hopefully it will be more fun than help, and I'm sure I can knock a bit of math in to my horrificly math-free skull. Thank you.




Fatboy Slim - Santa Cruz


The Wed Club

Every day I am at work I get customers paired in couples, I suppose the shop where I work may be particularly highly exposed to such. Though probably I am experiencing this as much as anyone else. I used to think there wasn't as many happy couples as there seem to be. I don't know why I would think such a thing, but it appears natural that the way society has developed has taken us to a point where commitment can be your curse. Your cross, where you must hang eternally - if you like. This might very well be a cliché, and probably is too.

This other day there was a woman in the shop, and I was assissting her in her search for the perfect teapot. Believe me when I say that this extravagant young lady - waving her weddingring about - would settle for nothing less than the perfect one. At first it didn't really strike me as odd, but at the fifth or sixth mention of her wedding, which was last August(!) it hit me.

I have had such customers before, mostly women, and all they do talk about is the very magic related to their wedding. This girl could not stop mentioning that she "- had just been on the phone with her boyfriend!!!"

For some very strange reason it appears that their civil status is supposed to be of interest to me. The single are the losers here, they will not have baby-bellies or wedding wish-lists, they will not have golden rings on their finger, they will not be members of The Wed Club.

The top notch of the wed, are the Newly-Weds, they have special rights and must be treated better than other people. By no means must they smile back to you when smiled at, and by no ... Seriously... No means, must you mistake them for being anything else but happy. They force some kisses out of each other, add unrehearsed nicknames and step on each others toes in the process, clumsily being in love.

They are the young, the in love, the ones expecting the first born.
They are the VIP.

In the near future I will tell every VIP couple that we have discounts for people having a Klingon Star Trek wedding.

Happy Birthday Foss!

Halfway to 56! Nab!

The Motherboard Anguirr

In this particular post you just have to think of the narrator as a white-haired, enthusiastic old man that speaks with a voice full of passion and fascination. You have to work with me here – or this just isn’t going to work out!

For over thousands of ye... er... for centuri ... er.. for ... for... for decades mankind have been tormented and frustrated because of their "computermachines" behaving odd. As with many other things, these rather unpleasurable fits of frustration all have roots deeper down than just the competence of the machine. It is in fact based on something biological, oddly enough, and also one of the world's million wonders.

The Mater-Matris Tabula Turbatus, which is the latin name - is better known as The Motherboard Anguirr. By many this fascinating creature is classified as a bacteria,*laugh* or even a tiny insect.

But the intriguing little Anguirr is actually, peculiar enough, in fact related to the dog! Of course that is only when narrowed down to the mere skeletal structure and the anatomy of the Anguirr. The lifestyle and the way it provides itself of nutrition is very similar to any other pest, like lice - or fleas.

The Anguirr, you see - is fed by hunting down screen-snails from the very screen of your computer, screen-snails, or the Fenestra Lentus breed only underneath a computer motherboard, yet live most of the year at the back of screens. The Anguirr therefore keeps its hunting grounds between the tincy little bitsy pieces of your computer - mostly the motherboard.

Of course, actually quite inevitably - the wild chase of pregnant screen-snails by angry little suction-feet Anguirrs across your motherboard - can lead to quite a ruffle sometimes.

*chuckle* So whenever you feel like defenestrating your "computermachine" - just be still with it, my friend - and wash your screen instead, because a clean screen will make all the little snails hurry away from their nests towards the light, and the Anguirrs, with them. *wink*


My laptop-charger caught fire at school today!

there was smoke and sparks, and suddenly a long tongue of fire stretched out towards the fingers of Marius with the cloak!

Danger danger!


is a Guzmania lingulata!

I found that out last night :)


Quite possibly the country's largest tender and moist chocolate fondant served with strawberries and a sweet, bubbly muscato wine* is currently struggling its way down my system. I suppose it's more like a 'system', I don't think there's much of a system left really - I think it's all a raving chaos. A strawberry with chocolate topping chaos. Everything softly whimpering and squirming kind of chaos - painful whimpering, silent squirming. With a lot of chocolate.

I bought myself a bikini today, I know this is the last thing I should eat, except perhaps waffles with butter - which I've had continously the past five days, but you know what? I only live once, and if I'm living once - just with a belly - then that's fine with me.

