Plopp is, much like Rita, a paint-like application for Mac. Just that Plopp has the amazing feature of making your 2D drawings into 3D! You get to enlarge, copy, move, lower or edit the objects along the way - and when you remove them they shoot around the screens like balloons before disappearing.
Plopp is an amateur program, directed at children and while the noises are funky in the beginning, some might prefer to have the volume off. The music for the credits is amazing though!
Anway, when downloading it from the net (www.planet-plopp.com) you only get a demo version which interrupt your artistic frolick and sets a timer which doubles for each interception. It drives you mad enough to close the program, but not purchase it. By purchasing it you get a serial number and, obviously, your right to sit and enjoy yourself for hours with the full version of the program.

The user-friendlyness is striking, and the application has many cool features too, this is fun and very entertaining.
Too bad they put a [DEMO!!!!!!!!!!!] all over my pretty princess picture :(
I tricked them though, mahaha! ME and the Devil Invasion :D

And I think I want a wacom pad!!


Foss said...

Yes, get a wacom pad. The A5 size one I use at home only cost me £150, but the A4 version at work is much more sensitive, and cost £400.

Tora said...

I was looking at them the other night, while singlehandedly fighting off an evil scourge of octupus, but they are far more expensive than I thought.

I shall wish for one for my birthday I think.

- hello dad!

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