The National Anthem

I have been putting price-tags on millions of flags and little tri-coloured bows at work lately. This is because May 17th is closing in on us Norwegians. So lets begin by teaching away the National Anthem!

Ja Vi Elsker:
(Yah, vee ehl-skehr).

Ja, vi el-sker det-te lan-det, som det sti-ger frem

Yah, vee ehl-skehr deht-tuh lahn-neh, sohm deh stee-gehr frehm

fur-et vær-bitt o-ver van-net med de tu-sen hjem, (æ is a in apple)

fewr-eh vær-bitt oh-vehr vahn-neh meh dee tew-sehn yehm,

el-sker, el-sker det og ten-ker på vår far og mor

ehl-skehr, ehl-skehr deh oh teng-kehr poh vohr fahr oh moor

og den sa-ga-natt som sen-ker drøm-me på vår jord,

oh dehn sah-gah-nahtt sohm seng-kehr drøm-muh poh vohr yoor,

og den sa-ga-natt som sen-ker, sen-ker drøm-me på vår jord.

oh dehn sah-gah-nahtt sohm seng-kehr, seng-kehr drøm-muh poh vohr yoor.

Shamelessly stolen from here.


Foss said...

What's going on here??? Josh and I know that 95% of norwegian chicks are hawt. The girls in this picture have nice bodies, but what's going on with their faces? Did someone attack them with a hammer? Did a horse kick them in the face?


Lars Roar Skavurdsen said...

We do our best to deport all below-average girls to Europe.
Unfortunately, some of them sneak back in to the country

(The Viking raids were actually just a large scale decoy to cover up a major deportation operation. The deportation was a success, we got rid of 99% of the ugly viking girls. As an unpredicted side effect, this left the vikings with very few females amongst them. So they had to continue to the viking raids, to do their thing.)

Lars Roar Skavurdsen,
National Department of Deportations.

Smylexx said...

Not enough flippers, beaks or fur for my liking.

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