I'll live to the end of the week, then I'll stop this madness!

Also trying to get my grubby hands on Björks new album, "Volta" - and I'm hoping it will be excellent because I have heard so many splendid things about it!

*Muscat (Moscato) grows throughout Italy in various forms. In dessert form it is either passito or fortified, but it also appears in sparkling wines (spumante).

It moved!


Today there was a spider on my windowsill, I had to huff and puff like the great big wolf to blow it out the window. And when it finally did, it fell screaming all the way down to my bike.

And I mean, look at the loot in that picture, hey hey hey! It is quite obvious that Bominski is mining. Something she loathed.


May Playlists

Been Doing some intensive listening, as you may notice - several of the songs appear over and over, I just can't help myself at times. In addition to all these I have also been listening steadily to the newest Arctic Monkeys album "Favourite Worst Nightmare" which is definately growing on me, and I have started to appreciate. At the beginning it was just a lot of unprocessed noise, but it makes sense now. Finally.

x OK, but not amazing
x Lovely and awesome
x Must hear!! Again!

Go Go Grace:
x Your Eyes Open - Keane
x Sunshine - Keane
x Velocity Girl - Snow Patrol
x America - Razorlight
x You could be Happy - Snow Patrol
x Somewhere else - Razorlight
x Sewn - The Feeling
x Somewhere only We Know - Keane
x Mushaboom - Feist

x Painkiller - Turin Brakes
x Choo Choo - Arctic Monkeys
x Dashboard - Modest Mouse
x No Cars Go - The Arcade Fire
x Little Motel - The Arcade Fire
x Brianstorm - Arctic Monkeys
x The Chills - Peter, Björn & John
x Talking 'bout my Baby - Fatboy Slim (Midfield General Remix)
x I Want you Back - The Kooks
x Sleeping Lessons - The Shins

x Sexy Eyes - Dr. Hook
x your Mama - Kennedy
x I'm Shipping up to Boston - Dropkick Murphys (The Departed)
x The Departed Tango - Howard Shore (The Departed)
x Alloway Grove - Paolo Nutini
x Inga Problem - Snook
x Save Tonight - Eagle Eye Cherry
x Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol

x Want you to Know - Freelance Hellraiser
x Bent - Various Artists (Hed Kandi Beach House)
x To the End of the Earth - Keane
x Sheepdog - Mando Diao
x If you love a Woman - Dirty Pretty Things
x Good Luck - Basement Jaxx (feat. Lisa Kekaulal)
x Arbuckle's Swan Song - Ambulance Ltd.
x Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol
x Leaving so soon? - Keane
x Freewheel - Duke Special
x Mr Bojangles - Robbie Williams
x Mr Moon - Mando Diao
x I Feel it - Lorraine
x Roads - Kill Kenna
x You could be Happy - Snow Patrol
x I would Die 4 u - Prince
x Misread - Kings of Convenience
x Nothing in my Way - Keane
x Flicks - Frou Frou
x How to be Dead - Snow Patrol
x I'd rather Dance with you - Kings of Convenience

This is my favourite game, btw, it is called 'Colourblind in 60 seconds'.

Do the Cosmonauty

5, 4, 2, 1 - Offblast!
njet njet njet njet-njet.

I know nobody ever comments these videos, but now it's here for safekeeping, so that I will not loose it on my way across the internet :)You know that can easily happen. Happens all the time.


Plopp is, much like Rita, a paint-like application for Mac. Just that Plopp has the amazing feature of making your 2D drawings into 3D! You get to enlarge, copy, move, lower or edit the objects along the way - and when you remove them they shoot around the screens like balloons before disappearing.
Plopp is an amateur program, directed at children and while the noises are funky in the beginning, some might prefer to have the volume off. The music for the credits is amazing though!
Anway, when downloading it from the net (www.planet-plopp.com) you only get a demo version which interrupt your artistic frolick and sets a timer which doubles for each interception. It drives you mad enough to close the program, but not purchase it. By purchasing it you get a serial number and, obviously, your right to sit and enjoy yourself for hours with the full version of the program.

The user-friendlyness is striking, and the application has many cool features too, this is fun and very entertaining.
Too bad they put a [DEMO!!!!!!!!!!!] all over my pretty princess picture :(
I tricked them though, mahaha! ME and the Devil Invasion :D

And I think I want a wacom pad!!


