The Wed Club

Every day I am at work I get customers paired in couples, I suppose the shop where I work may be particularly highly exposed to such. Though probably I am experiencing this as much as anyone else. I used to think there wasn't as many happy couples as there seem to be. I don't know why I would think such a thing, but it appears natural that the way society has developed has taken us to a point where commitment can be your curse. Your cross, where you must hang eternally - if you like. This might very well be a cliché, and probably is too.

This other day there was a woman in the shop, and I was assissting her in her search for the perfect teapot. Believe me when I say that this extravagant young lady - waving her weddingring about - would settle for nothing less than the perfect one. At first it didn't really strike me as odd, but at the fifth or sixth mention of her wedding, which was last August(!) it hit me.

I have had such customers before, mostly women, and all they do talk about is the very magic related to their wedding. This girl could not stop mentioning that she "- had just been on the phone with her boyfriend!!!"

For some very strange reason it appears that their civil status is supposed to be of interest to me. The single are the losers here, they will not have baby-bellies or wedding wish-lists, they will not have golden rings on their finger, they will not be members of The Wed Club.

The top notch of the wed, are the Newly-Weds, they have special rights and must be treated better than other people. By no means must they smile back to you when smiled at, and by no ... Seriously... No means, must you mistake them for being anything else but happy. They force some kisses out of each other, add unrehearsed nicknames and step on each others toes in the process, clumsily being in love.

They are the young, the in love, the ones expecting the first born.
They are the VIP.

In the near future I will tell every VIP couple that we have discounts for people having a Klingon Star Trek wedding.


Smylexx said...

Torakins, will you marry me? I Wont even need a ring, a nice plastic hoop will be fine.. and i don't snore.

Smylexx said...

By the way, today's 'word verification' letters were 'sukky'.

How very appropriate!

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