Top Ten Pointless Websites

The interweb is layered with a lot of spare time and people with creativity and brains. As a result of all the energy and effort put down into this, we get a whoooole lot of random things. When compiling this list I spent a lot of time trying to find the most random sites, but I most likely fail. If you feel like exploring yourself, check out: www.PointlessSites.com, or you could always visit the below ;)

1. ClickClickClick - http://www.clickclickclick.com
Time to show what you are made of, click for your country! Click! Click! Click!
My score is 28,000 clicks.

Bouncy Baby - http://www.coffeecup.com/smile/
Swing the baby to make it laugh! hahaha!

3. iGod - http://www.titane.ca/concordia/dfar251/igod/main.html
Chat to God himself! Whatever you might have to say. A good timewaster with iGod.

4. Dress your gay Dog - http://www.breel.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/gaydog/
Dress it up with bling and boots! This really is pointless.

5. The Oculus - http://www.00112358.net/
I really am scared now.

6. Mushroom Life - http://a.parsons.edu/~joseph/k2/gameoflife/
Click the squares to set your mushrooms and see if they survive. (read the tips at the bottom)

7. Man in the Dark - http://www.maninthedark.com/
Move around this gelatinous man with your cursor. Scary, yet hypnotic.

8. NobodyHere - http://www.nobodyhere.com/justme/me.here
Nice tapping sounds of a keyboard, little musings about life and random thoughts. Puzzling.

9. Dervish Flower, Flying Puppet - http://www.flyingpuppet.com/shock/dervish.htm
Yes, definately pointless, definately odd. Quite pretty.

10. Fly Guy - http://www.trevorvanmeter.com/flyguy/
My favourite, this is happy, harmonic and silly. Also, pointless.

Honorable mention goes to: http://uncyclopedia.org

May 17th!

is very very very soon!
There will be parades, ice cream, hot dogs, games, flags, balloons, lots of good food, fancy clothes and traditional national costumes. The King and the Queen will wave and there will be happy children running around and rubbing food into their formal wear.

It will be a fantastic day!
free glitter text and family website at FamilyLobby.com

Not much time left now:


Coffee Oreo Cookie Mount Gay Ice Cream Recipe

Give plix

2 cups heavy cream
1 cup milk
2/3 cup sugar
Pinch of Salt
4 teaspoons instant coffee (get decaf)
6 egg yolks
10 oreo cookies, crushed
2 ounces Mount Gay rum, or other golden rum

1 Heat 1 cup of the cream, 1 cup of milk, sugar, and a pinch of salt in a medium saucepan on medium heat until steaming, but not boiling. Stir in the instant coffee until it is dissolved.

2 Pour the remaining 1 cup of cream into a medium size metal bowl, set in an ice water bath in a larger bowl. Set a mesh seive on top of the bowls. Set aside.

3 In a separate bowl, whisk the egg yolks together. Slowly pour the heated milk, cream, coffee mixture into the egg yolks, whisking constantly so that the egg yolks are tempered by the warm milk, but not cooked by it. Pour the warmed egg yolks back into the saucepan.

4 Stir the mixture constantly over medium heat with a heatproof, flat-bottomed spatula, scraping the bottom as you stir, until the mixture thickens and coats the spatula so that you can run your finger across the coating and have the coating not run. Be patient. This step can take 5 to 10 minutes.

5 Pour the custard through the seive and stir it into the chilled cream. Chill mixture thoroughly in the refrigerator.

6 When thoroughly chilled and ready to put into your ice cream maker, add the 2 ounces of rum and the crushed oreo cookies. Process the mixture in your ice cream maker according to the ice cream maker directions. Transfer mixture to a plastic storage container and freezer in your freezer until firm, at least 6 hours.

With giant thanks to Simply-Recipes for enlightening me with such a delicious recipe.

The National Anthem

I have been putting price-tags on millions of flags and little tri-coloured bows at work lately. This is because May 17th is closing in on us Norwegians. So lets begin by teaching away the National Anthem!

Ja Vi Elsker:
(Yah, vee ehl-skehr).

Ja, vi el-sker det-te lan-det, som det sti-ger frem

Yah, vee ehl-skehr deht-tuh lahn-neh, sohm deh stee-gehr frehm

fur-et vær-bitt o-ver van-net med de tu-sen hjem, (æ is a in apple)

fewr-eh vær-bitt oh-vehr vahn-neh meh dee tew-sehn yehm,

el-sker, el-sker det og ten-ker på vår far og mor

ehl-skehr, ehl-skehr deh oh teng-kehr poh vohr fahr oh moor

og den sa-ga-natt som sen-ker drøm-me på vår jord,

oh dehn sah-gah-nahtt sohm seng-kehr drøm-muh poh vohr yoor,

og den sa-ga-natt som sen-ker, sen-ker drøm-me på vår jord.

oh dehn sah-gah-nahtt sohm seng-kehr, seng-kehr drøm-muh poh vohr yoor.

Shamelessly stolen from here.

How it is holy

It is, in fact, nothing short of a miracle that the modern methods of instruction have not yet entirely strangled the holy curiosity of inquiry.
Albert Einstein.

In many ways are many things portraited as holy. For some people holy means that the holiness should not be touched, for some it means you should touch it. The holy can be there for you to protect, or the holy may be there to protect you. Whatever is your bag, baby, the holy is shown through our human passions - and anything, absolutely anything can be holy to someone.

How about the Hardware store?
What about it? Which one of them?

Clas Ohlson.

it is obvious and real as it is true. There is nothing more holy than Clas Ohlson.

In a way you could say that Clas Ohlson is much like church, and that you could spend hours touching the softness of lightbulbs, or the weight of the battery-drill - just like you could spend hours reading the holy bible - or praying to the lord. I can't seem to make my mind up, what is more fascinating? Screwdrivers or religion?

That is a trick question of course, because they are indeed pretty much the very same thing.

Sombrero crisps

After work I have settled in my room with a cup of gay fruit tea, a jawbreaker and the bottom scraps of sombrero crisps. I have purchased the new Arctic Monkeys album from the shop(!), that means, legal! I suppose it is a way to try to make me feel better about stealing music by downloading it.

It is quite nice so far, both the tea, the jawbreaker (that just hit the chewing-gum centre), the little crumbs of sombrero crisps and the music. I just wished I didn't have to do my ancient-history stuff!

How about a joke?
yes please!


Let's have a bath - shall we?

First things first, but not necessarily in that order.
- Doctor Who

The last day of April I had the pleasure of walking around the river near our house - something we have been doing a lot the last couple of days. Little brother and I were fooling around, trying to build a bridge across a little span of the rivers width with stones and parched logs. After stumbling around, hopping from stone to stone, we noticed that our mum and Cleo had walked ahead.

We started to go after them, and on the way we found a long wooden plank. We decided we could use it to cross major parts of the river, so I carried it. On our way up the cooling river on this exceptionally lovely day I managed to hit little brother firmly over the head with that plank. It was an accident of course, and it must've hurt, too.

Further up the river we found a place which was seemingly less wicked, and perhaps shallow enough to wade across. We used the wooden plank to get across on to this little 'island', and we took off our shoes, tucked the socks in them and rolled up our jeans, ready to walk in the icy water. Since I am the oldest, and incidentally also the dumbest - I walked first.

The stream was way more strong than I'd imagined, and the water way deeper too, but it was so cold that by the time I realised the above - I could seriously not be arsed to turn back. I had a ridiculously hard time trying to balance across, and when there was less than two metres left...
I fell. And I was soaked to the neck, and it was cold as flying eggs. My little brother was pale as a mint-green pillow and I was, well, quite obviously; horribly cold.

Safely up on the other shore, I stripped down to my underwear and twisted my jeans to get them drier - and also less heavy. After redressing into the wet clothes I hollered to little brother to start running back down the river again, and I started running there too. My feet were so numb I could not feel the ground, so I did not bother to put my wet shoes back on. Across the river I could see my little brother running, and I ran on the opposite side of the water, keeping an eye on him - and him on me.

My clothes were so wet there was water splattering from me and I met several people along the way back. To everyone I passed I told that the water was warm, and I'm quite sure they laughed at me. After a bit I finally had enough toes working to be bothered to put shoes on before i ran the last distance in my wet jeans. I met my brother at the second bridge where I crossed over to his side again. And we walked home and I had a hot shower, and I made tea, but I forgot about it.

And I suppose I can say I have bathed in the river before May 1st this year! Mohaha!
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